How I did fortress wave 50 in Operation Deadpoint 2

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Well hello guys, here I am going to put up a way to deal with fortress wave 50, the last fortress wave needed to be done before getting 'Specter'.

I searched the forum before i tried my wave, but only found most instructions to be vague such as 'baiting-missile' or even ridiculous 'mega-missile-coin', and some of the rest suggestions not working quite well in my endeavor probably because I do not have some high level units required in those suggestions such as level 10 mega tanks or so.

So units actually participated in my attacking force are as follows:

Two hellfire platoons: each with 7 level 9 hellfire tanks and 3 level 10 colossi.

Three elite mega platoons: two of them consist of 6 level 4 elite mega tanks (well, only level 4), and the rest 5 level 4 elite mega tanks plus 3 level 10 colossi, all elite mega tanks are CUSTOMIZED with level 4 reduced reload time together with level 4 increased damage to bunkers.

One suicide bomber platoon: consists of 3 squads with 25 level 10 suicide bombers each.

One rocket buggy platoon: consists of some buggies (maybe 4 or so, for baiting only, level does not matter here but preferably level 10 or higher because of speed).

Air forces: 5 level 11 hellstorms and 2 level 10 cobras.

Missiles: 1 level 3 girffin, 1 level 3 tomahawk, 2 level 3 skybolts.

Now I will define the defense lines of wave 50 setup, since it is obvious that the defense is well stratified in 3 horizontal lines.

The first line: 3 widow-builders, 6 bunkers of all sorts, piles of turrets round the bunkers and a pile of units with the storage.

The second line: 1 watch tower, 1 silo, 4 turrets (1 MG+2 RBT+1 Napalm), piles of units on two sides (Herc+EGlad on the left, and Pally+FAV on the right) and a widowmaker.

The third line: all sorts of metal/oil storages, factories, powerplants, other buildings at the far end, and 4 turrets (2 Plasma+2 RBT).

Here is the way I deal with wave 50:

1. Deploy all air units and hang over the sky in the middle, moving forward carefully in safe distance (watch out a large stack of units in front of storage, there is a flak tank in that pile), and then deploy a rocket buggy. You will find immediately that 4 FAV will come strait to your way. Move the buggy backward quickly and after those FAVs move into your cobras' range retreat the buggy. You will find cobras are adept at dealing with FAVs. This step is not hard, but you have to do it quick, better in 5 minutes.

2. Move those air units to right edge, watch out the flak tank, and use a buggy to bait out 2 FAVs and 1 EGat in that pile, kill them with cobras in one round, then bait out the enforcer on the right and kill it, and then move the air to left part and bait out enforcer on the left to kill.

3. Deploy the platoon with 5 mega tanks, use one collssus to take the damage from EShock tank, and quickly kill that pile with EMegas, together with the storage itself, and then quickly move megas and colossi to the center, use 2 colossi to bait 2 cryos respectively, and quickly finish off the watchtower in the middle of the first line.

4. Deploy a hellfire platoon, move to the right part, hit from front the barricade just in front of the laser turret to the left of the stronghold (to aviod shock trooper in the stronghold), and hit from front the stronghold with hellstorms. The battle becomes easier when first hellfire missile lands to kill stingers standing nearby, and the process shall finish in 3 minutes. End attack immediately after destroying the stronghold.

5. Bait and kill the three challies in the middle of the first line. Use hellstorms to clear out turrets and buildings round the stronghold, and then quickly hit FAVs and pallies in the second line (only hit, if they escape, let them go. remember not to chase). Then hit from right the right MG in the second line to bait the watchtower in the second line and use hellfire tanks to hit from front the barricade right in front of the right cryo in the middle. The splash of hellstorm missiles shall kill the flak tank in the second line and that of hellfire missiles shall kill most of the cryo and half of the bunker behind that. When the barricade is gone, draw back hellfire tanks a little bit (so that missiles are not shot in a cluster) and hit the cryo directly. This will cost about half of the hellfire tanks' health but it is well worth it. If the cryo is about to collapse but bunker behind it will not collapse, just give that bunker a griffin missile when hellfire tanks are still shooting their missiles. When that bunker collapse, end attack.

6. Still use hellstorms to shoot at FAVs and pallies on the right part of the second line (but don't chase them), and then target from right the MG turrets on the right side of the watchtower in the second line. The missiles still will not land but it still distracts the watchtower. Use another platoon of hellfire tanks to take out the other cryo turret in the same way as 5. If the other bunker in the middle is not going to collapse with the cryo, use a colossus to bait the shock trooper and hit from front with hellfire tanks. That bunker shall collapse in this way.

7. Use hellfire tanks to hit directly from front the watchtower on the left side of the first line, and meanwhile use hellstorms to hit from front the barricade in front of the laser turret to the right of the watchtower. Missiles will not land in this way because piles of stingers reside there. So do not hesitate to use 2 skybolt missiles to shut up the watchtower and the watchtower shall collapse in 3 minutes. Time is short so be fast! And then take out the laser turrets beside the watchtower. The first line is almost done except two widow-builders in the left and middle, plus two MG in the left (they will be useful later so don't hate them ^_^).

8. Use hellstorms to clear out EGats, EShock, FAVs and pallies totally in the right part of the second line. Deploy the second platoon of 6 EMegas and rush from right (probably 30 deg towards the front to avoid direct encouter with widowmaker) directly to the watchtower in the middle. They might step on mines, but be fast to take down that watchtower before widowmaker or EGlads in the left come to eat them. And don't grieve if they all die because they are not expected to return live from battlefield.

9. Use hellstorms to hit from front MG in the first line, but don't use hellfire tanks cause EGlads will come and eat them. The missiles will not land of course but they distract the fire of stingers and hercs in left part of the second line. Throw a tomahawk at the pile of hercs in that crowd. Hercs and most stingers shall be killed by that missile and then the first line can be totally cleared (MG and widow-builders? Hellstorm them with ease).

10. Use suicide bomers to kill that widowmaker in three shots. Be sure to charge at widowmaker as soon as it turns to them. In this way bombers will run through the shooting band of RBTs so that they can avoid damage from them as well as reduce damage from machine-gun drones. All 75 bombers died to take out the widowmaker in less than 1.5 minutes. Well worth it!

11. Use hellstorms to take out the turrets in the second line (with watchtower and widowmaker gone, shoot with ease, 2 RBT+1 MG+1 Napalm). Use the third platoon of 6 EMegas to take out the silo directly, finishing that building in 1 minute. The megas will be damaged by RBT in the third line by about 20% HP, but well worth it!

12. Use hellstorms to take out all those stuff in the third line, and use the third platoon of 6 EMegas after turrets (2 plasma+2 RBT) are gone if necessary (those megas shall not die from just hitting the silo). End attack and re-launch it if the timer goes low (I did that when timer goes down to 1 minute, earning myself another 6.3 minutes to finish.). Be sure to clear out powerplants first because they spawn large number of gunners to prevent missiles from landing.

A long guide really. Thanks for reading.

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