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Hi guys , I would like to change my email for my warcommander account as i am not using the old one any more. I have already change it for my fb account but for WC i believe the confirmation mail is going to my old email which i cant access. so how i can change it???

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    Please raise a support ticket and we'll see if we can assist you.

    Please do not contact me directly by Chat or via posts on my profile page. If I cannot deal with it on the forums, it should be taken straight to Support.
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    Respected all kixeye management,first of all i just want to ask you,why i was banned,please tel me the valid reason,becuase i am never use any type of cheat,i am honest player since last 3yearss,i am gave huge time & passion for WAR COMMANDER.

    Last night i was playing my event ,i am 40 fortess ,but i didnt clear it,then i got huge repair,so i'll repair my units normally,so i'll offline,then today i was seen that i am banned.

    Please respected kixeye management review my account, i am humble request to you,with all my love n affection.

    infact i am also using real golds ,i am also attached my golds,i have approx 400 golds at WAR COMMANDER. i am totally strange,that kixeye bannn gold user.

    Your User ID is: 7203948,above email i was sended since 5 years ago,now i am requesting again if anyone help me for resolving my issue.

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    Bumping a 6 year old thread and hi jacking thread.

    The discussion of bans will not be handled on forums.

    Closing thread.

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