11/13 Aircraft Hangar/ Level 6 Turrets & Level 5 Defensive Platforms

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Attention Commanders,

The time for more aircraft capacity has arrived! Introducing the Aircraft Hangar - a new building that allows you to increase your aircraft storage up to 7000 capacity! 

Aircraft Hangar Basics

Once in, you can find the Aircraft Hangar under the “Military” section of the “Buildings” tab. Build the Aircraft Hangar to increase your storage capacity! Upgrading the Hangar will increase your build capacity in the Airfield. A fully upgraded Aircraft Hangar allows you store up to 7000 capacity worth of aircraft.

Aircraft Platoon

You will now be able to manage and repair your deployable aircraft via the “Aircraft Platoon” slot found under the “Platoons” tab. Aircraft can be added and removed from their platoon through either the Hangar or “Platoons” tab. Note aircraft must be full health in order to be removed from the platoon.* Your Airfield will continue to function as the main building to produce and scrap your aircraft. 

* Aircraft and Ground Platoons can be repaired at the same time

The Aircraft Hangar gives a skilled Commander what he’s been waiting for - the ability to try out multiple aircraft combinations without the need to scrap existing aircraft. Fully upgrade your Hangar to expand your aerial domination! 

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Level 6 Turrets/Level 5 Defensive Platforms

Get ready to take your defenses to another level! Increase your defensive prowess by upgrading your Turrets to Level 6 and Defensive Platforms to Level 5. 

You can upgrade your Turrets via the Defense Lab, and your Defensive Platforms by clicking on your existing Level 4’s.

Upgrade to bolster your defenses and make your base deadlier than ever!

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