Explosives or Projectile weapons for destroyers?

Koung Myat Hein
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Explosives or Projectile weapons for destroyers? 9 votes

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    Depends on what you want to use them for.

  • vanasten1
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    MD destroyers good for preping bases. Plasma torp destroyers are good for doing huge AoE damage, if combined with a decoy or 2

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    For dealing with destroyers or for using destroyers?

  • mason.dixen
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    Both have their place and purpose, I cannot really decide.  explosives give you an area damage useful for breaking up fleet formations and dealing area damage.  While Projectiles offer specific targeting with range, ideal for prepping bases.  I would really never take destroyers into Fleet vs. Fleet as while the Trident and swords offer good stats, they can be outclassed by cruisers and frigates to easy.

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