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how Can there be strategy now


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    There can't. Whoever is the highest level with the best outfit on there ships wins.

    New Strategy - Coins = Win

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    I hear the voices of whiny babies...

    New Strategy #1 - Netting. Benefits Cruisers a little, NHs a lot. It is a new dynamic the game did not previously have.

    New Strategy #2 - Bases don't all have the same guns, projectiles now useful and more care needed to kill them

    Lost Strategy #1 - Being a total **** dickwad and ruining the game for people that want a real fight.

    Lost Strategy #2 - Spam. Oh wait, this isn't lost. You just can't do it to infinity. Now you actually have some down time to deal with after suiciding 7 fleets of Harriers into someone's NH fleet.

    I don't play much anymore =(
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