Defending with only flak

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So many people have bases with only flak guns. This is probably because the description about the flak gun is very lacking. I've leveled about 20 bases so far and probably about 90% had nothing but flak guns. Anyway this post may very well be useless because I imagine that the majority of these players don't read the forums otherwise they would already know that flak guns only shoot as missiles.

In case you didn't know this now you do. ;)
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    The Flak Guns arent working or shooting.
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    Rippers kill flaks pretty easily.
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    flaks do work

    pretty good but ripper destroys them
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    CorinJB wrote: »
    So many people have bases with only flak guns.

    In case you didn't know this now you do. ;)

    Oh..... I guess the people doing the preview test forgot to mention that the flak guns got seriously nerfed and were only anti-missile defenses. It had been mentioned on earlier threads, but it is an issue.

    If you attack such a base with mainly or only Cutler Missiles, you will find that the base is impenetrable, but otherwise almost all other weapons will wipe out the base.

    Thanks for mentioning this very important fact. I never really even tried the flak guns even on the preview, but from what I've seen they were pretty effective at stopping the missiles.... almost too good. But their utility is quite limited and doesn't attack ships themselves.... they just act as shields against missile attacks. For myself, I wish that the Flak guns were a separate defensive armament, which would drive the point home better that they are a separate defensive tool as opposed to a gun that can sink ships.... which they can't.
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    Does flak damage boats with overspray from shooting down missiles or not?
    And do the missiles have health?
    Sorry if these are stupid questions.
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    they should make flak guns available on ships too :D

    imagine a ship that could shoot down base rapier missiles or using one against a cutlass fleet like mine. brrrr... scary... :p
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    flak guns don't hit boats or bullets
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    Flaks not only block ship rapiers and cutlass but also block hydra and maelstrom multi-rockets.
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    this explains why my base is leveled and the attackers ships suffer no damage, and yes i'm a newbie, thanks for the info;)
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    NP barabbbas, flak is still good but just as support for other defenses.
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    also shoots down mortars
  • Nicholas Ell
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