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Since I can't seem to post any new chapters on my regular link I'm going to try to re-post the story

My Battle Pirates Story

the cast is set in sectors 101 and 102

“Mr. Councilman!” Cried a reporter “Is it true that that any sector north of ours is no longer accessible?”

“Yes it is.” Replied the councilman “Since the last great incursion into sector 101 5 months ago we have been unable to breach their border. Are there any more Questions?”

“Esteemed sir, will there be a second attempt to breach the border and who would the commanding officer be?”

“We have begun to assemble a specialized fleet to breach the barrier, but the Captain hasn’t been selected yet.”

(Three standard weeks later)
“Has the Council selected a Captain to lead this border-buster fleet you have assembled?”

“Yes it is.” Replied the councilman “Our unanimous decision is to select Captain Dakota, the last remaining survivor of the raid fleets captains.”

(At the border)
“Sir, our Barracuda escort reports that there is minefield at the border.” Reported the second officer “they say it as deep as their sonar can pick up a coherent signal.”

“Signal the fleet, Form in lines of 2 and we will head strait through the minefield.”

“Sir, I know I’m fresh from the academy but wont that risk the destruction of all our ships??”

“No Lieutenant, if you had bothered to continue reading the report from our sub beyond the minefield part, you would have seen that the mines appear to be set for ships with a minimum draft of a Marauder class Vessel, Now send that message.”


“Now What!?” Demanded Dakota

“Sir, our radio intercept department is picking up signals from ships in the sector.

“Then play it over the speakers, ensign.

{“Captain, a monitor station in the minefield has reported a fleet of gunboats and skirmishers escorted by a barracuda submarine has breached the mine belt.”}

[“Send a skirmisher and 4 predators to keep an eye on them.”]

{“Yes sir, should i inform The Commander of this intrusion?”}

[“Only if the intrusion gets to be more serious that light scouts and a single submarine.”]

{Aye sir.}

“The Commander?” Asked Dakota

“All the communications experts think that they are referring to a supreme fleet commander.”

“See if you can find a small ship from this sector we could get information from.”

“Yes sir, sir the Naxos radar detector is detecting weak radar sweeps from a type 3 escort radar.”

“Type 3, that’s issued to Marauder class vessels correct?”

“Yes sir, it is typically used on Marauder mining fleet escorts.”

“Set a trap, I want a crescent formation on the fleet; send the Barracuda in behind the enemy fleet to take out the escort."

“Should I order the fleet to prepare boarding parties?”

“Yes, select one cargo ship to board.” Ordered Dakota “Have the Barracuda disable the screws on all 5 cargo ships.”

(6 minutes later)

“Sir the escort is gone, all 5 ships are heading this way. Targets confirmed as converted FF cargo ships.”

“All ships target the aftermost FF and prepare for boarding.”
( after the Battle)

“Sir we have a complete computer salvaged from the FF.”

“What did you find on this ‘Commander’?”

“Very little, the encryption was an incredible multilayer system, we only breached the first layer a minute ago.”


“His name is Anubis sir. I believe you know it sir.”

“To well Lieutenant
(1 day later)

“Have you find the coords to his base yet?”

“No sir there is as yet no mention of it in the computer memory.”

“Was there any additional information on him?”

“Yes sir, a little. There were reports that he is a freelance captain running with an alliance called TUB, and that he was the rallying captain of the defense to our last raid in this sector. It also said that he combined  TUB and some alliance called Dragon to resist our fleet.”

“I heard of both those alliances, but I didn’t know he was freelance. The way he coordinated them made us think he was very high up in the leadership.”

“Oh, there are also reports that he was the only one that both alliances would take orders from.”

“A yes.” Dakota Mused “There was 1 FF that was sending radio and blinker messages to everyone in the fleet. Assuming it was the Flag Ship I ordered my HH and a Levi to intercept and destroy it. As It is now clear to see we Failed.”

“Failed how Sir?” Asked the lieutenant

“When we closed to just a few nautical miles out from him 6 salvos from what we assume was a Draconian missile launch system, as all were targeted at the Levi it immediately sank less than 4 seconds later another 6 salvoes arrived and did no small damage to my HH, destroying the forward starboard Thud turret, another 2 sets of 6 salvos slammed into my ship, destroying every weapons turret except the victory mortar in the aftermost position.”

“Finally when we closed to boarding range we were assaulted by the most ferocious fighters I have ever seen. they used an explosive compound to destroy my one remaining weapon that was on deck and blew open the door to the lower decks. All the soldiers that were still alive were gathered at that door, expecting it to open the way it usually did. Instead because of the explosives it was blasted off the hinges slamming into 6 soldiers breaking every bone in their bodies.”

“Then the rest were killed by some grenades the sailed right through the door on the heels of the door. They then ran rampant through my ship, massacred the crew whenever they tried to stand and fight. Finally when all that remained was myself and 10 others that barricaded themselves into the bridge with me. Each man said his prayers as each explosion sounded steadily closer. Until one final blast right at the door, we were watching the security cameras at the door so we knew what would happen if we set up positions right in front of the door, instead we were set up to the side and the door simply blew a door sized hole in the side of the bridge. Before the smoke cleared we had opened fire with the M4 assault rifles that were stored on the bridge. Nobody came through the door, but a type of grenade did instead, knowing that the wood table we were begind wouldn’t stop the fragments we stood there expecting to be killed. The grenade exploded and a brilliant flash of light engulfed us.”

“Excuse me.” Dakota said taking a drink of water.

“We came to looking up at the ruined mounting of the Victory Mortar. We were then forced to our knees with our hands handcuffed behind our backs. At that point a man dressed entirely in black came on board with 2 guards and looked at us like a butcher surveying a piece of meat. He then asked “Who is the captain of this vessel?” A traitorous pup just out of his training period pointed me out. Then I overheard him speaking softly to his guards “Where is the anchor and chain on this vessel?”

The guard replied “There is one just behind him sir.”

He then turned to the other guard and asked “Are you using that D ring Sergeant?”

“No sir.”

“You see that coil of rope behind that traitor?”

“Yes sir, are you thinking what I think your thinking sir?”

“Yes, then you know what to do?”

“I do.”

“Then get to it.”

After the guards nodded that all was ready he turned and addressed the surviving crew. “Considering that we just won an astounding victory I will spare your life. However, I cannot just let you go without leaving something more than memories. Private, is it ready?”

“Yes sir, hot and ready.”

“Give it here.” ‘It’ was a branding iron, which had an indefinable symbol glowing reed hot at the tip. As the sight sank in to my memory one of the guards grabbed my arms and held my head to the side exposing my cheek, he then placed the brand on my cheek and held it there for what felt like an eternity. I almost blacked out from the pain, my vision and hearing cleared in time to see and hear what he did to my traitor.

“You, you shall now receive your reward.”

“Thank you sir.” Replied the turncoat

Without a verbal response he simply nodded to his guards. The one right behind him snapped the D ring around his cuffs. “What are you doi…” he started to say, but was overshadowed by a resounding clang and crash as the anchor dragged it’s chain which was attached to the rope, which was lashed to the D ring. The Traitor started to scream but was cut off as the anchor dragged him below the surface, never to be seen again.

“Why would he do that?”

“Perhaps to show his crew the price of betrayal, or maybe just because he was a scumbag turncoat.”

“Did you find out what the captains name is?”

“He identified himself as Anubis after we were cast off and the computer engaged a preselected course for home.” Dakota stopped for a minute, draining the remaining water in a single gulp. “Was there any other information?”

“Just records that indicate that the Draconians were driven out of this sector over the last 5 months with a next generation weapon that was developed with the help of a draconian scientist.”

“A draconian scientist?” Asked Dakota “Why would a draconian scientist help him to drive the rest out.”

“It Doesn’t say.”

“Does it say what this next generation weapons is either?”

“Actually yes sir. The weapons fire’s a wide beam laser that can melt DU-4 within 10 seconds. With the help of this weapons he destroyed every drac fleet he found and the bases were evacuated before he could even get within firing range.”

“Sir, Radar and Naxos signals indicates a fleet of FF and 2 HH are approaching.”

“Reminiscence is over, tell the fleet to turn round and get back to 102 at full speed.”

“Aye captain.”

(An hour later)

“Sir, we just crossed the border.”

“Is the enemy fleet following?”

“No sir.”

“Do the ships have markings?”

“The Barracuda can get us an image through the periscope.”

“Have them send an image of any markings they see.”

“Got one marking sir, it is on all of them and is visible around the superstructure.”

“Run it through the comparison program, I want to know what it is.”

“There are 2 matches sir, one is from ancient history, someplace called Egypt, the other was from the computer memory of your HH sir, it was emblazoned across the superstructure of Anubis’s FF.”

“Then that’s where the ancient Egyptian symbol comes in. It was the mark of one of their Gods.”

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    (Chapter 2)


    “Mr. Councilman, I just don’t see how we can send anything bigger than a skirmisher across the minefield.”

    “I didn’t ask you’re opinion Dakota, I asked you how it can be done.”

    “And I just said it can’t be done.”

    In the middle of their shouting match a new lieutenant walked in and announced without preamble “Sirs, we have just received word that Mining Outpost 4 has been destroyed.”

    “What! Who did that?” Both the councilman and Dakota shouted

    “”No identity yet but a report from a rescue ship said quote ‘every building, wall, and weapon on the outpost is lying in a massive puddle of molten steel.’ End quote. Radar got weak returns off a ship the rough size of a FF.

                                                                  .            .          .          .


    “Captain, the Frontline is back across the border, and may I say it’s first combat trial was a smashing success.”

    “You may.” Anubis said “But I don’t deserve all the credit, my sister Jolinar and Professor Stuart lent their skills in designing this work of modern art.”

    “A ship armed almost entirely with non-conventional weapons, will you be entering this ship in the 101 races next year.”

    “Ask me in 11 months.”

                                                                 .           .           .          .

    “You see captain; you can get bigger ships across than a skirmisher.”

    “They laid the mine field, maybe they have a way of remotely altering the depth each mine is set for.”

    Yet again, they were interrupted by a new lieutenant who actually was polite by requesting permission to speak.

    “Councilman, Captain. May I address you?”

    “Yes, yes, What is it you want?” Dakota Demanded

    “Captain, this is Lieutenant Bloody Earl. He is serving here for his political affairs studies. Do you have something to say?”

    “A recent attack on a draconian cargo fleet bound for sector 103 intercepted a design for a new battle cruiser named the Interdictor, it came with Pre-Fab components to construct the first ship as soon as the cargo ship docked.”

    “Did you assemble it?” Asked Dakota

    “We did, and we tested it’s capabilities as well, it combines an extraordinary set of skills. The speed of a Skirmisher, the agility of a Gunboat, enough armor mounting points to equal an FF in survivability and 3 special mounting points. All with the draft of a skirmisher.”

    “How is that possible?”

    “The design called it a Hydro-Foil system. I don’t know what that means but it works.”

    “Start a production program for them, I want 5 vessels within this month equipped with the best weapons in our arsenal.”

    “Aye sir, we’ll get started right away.”

                                                                    .           .            .           .


    (3 weeks later)

    “Councilman, 5 vessels are ready for deployment.”

    “Good, Captain Dakota.” The councilman addressed Dakota “Take command of these ships and take them on a scouting mission into the 101st sector. Lieutenant Earl will be assigned as your second to complete his sea training.”

    “Thank you for the honor of testing this new class sir.” Dakota said “I’ll depart for the border when my ships are provisioned.”

    (2 days later)

    “Captain, we are approaching the minefields southern border.”

    “We’re there already?” asked an incredulous Dakota “I was expecting it to take a few more days.”

    “You ordered us to open the throttles sir.”

    “Hmmm, Lieutenant Earl. After we cross the border I want you to take operational command of the fleet in each engagement. During the course of this patrol you will learn tactics not taught in the academy and how this ship operates.”

    “I won’t let you down sir.”

    “That’s what I thought you’d say.”

    (3 days later)

    “I can’t believe it, we’ve been going about in our search pattern for 3 days and every island we’ve found has been abandoned and no fleets operating at all besides ours.”

    “I think that’s about to change” the bridge officer assigned to the radar screen commented “Radar is picking up 2 HH cargo haulers on course 010-310, they are headed this way and are acting like they haven’t a care in the world.”

    “Earl.” Dakota said

    “Yes sir, to ships Valerian and Ermgard, take your ships down the starboard side of the port ship, Ships Achilles and Founder, take your ships down the port side of the starboard ship. Helmsman, take us strait between them, gunnery officer, torpedo turret 3 as well as D-35-L numbers 1 and 4 target the port ship, torpedo turret 2 as well as D-35L numbers 2 and 3 target the starboard ship. All ships break and attack.

                                                                        .                .              .

    (Cargo fleet 117, HH numbers 33 and 59)

    “Sir, when did you say we were expecting to be met by the transfer ships?”

    “Not for another 2 days, why?”

    “Then we got trouble, 5 ships just entered detection range on attack vectors, there moving to fast to be SS or SW.”

    “Radio officer, send a message to the local guard station. 5 unknown vessels closing on our position, will make best speed toward station.”

    “Reverse course, set the thud cannon out and train it toward the ships.”

                                                                             .             .            .


    “Commander, we just got a message from cargo fleet 117, they say that there is a fleet of 5 ships on attack vector.”

    “Captain, is the Frontline still ready for action?” Anubis asked

    “She is, she’s also the fastest ship here.”

    “Call the bridge, have them slip the mooring lines and start the engines.”

    “On the way.”

                                                                              .             .           .

    “Sir, the HH fleet has turned around and is heading for some kind of outpost.”

    “Did they send a radio message?”

    “Yes, but no ship built can beat us to them.”

    “Good, let’s go HH hunting.”

                                                                        .            .         .

    “Sir, sonar signals and radar tracks indicate we may be dealing with Interdictors.”

    “How long till intercept?”

    “2 minutes, we should beat them to weapons range by 30 seconds.”

                                                              .             .            .            .


    “Sir, we got a real strange radar signal approaching, it reads like a FF by it’s moving faster than we could at full throttle.”

    “Is it in range for a spotting scope?”

    “Yes sir, and sir, the radar bounce has dropped to almost nil, and the HH are separating.”

    “Get me that spotting scope.” Ordered Dakota “There you are, Earl, Turn this fleet around, we are leaving at our best speed.”

    “Why sir?”

    “Look through this scope.”

    “Wow, you’re right, time to go.”

    The image on the spotting scope was of a heavily streamlined version of a WW2 battle cruiser. The lower turret was replaced by a circular launch rotating rail system with 6 rails visible loaded with anti-ship missiles, the top turret had 2 gun barrels of unfamiliar type. As well as 2 twin gun turrets with more unfamiliar cannons and a further 2 turrets with 2 40mm AA guns each. And that was just what was visible, there was no telling what other weapons were on the ship, but worse, the ship was going so fast that the bow was completely out of the water and a bow wave that washed over the HH as they were passed.

    “Radar indicates that ship is going over 65 knots, she is closing at a slower rate but if we’re lucky we could make it across the border before they catch us.”

    “Good, lets step on it, I don’t intend to be caught by that thing.”

                                                                        .             .           .             .

    “Commander, they have turned tail and are running.”

    “Continue to pursue them until we reach the border, if we can catch one or 2 it will be worth it.”

                                                                        .             .           .             .

    “Sir, we’re about to cross the border back.”

    “Uh-huh.” Earl heard mumbled around the spotting scope that was now mounted on the back of the bridge. “He’s firing again.”

    “What is it this time?”

    “Cannon number 2, the laser thingy.” Dakota commented “And he hit #4 she’s a total loss.”

    #4 was now little more than a superheated ship shape mass of glowing metal.

    “I’m going to have to brief the councilman when we get back. Not going to enjoy it.”


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    Chapter 3

    (2 weeks later)

    “Sir, the dock master has reported that an additional 14 ships have been completed, and the shadow shipyard at Mining Outpost 17 has completed an additional 10 ships.”

    “Thank you lieutenant.” Dakota said “That brings the total up to 35 ships completed and ready for action.”

    “The ships constructed from the shadow shipyard should be here inside a day at full speed.” Lieutenant Earl announced, reading the situation report from the shipyard at MO17 “The public is wondering what the reason for this buildup is.”

    “The councilman has decided a press conference is the best way to break the news.”

    (General Announcement)


    “Mr. Councilman, what are all these ships here for, the docking facilities can barely keep the HH and FF fleets at operational status with the sudden influx of new ships.”

    “It is the decision of this council, with the advice of Captain Dakota, to launch a new ship building program that can breach the barrier at the 101st sector border with us.”

    “Are you telling us that plans for a military incursion into 101 are underway?”

    “I am, but with these new ships we should be at a tactical advantage this time.”

    “Excuse me sir.” An aid whispered in Dakota’s ear “But we just received word from a HH battle fleet patrolling the border with 101, their radar has detected a fleet of FF sized ships on a bearing to a agricultural outpost at high speed.”

    “Thank you, dismissed.” Dakota whispered back “Excuse me councilman, but I’m afraid one of our outposts is about to be attacked, if you will excuse me.”

    “Of course. Are there any more questions?”

                                                                      .              .             .


    (40 minutes later)

    “Sir the HH fleet has disappeared from my scope, I had a brief radio contact with the last ship but I lost it a second ago.”

    “Sir!” one of the bridge lookouts called out “I can see one of the HH to the north east of our position.”

    “Let me see it.” Dakota commanded “What in bloody …, The superstructure on that ship is being melted!”

    “Sir! The outpost has just reported that it’s defenses are gone, that some kind of ship carrying a lot of troops has docked itself and that they are being overrun.”

    “Full Speed ahead, we need to try to stop those soldiers.”

    As each ship accelerated to attack speed, a laser like beam of light shot out of nowhere and claimed one of his Interdictors before the ship could dodge it. As that ship slipped beneath the waves a pair of beams again struck and claimed 2 more, even as each ship went through intricate evasive patterns that still allowed them to head toward the island the beams just kept claiming ships, by the time they sighted the island more than 15 vessels had been destroyed.

    “Where is that fire coming from!?” Screamed Dakota

    “There is a vessel in the channel of the outpost, it might be the origin of the weapons fire.”

    As if to prove his point, the ship opened up with a barrage of 5in cannons, 2 ships were destroyed and the right side of the bridge on Dakotas vessel ceased to be.

    “Can you order the civilians to evacuate?” Dakota demanded, while wiping away blood from a dozen minor cuts on his face.

    “We can, the evacuation dock is still reachable.”

    “Then order the blasted evacuation! We need to at least get the civies to safety.”

    “Captain, we got a SS and a SW marked with medical crosses racing away from the island.” The surviving lookout reported “They are firing weapons over the should style at something behind them.”

    “Order Interdictors 4 and 22 to close with them, eliminate their pursuers, and escort them back to base.”

    “Aye sir.”

    (Bridge of Interdictor 4)

    “Sir, the target is in sight, one enemy SS in pursuit.”

    “Close and destroy, we will then shepherd our ships out of the combat zone.”

    “Captain.” The gunnery officer called “The enemy SS is retreating back around the island.”

    “Leave it, lets go get our civilians.” The captain ordered “#22 go for the SW, we’ll go for the SS.”

                                                                        .             .            .


    “Captain, the enemy ship has retreated and our ships are approaching the 2 medical ships.”

    “Good, now maybe…” Dakota was cut off by a massive explosion as the SS exploded taking Interdictor 4 with it.

    “Why did it do that?!” Dakota demanded

    “The fuel tanks ignited sir.” The lookout reported “Sir! Something’s happening on #22.”

    “Indeed it is, can you get the loudspeakers on the deck of that ship to play what is happening through the bridge speakers?” Dakota addressed the radio officer

    “I can try.” He responded as he ducked under his consol. “Ow, I hate messing around with powered cables, got it!”

    [“Die you cursed pirates.” Said a voice that Dakota identified as the captains. Then a machine gun chattered and someone cries out in pain. “You first Scum ball!”. A large caliber sniper rifle fired next, and the captain called out “Hah! Close but not close enough.” Whoever he was shouting at replied “Really, take this then.” The speakers magnified the blast of what would later be labeled as the firing of an RPG-7 rocket launcher, there was the sound of a massive explosion and then the speakers cut off.]

    “Captain, our fleet is being slaughtered, there are only us and 4 others now!”

    “Send one to sink that Interdictor, I don’t want it in enemy hands.”

    As one of the surviving Interdictors raced to get into firing range on the captured ship, a large vessel with lots of guns came around the corner, a large puff of smoke obscured the forward superstructure as the 5in guns fired. All the rounds impacted the forward hydrofoil and its mount on the racing Interdictor, as the strut collapsed the forward hull entered the water with the engines pushing it at 50 knots. When it entered the water the sudden resistance caused half the hull to just break right off , and sent the rest of it cart wheeling into the sea where it sank in less than 5 seconds.

    “Sir the ship has failed, we need to get out of here!” The radar officer cried out

    Before Dakota could reply a new barrage of 5in shells landed on his ship, nearly severing the starboard hydrofoil from its mounts and sent large pieces of shrapnel ricocheting through the bridge, one large hull piece decapitated the radar officer and carved a chunk out of the radio officers head before impeding itself in the wall, as for Dakota, he got off rather lucky, the explosion sent him flying against the after bulkhead where he lay collapsed from a head injury.

    “Is there any ship left?” Lieutenant Earl called through the almost useless radio.”

    “This is Interdictor 5, receiving your call.”

    “This is Interdictor 9, what do yah need.”

    “We need a tow, our engines are out and the controls are non responsive.”

    “This is Interdictor 5 I got a towing rig, #9 could you provide cover for us?”

    “I’ll try, I got one functioning turret left.”

    “Thank you, and could you spare a medic, the captains beat up bad.”

                                                                        .                  .                 .

    “Should I destroy the remaining ships sir?” Asked the gunnery officer

    “No, we have what we came for.” Anubis replied “form up on the Interdictor and the troop transports, lets get home.”

                                                                  .              .              .

    “Lieutenant Earl, how is the captain?”

    “Still in the hospital Councilman, The admiral of the fleet put in decorations for all the survivors.”

    “Nice to know, how would you respond if I asked you to take over the Interdictor fleet?”

    “I would be honored sir, even if there are only 2 operational at the moment.”

    “The shipyards are rebuilding the fleet, but command is yours, If Dakota recovers and would like to go back in the fleet I’ll give him a posting for a FF fleet.”

    “Thank you sir, and I think Dakota would appreciate a change of pace.”

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    Chapter 4

    (3 months later)

    “Captain Dakota, how are you feeling?” Asked Earl

    “The Doctor says I will walk again, but I’m not convinced on that yet.”

    “Hmmm, I just got orders to take our rebuilt interdictor fleet back to 101 and try to find Anubis’s base.”

    “Good luck, try to avoid the cruiser thing.”

    “I’ll try my best sir.”

                                                                   .                .               .


    “Commander on deck.”

    “At ease.” Anubis ordered “Take us up the channel, ¼ speed.”

    “This place is impressive sir, building a base inside an extinct volcano.”

    “The most difficult part was placing the metal foundry close to the top to simulate a still active volcano, the rest was easy.”

    The ‘Easy part’ was an immense military base built into the center and walls of an carved out volcano, the magma chamber was tapped and the lava was used in the foundry process to heat the metal for shaping, across the floor of the volcano metal plates were placed, in the center of the hollowed out core there was a tower that reached to the top, which had the foundry placed on top, around the base of the tower the shipyards were built. The cranes and all the implements to build ships were attached to the tower on rails that allowed each one to move to a different section to work on. The rest of the tower was taken up by the foundry and factories that shaped the metal and built the guns and armor and frame pieces for ships.

    Recessed into the side of the cone in 2 levels were docking facilities, the lower level you just drive your ship into, the second level needed floodable elevators to move each ship up to each flood dock. The base defenses consisted of tubes with rotating pipes at the ends to direct lava flows onto attacking ships as they attempted to get up the channel. The Channel was dredged and carved into a S shape to prevent any light from being seen or anyone just cruising by being able to see it.

                                                                               .               .              .


    “Captain Earl, we’re across the minefield. Where should we go now?”

    “Go to the last sighting of the Cruiser in this sector, security base 16 I believe it is.”

    “Aye sir, setting course.”

                                                              .               .              .              .


    “Captain, please. IT wasn’t my idea to have guards babysit you.”

    “Then who was it?” Demanded Jolinar

    “You’re brother, he wanted to make sure you were safe during the inspection of SP16.”

    “Oh Well, I guess I’ll forgive you for your weakness this time.”

                                                                             .               .             .


    “Sir, we’re about to reach the SP, all non essential systems were shut down according to your order, the Naxos Radar Detector is picking up pulses from an SPS-9 surface search radar typically issued to FF and HH class ships.”

    “So, we’re going to have visitors.” Earl mumbled “Try to capture that ship intact if possible.”

    “Aye sir.”

    (10 minutes later)

    “Now! Attack.”

                                                                      .                          .                       .


    “Captain, 50 Interdictors just appeared on my screen, 25 are headed for the outpost, the rest are headed toward us.”

    “Jolinar, We need to evacuate you!”

    “How? We don’t have any boats fast enough to escape them.”

    “There is a Harrier Jump jet on the forward deck, I know you went to pilot school.”

    “Oh fine, I’ll get in that blasted plane.”

                                                                      .                .               .

    “Sir, there is something leaving the deck on that FF.”

    “What the devil is that?” Asked Earl as some strange contraption lifted off the deck of the target FF.

    “The computer says it’s something called a Harrier, whatever that is.”

    “Well whatever it is, it’s heading this way.”

                                                                      .                .               .


    “What is she doing?” Asked the captain, addressing nobody in particular. “Jolinar, what are you doing?”

                                                                      .                .               .


    “I’m helping.” Jolinar replied “This harrier is armed with 2 harpoons, 4 air to ground missiles, and a 30mm cannon. I could take out several of these ships and give you a chance to escape.”

    “Ok, but you better leave as soon as your ammo is expended.”

                                                                      .                 .                .


    “It’s firing!” Screamed someone over the radio

    Earl came rushing out to the wing station in time to see a missile leave the launch rail and claim one of his ships.

    “Target a Siege Cannon on that thing!”

    “The targeting system wont establish a solid lock on it.”

    “Just fire anyway!”

                                                                         .                  .                 .


    “Captain, taking fire from a siege cannon, the shots aren’t even close.”

                                                                        .                   .                 .


    “Sir, we’ve got a hit on it!”

    “Yes I just saw it, got something kinda like a sail floating down from it.”

    “It’s a parachute! The pilot ejected!”

    “Send the launch to retrieve the pilot.”

                                                                       .                 .              .


    “Saltwater, yuk!” Jolinar exclaimed “Still tastes terrible. Oh a boat, well now I got a way out of here.”

                                                                       .                 .               .


    “Sir, the skirmisher has reached the pilot.”

    “Putting up a fight is she?”

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    As Earl watched through binoculars the crew pulled the pilot out of the water and the pilot pulled a pistol from somewhere. The pilot shot one of the crew and then started clubbing the others on the forward deck, one of whom, felled by a heavy blow to the head, fell over the rail into the ocean. Finally the pilot emerged from the bridge and fired a wax round from his shotgun, the Pilot was hit in the chest, and went flying backward, landing flat on his back and staying there.

    “Earl the pilot, is the situation under control?”

    “Yes sir, she’s unconscious.”

    “She? That didn’t look like a she.”

    “It’s a she sir, a rather violent one.”

    “Get her back aboard, lets beat it.”

                                                                    .                 .               .


    “So who is she Earl?” Asked the councilman

    “No Idea, but I can tell you that when she’s awake she’s a violent little thing.”

    “Is she conscious?”

    “Don’t know, last time she was she almost killed an attending nurse before security managed to restrain her.”

    “You know, in your mind, dress her up as a Draconian. Does she look familiar to you?”

    “Almost, no, it aint possible.”

    “Seriously, she looks like that draconian woman that our intelligence services observed with Commander Vassago.”

    “Almost sir, but that woman was draconian through and through, this woman is forsa… That would be an incredible stroke of luck.”


    “In a computer we captured about 6 months ago there was information about a draconian defector that helped Anubis build his superweapon. Everything about her fits.”

    “Except this report, when that woman disappeared 3 months ago she was seen by our observation team to leap from the pinnacle of the base she was on to deny the forsaken captain that was hot on her heels the pleasure of the capture.”

    “Was she killed?”

    “They saw her body hit the water, never came back up. But if she’s dead, who or what do we have here?”

    “That’s a very good question sir.”

                                                               .                          .                              .


    “What do you mean she was captured?!” Anubis shouted “You were supposed to safeguard her to the SP.”

    “Sir, we loaded her in the Harrier when the enemy fleet was detected, but instead of going to the SP and safety, she destroyed about 6 Interdictors before catching a stray SC shell in the wing.”

    “Captain Edward.” Anubis shouted into the intercom “Where are you?”

    In a calm and level voice Captain Edward replied “On the Frontline’s Bridge, I’m warming her up for a search and rescue.”

    “I’m coming with you.”

    “Wouldn’t dream of denying you that sir. She’ll be ready to leave in 10 minutes.”

    “Now Captain, what’s your name. I want you to go to our intelligence section and provide any data and markings from the enemy fleet, don’t matter how small.”

                                                                        .             .           .


    “Mr. Chairman, we have a problem.”

    “What is it Earl?”

    “Anubis’s super-weapon ship has just charged across the border, based on his course he appears to be headed here.”

    “Start an evacuation plan, we need to be gone before he arrives.”

    “To late sir, at the speed he’s traveling we won’t get out of here in time unless he is slowed down.”

                                                                    .                 .               .


    “Admiral, we’ll be there inside 10 minutes, radar is detecting several Interdictor sized vessels leaving the island.”

    “Is the tracking signal on one of them?”

    “No sir, but it is moving from under the outpost toward the dock.”

    “Keep tracking it.” Anubis ordered “Weapons officer, ready all weapons for immediate use.”

                                                                  .                 .               .


    “Sir, Anubis’s ship is almost within firing range of our defenses.”

    “Ready the howitzers, and prepare the Sentinel missiles for long range firing.”

    “All weapons are ready, he’s going to run into a nasty surprise.”

                                                                  .                  .               .


    “Weapons officer, fire the 16in forward battery, target howitzer and Sentinel turrets, hold the Melter Cannon for the ships.”

    “Sir, the signal has definitely been relocated to a ship, it’s moving into the channel.”

                                                                  .                .              .


    “Sir, are you sure this foolhardy plan will work?”

    “It’s the only chance we have to escape with our prisoner.” The Councilman stated “She is our leverage incase this fails.”

                                                                      .               .              .


    “Admiral, she is definitely on the Interdictor that just left the Island.”

    “Put us on an intercept course, fire 7 Assault missiles, take out the weapons installations.”

                                                                       .               .              .


    “Captain Earl! The enemy has altered course, they are on intercept headings, they have also launched missiles. Ballistic arc indicates Modified Assault Missiles.”

    “****!” Earl exclaimed “Let me see those binoculars. Why I’ll be, that’s the ultimate in arrogance.”


    Through the binoculars, Earl could see a figure dressed all in black standing on the leading edge of the bow, holding an assault rifle, while a milling band of about 30 troops waited behind him with grappling hooks and a cross bridge. As the ship caught up with Earls speeding Interdictor one of the 5in guns on the Frontline spoke, and almost immediately all engine power readings dropped of the scale. Now with his ship loosing speed Earl grabbed an M4 5.56 assault rifle from a special rack on the back of the bridge, intending to defend his ship at all cost. One of his lookouts foolishly fired a .45 at Anubis’s ship, as soon as the first round left the barrel his head exploded. A second after that the rolling boom of a high power rifle exploded in Earls ears.

    While Earl waited patiently behind the center platform on the bridge, resting his rifle on the map platform, he saw the streamlined bow of his enemies ship go past, almost close enough to touch. As he sat there waiting for a target to line up, he heard large caliber fire from the forward deck, Intending to lend his rather meager firepower to the fight he ran to the forward bridge window, as he arrived, taking in the scene of utter chaos, trying to pick out friend from foe, he saw someone sighted in on him, the barrel flashed, and everything went black.

                                                                     .                .               .


    “You, young lady are my ticket out of here.” The councilman whispered in Jolinar’s ear. Even as the gunfire got closer and louder he still clung to the hope that he could get out of this. His hope came crashing in around him as the armored cell door literally flew off it’s hinges in a blinding flash of light. His vision cleared just in time to see a black figure aiming a weapon at him. “Who are you?” Tumbled out of the Councilors lips, just before he died.

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    (3 months later.)

    “Admiral Dogfoot, the councilman assigned to Dakota’s island and his aid, Captain Earl, have been declared deceased.”

    “About time, the council has had us searching for 3 months. Haven’t even found the wreck of their ship.” Dogfoot complained “I’ve heard that Dakota has recovered.”

    “That’s the rumor sir, should I contact him?” Asked Dogfoot’s aid “For intelligence purposes.”

    “What purposes? What can he tell us that we don’t already know.”

    “He could tell us something about Anubis’s new ship.”

    “Yes, I do suppose he could.”

                                                                  .                     .                    .


    “Captain Dakota, my name is Admiral Dogfoot, I command the DTA Intelligence agency.”

    “Yeah I heard of you bozos, ‘The Best intelligence gathering organization in the world.’ Did you even get a whiff of this new ship before it was destroying bases out from under you’re nose.”

    “Don’t call me a bozo, can you give me any information on his new ship.”

    “Nothing that isn’t in my reports.”

    “Can you tell me anything about this mystery woman Earl picked up on his last mission?”

    “Nothing, I read the reports but beyond that…” Dakota trailed off “But I can confirm the identification of the woman, I was head of the intel ship that documented her last defiant act.”

    “Though that’s impossible, if she leapt to her death how could he have pulled her out of the water 1 year after she died.”

                                                                   .                        .                        .


    “Hey doc, will she wake up soon?” Asked Anubis

    “Anyone’s guess, after being shot, beat up by a security guard trying to subdue her, and a doctor injecting her with a sedative to put her asleep.”

    “I hope she wakes up, I don’t want to lose her again.”

    “Again?” Asked the Doctor

    “Forget I said anything.” Anubis commanded “Protecting her is my sworn duty, made to a dying woman. And I almost failed”

    “Ah, I’m sorry to have intruded sir.”

                                                                 .                         .                        .


    “Admiral, we have received a message from Traveler, ‘The woman is still unconscious, her caretaker refuses to leave her side, unable to complete mission under current circumstances.’.”

    “I know who the woman is, but who is her caretaker?”

    “From the context, the translators guess he refers to Anubis.”

    “I’ll run this down to her myself.” Dogfoot mumbled, and catching an evil look pass over his adjutant’s face out of the corner of his eye “What?”

    “Sorry sir, but how long will we amuse this draconian witch? She started us down this rabbit trail without any explanation of what were supposed to do.”

    “I don’t like it either, but the consequences of our refusal were to great. You saw the fleet she had at her disposal, if we had refused she threatened to destroy the entire sector.”

    “I did see it sir, but if she has that kind of power and technology at her disposal why does she need us?”

    “I don’t know.”

                                                                       .                  .                .


    “Admiral Dogfoot, how pleasant to see you again.” A soft silky voice wafted around the room

    “Ma’am.” Dogfoot replied, still being chilled to the bone by the cold anger and authority barely concealed by that sweet voice. “I have a report from Traveler.”

    As his voice died down a pair of lovely legs uncrossed and she stood up from ‘Her’ throne, a black robe following her, with a hood concealing her face from him. But her billowing robe didn’t conceal the rather pleasing form under it, clothed in a definitely non-regulation formfitting leather suit.

    “How sweet, please hand it over.” She ‘Asked” him “Is this the best he can do?”

    “He can’t complete the mission assigned him while her brother is right there.”

    “She’s not his sister!” She shouted “She is my property and you are supposed to recover her.” Her voice dropped from the high octaves down to a menacing lower tone “You will recover her by the end of this week or you’re entire sector will cease to exist. Do you understand me?”

    Swallowing a couple times to recover his composure, he replied “Yes, I understand you perfectly.”

                                                                   .                     .                 .


    “Engineer, where is Captain Samuel?” Asked Anubis

    “He’s down by the bow sir.”

    “Thank you.” Said Anubis, as he started to walk down the dock, finally spying Samuel and someone else down at the far end. As he finally got to them he asked “Captain, is the modification complete?”

    “Aye sir, it looks strange on a warship but the seal is done.”

    The seal was the typical American seal, just a golden eagle in place of a bald eagle. In one clawed foot it held an American flag with a single star, to signify a single united sector, the other held a broken draconian dreadnought, with the words ‘The Battle Belongs To The Lord’ Inscribed above the eagle’s head.

    “A bold statement sir.”

    “Thank you, and who are you?” Anubis asked

    “I’m from the Forsaken Council, I was sent to witness the commissioning of this fine warship.”

    “Ah, well the visitors seats are back there so…”

    “Aha, Well I’ll see you after the commissioning then.”

                                                                      .                   .                 .


    “Admiral, we have a problem. Anubis is commissioning a new ship class in 12 hours, they have a prototype built but we might be able to destroy it if we strike when they aren’t ready.”

    “Do we have any ships capable of getting there before the commissioning ceremony is complete?”

    “About 30 are in range, should I summon them?”

    “No, have them meet us at, these coordinates. I’ll take the Bloodhound, it’s the fastest and most heavily armed ship here.”

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    “Uh, Supervisor, could you confirm my reading please?”

    “Sure, what you got?”

    “I don’t know, it’s not moving very fast but I can’t get a good bead on what it is or where it’s going.”

    “That’s a fleet sized contact, did you run the IFF software?”

    “About to.”

                                                                   .                   .                 .


    “Admiral, my computer screen has gone haywire.”

    “Haywire? Elaborate.”

    “My computer is saying someone is requesting an identity confirmation.”

    “Oh Shoot! Dogfoot to Hounds, the hunt is on!”

                                                                  .                   .                 .


    “Super! The signal has Cleared!” Shouted the technician “We got 3 Strike Cruisers, 6 Dread X, 10 Battle-cruisers and 2 somethings.”

    “Somethings? Not helpful.”

    “I can’t identify the silhouettes, they hold similar properties to the Frontline but a bit smaller.”

    “It’s a WW2 design 8in gun cruiser. Better alert Anubis.”

                                                                      .                    .                 .


    “And this ship, born of necessity and ingenuity…” Anubis’s voice was drowned by alarm sirens “Control, what is happening?”

    “We got a battle fleet from 102 rushing up on us.”

    “Put me on loud speaker.” Anubis ordered, waited a minute until the whistle silenced “Inhabitants of New Nevada, in-case you haven’t heard, there is a battle fleet from 102 closing on us, I want all civilians to evacuate  to the emergency bunkers, military personnel, you all know you’re jobs, cover the base until the ships are launched.”

    “Sir, the Frontline is loaded and ready.”

    “Fire up the engines, lose the fore and aft lines, raise the bow bridge. Captain, prepare your targeting teams for immediate action.”

                                                                .                      .                   .


    As the alarm bells sounded, signifying a attack, Traveler recognized the opportunity to complete his mission. Turning, he drew his silenced Beretta out from under his medical greens, and shot the security guard standing in the door, rotating to survey the room, he saw the 2 nurses staring in shock at him, and started to say “Doctor! What are you doing?”


    She was abruptly cut short by a double tap to the head, pivoting again, he double tapped the other nurse who had almost reached the alarm bell. Surveying the room once more to ensure he didn’t miss anyone, satisfied, he walked over to Jolinar’s bed, and prepared her gurney for transport.

                                                                            .              .           .


    “Captain, what is the strength of the enemy fleet?” Demanded Anubis

    “3SC, 6 Dreads, 10BC and 2 8in gun cruisers. Order of target priority?”

    “Target the 8in cruisers first, have the secondary battery engage the dreads until the cruisers are gone, then switch to the SC, then the BC.”

    “Aye sir.”

                                                                       .            .            .   


    “Admiral, the Enemy ship has launched, is closing on our fleet at high speed.”

    “Time to launch our surprise, captain, it’s time.”

    “Yes sir Admiral. Barracuda captains, target propellers and steering devices.”

    “Torpedoes away.”

                                                                     .               .            .


    “Admiral, 10 barracudas have launched torpedoes at us, strait running types.”

    “Evasive action! Fire forward battery at the first cruiser.”

                                                                     .             .           .


    “All torpedoes are on course.” Said the weapons officer “Captain! The enemy ship is outside the projected target range for the siege torpedoes.”

    “****, Alert the Admiral.”

                                                                     .              .            .


    “Admiral Dogfoot, the Barracuda captains report that the enemy ship has passed out of range.”

    “****! Order the Scharnhorst to engage the enemy cruiser.”

    “Aye Admiral.”

                                                                     .              .             .



    “500 meters.”

    “Target set, awaiting orders.”


    Immediately after, 2 scarlet red beams of light shot from both of the forward turrets, intersecting on the first 8in gun cruiser, within seconds the entire ship was glowing white hot, and then simply ceased to exist, the atomic bonds taken down by the extreme heat.

                                                                   .                  .                  .


    “Ok little lady, we’re going down to my home sector and hopefully that witch that settled down at home will leave.” Traveler said, while securing the bonds on the gurney.

    As the restraints tightened awareness of her predicament exploded into her mind, beyond her control primal instincts tore past her civilized mind. Without conscious thought she broke the leather restraints on her arms and legs, jumped off the gurney and fastened her fangs around the doctors throat. Even as the life drained out of the doctor, his mind was still processing the amazing metamorphosis that Janet went through as she leapt off the gurney, suddenly she looked amazingly like one of those dragons from the old movie Rein of Fire, all this was rushing through his mind as the 6in fangs tore his carotid artery to shreds.


    Satisfied that the danger was passed she got a sudden irresistible urge to fly to a certain location, without further ado she jumped out the nearest window and took off as fast as she could to that one location.

                                                                           .            .          .


    “Target is destroyed Admiral.”

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    “Excellent, switch fire to…” Anubis’s voice dropped off as he collapsed back into his chair, as the entire bridge crew turned to see why he stopped talking, the first officer shouted

    “Back to your stations! We still got a battle to win.” As the chastised crew turned back to their stations, the first officer walked over to the captains chair, he observed Anubis having a fevered conversation with himself, he couldn’t hear what he was saying but he could read his lips, he seemed to be saying, “No, she can’t be. She’s to young, I need to…” He stopped talking to himself as his eyes flew open, wildly searching the room. The first officer noticed that his eyes were different, more like a cats than human.

    “Sir, what’s wrong?”

    He received no answer, at least not verbally. As his slightly crazed eyes settled on an open door, he launched himself out of the chair, ran out the door, and leapt over the rail, where he promptly disappeared in a blinding flash of light, although it blanked out everything outside the bridge, he could still hear the massive whoosh as something beat the air with massive wings

                                                                            .            .           .


    “What Happened?” Demanded Dogfoot

    “I don’t know, I can’t see a thing!”

    “Same here.”

    “What about radar?”

    “Nothing, it’s blanked out to.”

                                                                     .             .            .


    “There it is!” Screamed Janet, as a small base vaguely resembling a draconian base emerged from the fog. “Almost home!” she screamed again.

    As she swept down for a landing she saw signs of massive destruction and evident fire damage all around her on the buildings, immense piles of debris cascading down from the tops of buildings, as she walked down a road between the buildings she saw a massive foot print in the center of the road, placing one of her back feet next to the print, she saw that the print was the exact same as hers, just several time’s larger.

    “What happened here?” asked Janet

    “I did.” Said a deep voice from behind her.

    Whirling around she saw an immense copy of herself standing next to one of the buildings. “What are you?”

    “I am you. We are the same species, though I am older we came from the same place.”

    “And where is that?” Demanded Janet

    “Not on this planet, we came here nearly 100 years ago, our ship crashed on this planet, because of the immense size of our ship it caused a tidal wave that washed away every continent.”

    “But, 1, how could our ship be so big, and 2, I haven’t been around for 100 years, I’d remember something like that.”

    “To answer both your questions, our ship is 1000 miles long and 700 miles wide. It could hold several thousand of us, when it crashed you were in a stasis pod during the juvenile age of your first development stage. I was at the controls during the crash, after we impacted I lost consciousness and 90 years later an expedition from the island we live at found and opened our ship, you’re pod was swept out and they recovered me, their island was under constant attack so in exchange for help from us they agreed to shelter us, after some initial fortifying I left to find you, 9 years later I found you here, the subject of perverted experiments by the Draconians. Because you’re pod was opened her you’re instincts declared that this was home, so that’s why you were drawn her, an urge to return home.”

    “Oh, and you destroyed this place to recover me?”

    “You’re my sister, I’d tear this world apart to find you. We need to get back though, a device I triggered has temporarily frozen time on this world, but it will soon shut off to recharge.”

    “Ok, I’l come back with you, but where is our ship”

    “It is buried in ice at the arctic circle, because of it’s organic nature its slowly been repairing itself over the last 100 years, in a short time it will be ready to fly again, and we can return home.”

    “Ok, we need to leave, my strength is almost gone.”

    “Climb on, I’ll carry you home.”

                                                                         .           .         .


    As the white light faded, the First officer on the Frontline saw Anubis land on the roof of the second forward turret, with his sister in his arms.

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    “Sir!” Shouted the first officer “Are you alright?”

    “Never better, I need to get her to the medical bay, continue to engage the enemy forces, I’ll be back soon.”

                                                                         .            .          .


    “Admiral, the radar has cleared, we still have one enemy contact.”

    “What is the status of the enemy ship?”

    “Undamaged, she is targeting her guns on us!”

    “Evasive action, try to disable the steering gear.”

    As his latest command left his lips, a dark oval cloud filled with rippling energy appeared on the bridge, standing on end. Soon after it appeared someone walked through it, turning out to be the cursed draconian that’s had him on a leash the last 3 months.

    “No evasive action, you will close with his ship until it is within grappling range, you will then board and capture it, and bring me the woman, I’ll then leave you in peace.”

    “Uh, you heard her!” Shouted Dogfoot, even as he cowered under her gaze. “But we won’t make it, his weapons will vaporize my ship before we get close.”

    “Have no fear, I will protect your ship.”

    As Dogfoot sputtered in confusion, she walked out on the open bridge, braced herself by leaning forward slightly and placing one foot slightly behind the other. As 2 beams of scarlet light erupted from the forward turrets of Anubis’s ship, she held out her hands and the beams suddenly hit some kind of field that stopped them cold, she then twisted her hands slightly and the beams started exploding in a starburst pattern which  traveled back to their origins and caused the turrets to explode.


    As cheering erupted from Dogfoot’s ship, she turned around and said “See Admiral, now get in gear and capture that ship!”

    “Aye.” Shouted Dogfoot “Prepare the grappling hooks, boarding parties assemble at the bow in full tactical gear.”

                                                                             .          .        .


    “Doctor, I need your help!” Anubis shouted

    “Goodness gracious, what happened?”

    “Don’t know, she just dropped in, get her in a bed.”

    As they both got her on the bed, a massive explosion sounded somewhere forward that rocked the ship. Running over to the intercom Anubis dialed the bridge and shouted “What Happened?”

    “Some kind of feedback in the emitters destroyed the turrets; our entire forward battery is out of commission!”

    “Target the secondary battery on the second cruiser, maneuver the ship to allow the after battery a clear line of fire. Doctor, I need to go, secure all your patients and close the blast doors.”

    “Aye Captain!”

                                                                          .            .           .


    “We’re in range sir!”

    “Boarders away, secure the ship to theirs, I’m going to lead the assault teams.”

    “I’m coming with you.”

    “Ma’am a combat area is no place…..” Dogfoot stopped talking when her hooded head stared right at him. “Please, right this way.”

                                                                           .             .            .


    “Admiral, we have boarders!” sounded through the bridge as Anubis skidded through the door.

    “Engage targets of opportunity with the remaining weapons, security teams to the forecastle to repel boarders.”

                                                                         .                .               .


    “All teams, move forward, 1st team you’re going for the bridge and damage control stations, 2nd team, you’re going for the engines and after weapons center, 3rd team, go for the infirmary, 4th team you’re with me, we will secure the weapons on deck.”

    As the teams started to move, a hoard of maniacs sprung up from even the most impossible places waving a gaggle of weapons, most with 2ft long bayonets gleaming in the sunlight. Before anyone could establish a defensible perimeter they charged their tenuous hold on the bow of the ship. As Dogfoot tried to control his men one especially villainous fellow with a long scar was trying his best to gut him. Reacting at the speed of thought, he grabbed the weapon, thrust it up and bounced it off the nose of his opponent, then he yanked it out of his hands, tossed him over the side, and threw the rifle like a spear at another guy.

    Turning to survey the milling crowd of fighting soldiers, he saw the Draconian Woman handing it out to some poor unfortunate with some stick he didn’t know she had, as she dealt one final blow that sent him flying through the air.

    She then planted the end of her staff on the deck with a resounding clang, and a wave of white light, similar to a flash-bang’s engulfed everything in sight. As it retracted to and disappeared into her staff, Dogfoot saw that all but one of the opposing crew was passed out on the deck. As his shoulders rose and fell with a deep sigh, he pulled out a black cylinder about a foot and a half long, held it in front of him, and then it expanded into a double-ended samurai sword. At which point he swung it around and proceeded to attack her. Sensing the danger Dogfoot called to his men “Back to the boat!”

    Somehow hearing him, she called out “Traitor! Your island will burn for this!”

    Her opponent meanwhile called out “Stay where you are, she can’t kill you unless you let her.”

    “And how do you know that?” Dogfoot demanded “And who are you anyway?”

    “We know each other from a previous encounter.” She countered “Don’t we?”

    “Oh yes. I’m Anubis by the way.” Anubis said “And she, for you’re information, is Janet Ghurka. Supposed to be dead these last 10 months.”

    “What?” Asked Dogfoot “But she’s you’re sister.”

    “Not mine, I was asked to assume his identity by the residents of this island after he was killed.” Anubis explained “And Janet, you might want to lose the mysterious cloak, your cover is blown now.”

    “Might as well.” And then she stepped back from her weapon, which was still animated and repelling Anubis’s assault. She then dropped her cloak revealing her face to the world once more. And reaching over her shoulder, she drew a Roman Short Sword.

    As if to match her, Anubis now stepped back from his weapon, which stayed animated and continued to fight with Janet’s possessed stick, and they both rose into the air and hovered above the deck. Anubis then drew an Arabian Scimitar from behind his back and they set at each other again with renewed ferocity. Even from the onset Dogfoot could see that Anubis had the upper hand, he was steadily forcing her back against the rail, a position she obviously didn’t want to be in. So to even the scale, she deployed a double blade as long as her forearm and stabbed it at him when his guard was open parrying her sword. Somehow seeing it coming, Anubis deployed a slightly different blade on his forearm, it ran the length of his forearm but didn’t go beyond, which he slashed downward and deflected her blow. He then kicked her in the chest sending her over the edge of the rail, at which point a new portal opened right beneath her and she fell through it, her staff then just fell out of the sky and followed her through the portal.

    Recovering his weapon Anubis leapt from his ship to Dogfoot’s, stuck the edge of his sword under Dogfoot’s chin and demanded “Surrender now, and I’ll spare you.”

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    (1 month later)

    “Hey Janet, How are you?” Asked Anubis

    “Pretty good considering. Can I ask you something?”

    “Sure, anything.”

    “Ok, I heard you call that woman Janet. And there are some things I just don’t understand.”

    “Well, I’ll explain, we were asked by these people to step in for the real Alex and Janet, the originals were both petty tyrants. Alex was killed by his sister so she could rise to the throne, when that failed she defected to the Draconians, taking all her scientific knowledge with her and there she rose to a position second only to Vassago. What else don’t you understand?”

    “Why hasn’t anyone found our ship? If it is 1000 miles long then shouldn’t a significant part be sticking out of the polar ice cap?”

    “The main body of our ship is still in this solar system, the part we crashed in was the habitation hull, it’s only 400 miles long by 100 miles wide. Small enough to be hidden by the ice but still large enough to cause major damage to this world. To get back to the original subject that brought me down here, why did you ask me to come?”

    “While I’ve been stuck here I started doodling , when I looked at the finished product I saw I had drawn the design for 3 things.”

    “Designs? For what?”

    “The first one is some new cannon, even though I designed it I still can’t wrap my head around what it does. The second is also a cannon, a rail-gun to be precise. The third design is an experiment, what if we took 4 ship hulls, welded them together using cross braces, and built the bridge in-between the 2 center hulls, what do you think of it?”

    “Sounds fun.” Anubis said “Hey doc, can she go?”

    “She’s perfectly healthy, no reason she can’t go about on the island.”

    “Thank you doctor. Well, do you want to go down to the design office and work out the details of these things?”

    “Absolutely, lets go.”

                                                                      .               .             .


    “Vassago, I need that fleet.” Janet demanded

    “For what? So you can smash it against Anubis’s defenses? Those ships were to expensive to build to waste them in an attack like that.”

    “You do not want to defy me.”

    “Oh, I’m quivering in my boots.”

                                                                       .               .              .


    “Let’s start with the Quad thing. How about we use 2 Iowa class Battleship hulls for the center hulls, and 2 Arleigh Burke class destroyer hulls for the outer pair.” Anubis started

    “You’ll have to refresh my memory on their dimensions.”

    “The Iowa’s dimensions are, 890 ft long and 110 ft wide. The Arleigh Burke’s are 470ft long and 60 ft wide. We can position the Destroyer hulls so that 210 ft of the Iowa hulls are sticking past them on both ends.”

    “Where are we going to place the weapons?” Asked Janet “Not a lot of places we can put them where all the turrets will have a clear line of fire.”

    “It’s somewhat easy; we can modify the turret design so that the guns elevation axis is farther back into the turret. With the size required for a rail-gun firing slugs this size we could only fit 2 guns in each turret, and the turrets will be unmanned so some space could be saved there. Remove the superstructures of each hull in their entirety so that nothing interferes with the turrets line of sight, have all the turrets on the same elevated level, the armaments will be concentrated on the 2 center hulls.”

    “Excellent Idea!” Janet Exclaimed “ Have 2 turrets on each Center hull below the elevation of the main guns with this other new gun, I’m just going call it the Pulse Cannon, that’s just about all I can tell it does.”

    “We’re going to need to build a test weapon to see what it does. On the outer pair of hulls I want to use the MK41 VLS tubes for the Tomahawk and Harpoon Anti-ship missiles, with 4 modified Melter cannons on each, mounted below the Main guns zero elevation, have them serving in the Phalanx Anti-Missile Systems place.”

    “How many missiles will they carry?”

    “Each Launcher has 45 launching cells, the forward launchers on each hull we could load with Harpoons, the after launcher Tomahawks. And to finish it off we should have 2 Mk32 Triple tubes on the outer edges of the Outer hulls, have them loaded with Mk48 ADCAP Torpedoes.”

    “I’m liking this design, what do we want to call it?”

    “How about, Nevada Class Battleship?” Anubis suggested

    “To old, how bout, Serenity?”

    “Maybe, how does Enigmatic Angel sound?”

    “Eh, not fitting the ship.”

    “Yeah, Serenity sounds better.”

    “Then Serenity it is, where should we start construction?”

    “It’ll have to be somewhere secure, we’ll have to look around a little while, If you’ll excuse me, I have to go somewhere.”

                                                                                .          .         .


    “So Dogfoot, what are you up to?” Asked Anubis

    “Besides trying not to lose my sanity in this cell, nothing.”

    “I have a proposition for you. One that might get you and your crew out of these cells.”

    “I’m listening.”

    “In Exchange for peace with your sector and Janet Ghurka’s location, I will remove the Barrier between our sectors and remove her from your home.”

    “I can’t give a positive location at this moment, but start with the Draconian bases and I’ll work my contacts to find her. And I’ll guarantee peace with you with the condition of free commerce and travel between our sectors.”

    “Done, I’ll get the keys.”

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    “Ma’am, we have a problem.”

    “What kind of Problem?” Janet Asked

    “Dogfoot has been released from Anubis’s prison, he was last sighted taking his ship back to 102.”

    “Actually that’s your problem, my problem is trying to figure a way to kill Anubis and his entire gang.”

    “Well, Vassago says you are to help us with Dogfoot and his intelligence organization.”

    “Oh he did huh, well I’ll see what I can do for you.”

                                                                              .          .         .


    “Alex.” Janet called, straining her eyes to try to pick her elder brother out of the gloom he seemed to prefer in his retrofitted warehouse quarters. “Dogfoot has sent the locations for some promising positions where we might find her.”

    “He seems to be in a hurry to find her, that’s good.” Echoed around the massive room, based on the echo she estimated he was perched up near the roof.

    “What are you doing up there?”

    “Up where?” Sounded right behind her, whirling in surprise she nonetheless saw nobody behind her.

    “You know I hate it when you do that.”

    “Yes, you might be able to see me if you weren’t afraid to return to your natural form.”

    Sighing with irritation she closed the door behind her and released herself from her self-imposed restraints, after she stretched her wings she set about looking for her brother. After a minute of searching she found him, curled up fast asleep in a corner.

    “Asleep, how typical. But how can you be talking to me if you’re asleep?”

    “My body is asleep but my mind is not, I am talking to you through a telepathic link.”

    “Telepathy? That’s a load of horse hockey.”

    “Then how are you hearing me?” Anubis asked, with a slight tint of humor coloring his voice.

    “Would you stop it, what are you really doing?”

    “Sleeping.” Anubis laughed “I’m piecing something together in my mind while I sleep, It’s much easier to concentrate in here where I don’t have to spend a significant amount of my brain power maintaining a human form.”

    “Oh, Do tell what you’re working on.”

    “It’s something that will change the world.”

    “So what is it?”

    “I’ll tell you when its finished.”

                                                                        .             .            .


    “So Vassago, what is so important that you dragged me away from my work?”

    “Did you think I wouldn’t find out? NO matter who you are a cult of worshipers is taking it to far.”

    “Oh, Vassago, you never should have brought that up.”

    As she finished speaking she reached across the room and wrapped her fingers around his neck.

    “What are you doing?” Wheezed Vassago

    “Tying up lose ends.” Janet spoke, as before his eyes she went through a transformation, her unbelievably long arm turned into a long and sinuous tail, following it back to her, he saw another one of those bloody dragons in her spot, again commenting on how similar they looked to those things from Rein of Fire.

    “You’re one of them? Then why do you want to kill her?”

    “We may be the same species, but the 2 halves of our culture are in a Blood War, it cannot end until one side or the other is dead, And now with the assistance of this fine military I’ll be about my business of eradicating the last member of their side.”

    “Who… Janet? The other Janet?”

    “Yes, the very last one, but you will not see that glorious day my former friend.”

    At that, she flexed her tail, and snapped his neck like a twig. “Now that he’s gone-”Turning to a communications console, she plugged in a device that opened a secure interplanetary link to her home. “This is Janet, I need one other to replace Vassago, he needs to be here before the end of the day.”

    “As you command my Queen. Our fastest vessel will be dispatched immediately.”

                                                                       .                .                 .


    “So is your idea finished yet?” Asked Janet as she barged into her brothers office.

    Scrambling to cover something up on his desk he cried “Janet! It’s not polite to just barge into someone’s work space without knocking.”

    “I just thought that ….” Her voice trailed off as she spotted a blueprint that wasn’t covered, looking at it closely she thought it resembled…..

    “Thought what?” Asked Anubis, neatly breaking her train of thought as he slowly slipped the blueprint under something else.

    “What was that? It was a blueprint for a ship, just not one I’m familiar with.”

    “Then why did you ask what it is?” Asked Anubis

    “Ok, enough with the games, what are you working on?”

    Sighing with irritation Anubis gave in, and uncovered what he was working on. “This is a model and the blueprints for an experimental ship. One that doesn’t require water to operate.”

    “You mean a flying ship, don’t you.”

    “Put crudely yes, In the school I attended back home I excelled at mechanical engineering and ship design. Even though this design is borrowed from a Old World TV Show. The simulations I performed and the trial workups on this model convinced me of the feasibility of the design.”

    “I know this design but can’t place it, do you care to enlighten me?”

    “I suppose, this design is exact, complete in every way, a copy of the Mercury class Battlestar from the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica.”

    “I’m familiar with the class, but how big are you planning to build this ship or ships?”

    According to the actual dimensions of the ships themselves, the Mercury Class Ships were 5,872 feet long, 2500 ft wide and 800 ft high.”

    “Good Grief, can we even build that kind of ship?”

    “Yes, the Facilities are in place, I just needed to choose a design. I also am considering building some along the lines of the Valkyrie Class Battlestar.”

    “What are you actually going to arm them with? Phasers?”

    “No, the Mercury class is going to be armed with 30 unmanned turrets, each with 2 of the railguns you designed, as well as 4 twin fixed mounts with an upgrade to your initial design, firing 60in rounds instead of the usual 36in. Armor across the entire hull will be 200ft thick. An additional 60 point defense turrets along the sides and centerline, both top and bottom. As well as A shield system I salvaged from the wreckage of our ship.”

    “Do you really need that much firepower? I mean who out there could possibly match what we already have?”

    “You are young so I’ll tell you, there are threats out there that could obliterate our pre-existing fleet within an hour. And there are only 2 of them on this planet.”

    “And how do you know that? Such a specific number.”

    “I encountered them both while I was scouring the planet looking for you, one of them is hard to find and the possibility of running into them is small, the other is far more numerous and thus a greater danger, we will run into them again soon and I want to be as ready as possible before that day arrives. Having these ships and weapons will even the odds enough so that we might stand a chance.”

    “Ah, now I understand. What’s the Valkyrie class?”

    “It’s a small class of ships, only 2455ft long, 883ft wide and 233ft high, in keeping with it’s size and relatively small armament, it’s going to be armed with 20 dual pulse cannon turrets, 33 Twin Unmanned Railgun turrets, and 30 point defense turrets. In naval terms of this world, the Mercury would be a battleship and the Valkyrie would be a light cruiser.”



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    Do you know what would be neat???   For you to get a girlfriend and get a life.

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    what does that say about you? You say I need a life. I'm looking at the levels you have on 3 of kixeye games and I say that you Need a Life.

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    "Admiral Janet?"

    "Yes Ali?

    "Our ships in sector 103 are reporting strange rocket tests in the 101st and 102nd sectors." Ali replied

    "What do they mean, strange?" asked Janet

    "One ship got a visual of the missile, it was composed of 2 immense rockets grouped together with a large silo like container between them, and some kind of vehicle attached to them all." Ali read from a dispatch in his hand "The initial take off went very slowly, creating immense clouds of smoke before It lifted off and disappeared into the clouds."

    "Do you know what that sounds like?" Asked Janet

    "No Ma'am, that is why I asked if you knew." Ali replied

    "I sounds a lot like the old American space program run by NASA, that sequence of events is to close to be a coincidence."

    "What should we do?" Asked Ali

    "Nothing, there is nothing we can do."

                                                             .                  .         


    "Alex, where are you?" Janet asked

    "Here, what do you need?" Replied Alex

    "I have a question and a request."

    "What's your request?" Asked Alex

    "I would like to change my name, sharing a name with her is to much."

    "What would you like your name to be then?

    "Something close, I'm partial to Janice." Janet replied

    "Ok then, that your name." Alex agreed "What was the question?"

    "It's in 2 parts, one, where is the shipyard that is building your new fleet, and 2 what is with all those rockets that have been launching? Janice Asked

    "Hmmm, those are actually the same subject, the shipyards are in orbit of this planet, the ships are being built with pieces from the ship that brought us here, and the rockets are taking personnel and supplies to the station."

    "You mean the ship that was to big to crash on this planet?" Janice Demanded

    "Yes, I couldn't just let all that material be wasted." Alex replied patiently "Besides, there was technology on it that significantly sped up the construction of these ships."

    "How much was it sped up?"

    "The first ship is completed."

                                                              .                        .


    "Admiral Janet for the Construction Bureau immediately."

    "Yes this is Chief Bronstein, what can I do for you?"

    "Is the Medusa Ready?"

    "Yes it is, finally, including the stealth systems."

    "Very good, Is she ready for a combat voyage?"

    "As she's going to get, though we haven't received the F14 squadron we were promised from the plane factory yet."

    "That's okay, we shouldn't have need for them this voyage."

    "We await your arrival."

                                                         .                                .


    "Alex, could it be arranged for me to go to the shipyards?"

    "Certainly, when do you want to go?" Alex replied

    "Whenever it's convenient." Janice replied

    "That's good, there is a shuttle launch scheduled for the end of the week."

                                                                 .                         .


    "Admiral, we are on approach to the Medusa's berth, we should be landing in a moment."

    "Good, I would like to see her."

    "This way then." the flight attendant replied, as they approached a window she offered. "She is a very beautiful design sir."

    "I know. I had help in her design." Help being an old earth movie called The Avengers thought Janet, admiring the beautiful and elegant design, despite it being partially concealed by typical Draconian blocky construction. apparently they forgot how to make a curving hull. The main flight deck covered with missile launchers, and the 4 turbofans surrounded by defensive weaponry.

    "Call the bridge, order them to set a course to Anubis's island as soon as I am aboard."

    "Aye sir."

                                                               .                         .


    "Captain, we have received a message from Admiral Janet, she wants us to set course to Anubis's island as soon as she boards."

    "Ok, now how do you......" The captain started "Helmsman, how do you set a course with this bloody thing?"

    "Just call up his islands coordinates on your screen and the auto navigation will set that island as our destination."

    "Thank you."

                                                                .                         .


    "Admiral on the bridge!" Called a sentry at the door

    "Back to your posts." Janet ordered. "Captain, is the course set?"

    "Yes ma'am it is."

    "Then we may depart at your leisure."

    'Yes ma'am." Turning the captain pressed the large red button on his touch screen, as soon as he did alarms of all sorts started blaring. "What did I do now?!"

    After correcting whatever his captain had done the helmsman replied "The red button sir de-activated the forward turbofans, it's an innocent mistake sir considering the ships your used to."

    "Thank you, now how do we get moving?"

    "Leaning over to whisper in his ear the helmsman replied "It's the green button sir, but we can customize the controls so you can navigate more easily after this voyage."

    Whispering back "Thank you."

    "Engage the Stealth systems." Janet ordered " We don't need to be spotted untill we are in firing range of the target."

    "Engaging the stealth systems."

    Immediately afterward the powerful hum of the turbofans faded to a whisper as the sound dampeners came online, and the hull to either side of the control room faded away as the photo panels engaged, transmitting what was in their field of vision to their corresponding panel on the other side of the ship, making the ship disappear.

                                                                 .                            .


    "So, what do we have of our history?" Asked Janice

    "Well we have .........." Alex started, but was drowned out by the blaring racket of the attack sirens.

    Literally flying across the room to an intercom panel, he activated it and dialed the control room, "CIC what is happening?"

    "A ship has appeared about a mile out, it appears to be hovering about 300ft above the ocean."

    "You mean it's flying?!" Janet demanded, talking loud enough to be heard in the control room.

    "Afraid so, Their firing!"

    "Activate the defenses, train the howitzers on it and set something to intercept the incoming."

    "Aye sir!"

    Whirling around he started to say, "Now we need to get you to ........."

    But all in her field of vision disappeared in brilliant white flash before it all went black.

                                                               .                          .


    "We've hit them sir!!" Exclaimed the weapons officer as cheering exploded through the ship

    "How bad?" demanded Janet

    "Of the 8 rounds that made it through their defenses 7 found defensive turrets, the eighth found a warehouse."

    "Excellent, keep firing until their defenses have been leveled, then send in the ground forces."

                                                                     .                       .


    When Janice blinked back to full consciousness immediately 3 things were apparent, 1 she was no longer in the middle of the room, 2 the eastern wall was 3/4s gone, and 3, her brother was lying face down in the middle of the room, with a large piece of metal sticking out of his back.

    Crawling to him she turned him half over and felt his breathing, it was very shallow. "Alex? Are you still here?"

    "Barely, quickly, you must get me to my knees."

    "Why? I need to get you to a doctor."

    "Just do it! I don't have much time left."

    As she stood him on his knees the blast wave from another salvo shook the building.

    "Janet, I was told to give you this by our mother, I have safeguarded it for a hundred years, but you must take it now."

    "No! You're not going to die........"

    But he cut her off abruptly, grabbing her head with both hands

    "What are you..........." She started to ask, but that rather stupid question was submerged in her mind by a sudden influx of knowledge, memories, and power. Opening her eyes  as It ended, she saw her brother start to collapse, catching him mid fall she turned his face toward hers in time to hear his last plea.

    "Please, take me to our ship, the one that crashed in the arctic, It is my last mortal hope, then you must return and defend this people."

    "But how can I get there in time? It's hundreds of miles away."

    "Use your mind, think of the medical bay. Quickly!"

    Even as she saw her brothers life slip away from him, she was drawn to a mental picture of an, operating room? The more she thought of it, the more real it seemed, opening her eyes again, she saw the wrecked warehouse disappear in a white mist, and saw the medical room she just saw in her memory emerge from it, as well as a doctor.

    "Doctor! I need your help." Janice called

    "Place him on the operating table, and get out."

    After complying with both orders, she paced outside the medical bay, and something caught her eye.

                                                            .                                  .


    As Janet stood observing the battle, between her ship and the islands defenses, she noticed an odd flash of white from the ruined warehouse, and for an unaccountable reason, a feeling a terror that she had never experienced before settled in her stomach.

                                                                       .              .


    "Now what is this thing?" Asked Janice

    "That is your armor, Me' lady."

    Whirling in surprise, she saw nobody in the corridor with her. "Who is there?"

    "I am the ships computer ma'am, that is your armor in the alcove."

    "But It's just a helmet!"

    "It is much more that that, It is a Bio Armor, simply place the helmet on your head and the rest of it will deploy and conform to you."

    "What do you mean by that?"

    Sighing with a very good imitation of frustration the computer explained farther, "The armor is bio mass specifically designed to function as armor, when fully deployed, the suit places a 1in thick layer of flexible armor, almost like a second skin, on your entire body, the suit is all but impenetrable by any weapon but allows you to keep your normal agility and reflex speed, the exterior appears like scales on the abdomen and flex areas, the arms and legs are solid pieces except in the areas of your shoulders, elbows, knees and hips, the shoulders are shaped plates with arrowheads welded to them, same on your knuckles and knees."

    "Impressive toy, what other weapons does it come with? Janet asked

    "A 5ft staff."

    "You're kidding."

    "No, that staff can be a staff, a sword or a spear, and also functions as the depository for the armor when you wish to have it but want to blend in. I will also be downloaded to your suit when to put it on, I will control the long range sensors and what configuration the staff is in, simply state which mode you desire and I will change it for you."

    "Good, lets get started."

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    "Admiral Janet, the islands defenses are crumbling, when should we begin landing the troops?" Asked a bridge officer.

    "Soon, I wish to make sure that the troops are unopposed by any kind of organized defense."

    "Aye sir."

                                                                                 .            .

    "Oh computer, how do I return to the battle?"

    "After receiving an initial report from my sensors on your brothers injury, I summoned the ship he recently completed, It will be here inside 5 minutes."

    "Has that ship been combat tested yet?"

    "No, it was finished yesterday. Though the rest will be completed inside a week, there have been no combat tests on any."

                                                                                 .             .


    "Admiral, all signs of defensive action have been obliterated, the islands defenses have been pacified."

    "Good, send in the Dreadnoughts, we will stay on guard for ship activity."

                                                                                 .             .

    "Captain, the patrol has reported in, The Ghurka's living quarters have been destroyed, though they found evidence of blood on the scene, there were no bodies."

    "Then there is hope, summon the 3rd defensive fleet from it's patrol, we need it's services now." The Captain replied.

    "Long range communications are down, we can't contact anyone off this island."

    "Are there any surviving defensive forces on the island?"

    "There is nearly a battalion of defenders with short range hand held rockets, they are pinned into the tunnels by that bloody ship."

    "Can they make it to the civilians in the emergency bunkers?"

    "Their captain believes that they can, but what do you want them to do?"

    "Defend the civilians against the inevitable ground invasion."

                                                                                   .           .

    "Admiral, the Dreads have started to unload the soldiers at the docks......"

    The Ships captains report was swamped by cries of alarm and the blaring of alarm sirens as the bridge slipped sideways beneath them.

    "Report!" Janet Shouted.

    "We are under fire from a ship nearly, that's Impossible."

    "What? What's Impossible?" The Captain Shouted

    "The Ship is over 400 miles away, closing fast."

    "Can you get a image of it?"

    "Aye, coming up on screen now!"

    "What the Devil is that?" demanded Janet

    "No idea, but the computer is saying that is a 99% match to ship featured in a TV show called, Battlestar Galactica. the ship in question is the Pegasus."

    "NO!" Shouted a turbine controller, "We are losing power, we are about to land in the ocean about 400 yards off the outer channel wall."

    "Will we Survive the impact?" demanded the Captain.

    "Yes sir, I believe so."

    "Order all available firepower to concentrate on that ship after we land?

    "Hang on all, Hang On!!!" Shouted the turbine controller as the ship settled gently onto the ocean.

    "All Batteries Fire!!" Screamed Janet "Captain Get me a transport to the land, I will personally lead the assault troops."

    "Aye sir, We'll hold the fort here."

                                                                          .                .

    "Captain! Look!" Shouted a Communications technician

    Whirling around, expecting an enemy to be in the control room, he instead saw Janet Ghurka. "Janet? Where did you come from?"

    "I'm not here, I assume you have detected a large ship coming from the north?"

    "Yes, what does that have to with you?"

    "I'm aboard it, this is a holographic transmission. My ship will engage the enemy fleet, we have sufficient soldiers aboard to repel the enemy invasion, just hold them until we arrive."

    "Aye sir, Well see you soon."

    "Oh, and one more thing, since the Janet Ghurka you knew is leading the enemy forces, I and my brother have decided a name change for me is in order. From now on you will refer to me as Janice."

    "Yes Ma'am, now could you hurry, we won't last long."

    "Be there momentarily."

                                                                                .          .

    "Admiral, good to see you, the island is ours except for this quadrant here, from the struggle put up by the defenders we assume that the emergency shelters for the civilians are hidden there."

    "Good concentrate your fire into that quadrant and....." Janet stopped issuing directives as the field to their right suddenly disappeared in a white flash.

    "What the devil...." Janet Heard the general mutter shortly before the glow faded, revealing an army of roughly 6000 warriors clad in something very similar to ancient samurai armor, with one figure standing in front of the crescent formation, proudly standing there with a billowing cape and a long handled spear/sword held in one hand while the end of the shaft rested on the ground.

    "You!" shouted Janet, Whirling to face the general she ordered "Assemble all your troops here, we will fight on this field."

    "Here?" The General replied " Sir, they hold the high ground, to fight here would be suicide."

    "Do as I tell you." Janet Commanded "I will deal with this impetuous pretender leading an army of ancients myself."

    Walking away from the command center she shouted across the field "I know it's you, Come out here and fight me, If you dare!"

    Without a verbal response the one figure picked up his weapon and started to walk across the field toward her.

    "Why are you hiding behind the armor Anubis." Janet Demanded "We both know what the other can do."

    "Who ever said I was Anubis?" Asked a decidedly female voice.

    "So, the little sister comes out to play, where is your brotherly protector, hiding in fear on your ship?"

    "He's not hiding, I'll tell you that."

    "Hmm, Game on." As the words left her mouth she drew twin matching Katanas from sheaths mounted on her back, and advanced at a run toward Janice, Meanwhile, Janice simply sidestepped and allowed her opponent to run right by her.

    As Janet turned around to attack again, she felt a very powerful impact on her left wrist which broke her grip on one of her swords as well as turning her entire hand numb.

    "So, you fight like your brother, cheating with your longer ranging weaponry."

    "All's Fair in Love and War." Janice shot back

    "So you picked up some literacy skills, I'm impressed."

    "You'll have to try harder than that to insult me."

    Charging again, Janet changed her approach somewhat so she couldn't be avoided, Swinging her weapon around, Janice hoped to cause some injury but was quickly disappointed when Janet caught her blade with the Katana and jerked it out of her grasp. Committing a flying summersault to avoid the suddenly a lot more dangerous Katana, she landed behind Janet and immediately drew a Wakizashi, basically a shorter Katana, and pressed her temporary advantage to the fullest by attacking Janet, Reacting faster than Janice thought possible, Janet swung her sword around and sent Janice's sword flying, and landing her face down in the dirt.

    "Now, I'm going to end this." Janice heard Janet say, Rolling over, she narrowly avoided being impaled, but took the opportunity to kick and shatter the katana's blade. Not reacting visibly to losing her remaining weapon, Janet just picked Janice up and threw her a good 20ft, landing with as much grace as possible Janice rolled to her feet and saw the impossible. Janet seemed to be unfolding, growing larger with every passing second, and then shed her human appearance and took on her true looks, a graceful if still quite deadly, Dragon. Not wanting to be outgunned, Janice also shed her human appearance, and she still felt as small as if she hadn't done a thing

    "So, here we are, no appearances, no hiding, meeting each other face to face, finally." Janet Roared in a surprisingly understandable voice.

    "We've never met." Janice roared back

    "Ha, Ha, Ha, That's what you're brother wants you to think. I'd explain but I'm going to kill you."

    "What do you mean, what he wants me to think. He's been nothing but honest the entire time I've been awake."

    "You really don't know do you? Pity, But I'm still going to kill you without answering that one nagging question."

    "Not If I have anything to say about it." fairly boomed out of nowhere.

    "What...." As if in answer to Janet's un-asked question, a giant pillar of light exploded from the sky, impacting the ground just behind Janice, after a second the pillar dissipated, leaving behind none other than who the world knew as Alex Ghurka, Who had shed his own human body and squared off against Janet As himself.

    "I was wondering when you'd get here, but if you'll excuse me, I have a youngling to kill." As she finnished uttering those words, she jumped at Janice with opened jaws, intending to kill her somehow, but Janet Felt her plan thwarted as over 400 13in fangs sank into her neck muscles.

    As Janice watched from a now safe distance, she saw her brother bite into Janet's neck, pinning her to the ground while he clawed at her exposed wing with his finger talons, ripping great tears through the length of her wing. feeling herself weakening fast under his painful onslaught, she managed to dislodge Alex temporarily and opened a portal so she could flee. As she disappeared into it's dark embrace she called out to Janice, "Ask Him what I meant, He'll explain it to you, If he dares."


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    "Janice! Are you okay?" Alex Asked

    "I'm okay, how did you get here?" Janice Replied

    "By way of the orbital shipyard, a little trick that I salvaged from our original ship. How did you return here?"

    "By way of that not so little toy you've built."

    "Oh you mean Hercules, he's a tough little ship."

    "He? It's a ship."

    "Not just, the organic compound used to construct the frame and inner hull is technically alive."

    "Whatever, Janet said something a moment ago that I would like to ask you."

    "What was it?"

    "She said that we'd met before. What did she mean?"

    "Oh, I was afraid you'd ask that someday."

    "So what did she mean?"

    "You met her nearly 36 months ago, after your stasis capsule was lost but before I tracked you down."

    "Why don't I remember it, I can remember everything before I was put in stasis."

    "I'm afraid I blocked it from your memory, what she was doing to you, It was to much for your mind to cope with, when I did finally find you, you were in a comatose state. Now I will answer any remaining questions after we finish this fight."

                                                                              .                           .


    "Captain, our defenses are failing, that ship to the north has sustained no damage from our weapons, we can't flee. And we can barely fight."

    "Is the water propulsion system still active?" Asked the Captain

    "It is, but where could we go?"

    "Please tell me the self-destruct is function." As the Captain asked that question, even the moans from the wounded died off.

    "You want to suicide sir?"

    "We should fulfill our duty, which was to conquer or destroy that island."

    "For the Empire."

    "Aye, for the Empire. Set course for that island, tell the engineers to prepare the warheads."

    "Aye Sir!"

                                                                         .                        .


    "Sirs, the last of the assault have fallen, the island is secure."

    "What about their Heli-thingy? Is it still functioning?"

    "Actually they are about to beach themselves right over there."

    "Oh good." as the ship beached itself 4 rockets were launched from it's deck.

    "Interesting, what are those for? Asked the captain of the defending forces.

    Alex meanwhile, using his far keener eyesight could see that those 4 rockets were actually short range Scud rockets, recognizing the ominous bulge at their heads, Alex jumped over Janice covering her as 4 successive Nuclear Detonations all but wiped the island off the face of the earth

                                                                         .                        .


    "Admiral Janet, you're back." commented the commanding officer of the draconian base she teleported herself to. "Your wounded, let me call the doctor."

    "Never mind that, what is the status of the battle?" Janet Replied

    "Over, Admiral."

    "Over! What does that mean???"

    "The scout ship we had in the area has reported that a massive nuclear detonation has occurred at the coordinates of the Ghurka's base. The battle is over because all life was exterminated."

                                                                        .                           .


    "Admiral Dogfoot!"

    "Yes Captain?"

    "We just received a report from the freighter we had on route to Anubis's Island, they say that the island was destroyed by an Unworldly Explosion."

    "Good God!"

                                                                          .                                 .


    Meanwhile, monitoring the battle from the safety of his long range sensors, the computer on board Anubis's ship that crashed in the arctic saw what happened, before the white flash characteristic of nuclear detonations had even begun to fade, he had opened a channel to 'Hercules'.

    "Hercules, are you there?"

    "Yes, what you want doc?" Asked a large voice which was also a characteristic of the Organic Materials used to construct Hercules.

    "How close are you to Anubis's island?"

    "Bout as close as I feel like getting without a specified purpose."

    "Can you get to the plains on the south side of the island?"


    "Because the Ghurka family is up there, they might have survived the detonation."

    "Can you guide me in?" asked Hercules, with urgency showing in his voice

    "I can, When you find them bring them strait here for treatment."

    "Aye sir."

                                                                                    .                .


    "Captain, Our scout has reported something new."

    "What is it?" Asked Janet

    "Oh, sorry Admiral, I didn't see you."

    "Yes, Yes, what has the scout seen?"

    "A large ship of unknown configuration has landed on the islands southern plains, his transmission ended there, we assume it is from the radiation interfering with his radio."

    "Very well, It is probably there to look for survivors, not that it'll find any."

                                                                                         .          .


    "Doc, I have them aboard, you're not going to believe this.

    "Believe What?"

    "Not only are they still alive, but the heat from the Nukes has fused them into a single organism, and the radiation isn't killing them, It's mutating them!"

    "Oh no, how much mutation has occurred?"

    "To much for you to fix, all you can do is to destroy the radioactive particles."

                                                                                .                       .

                                                                                 (6 days Later)


    "Are you awake?"

    "Huh, uh what?" Janice mumbled

    "I'm awake to." Alex replied, sounding like he was shouting in her ear.

    "We're Ali...." Janice started to ask, but broke off with a scream as twin white hot needles of agony slid through her temples. Trying to open one eye she instead saw a 180 degree view of the entire room, at once. With her sense of balance thoroughly disrupted she fell of the bed, breaking her fall, she saw a sight that nearly sent her into cardiac arrest, Her Hands were different, instead of having 5 fingers, she only had 4, the thumb was in the right spot, but it seamed like her other 4 split into pairs and joined to become just 2 fingers, and worse, there was another finger on the opposite side of her hand from her thumb, in just about the same spot. Looking over she saw her other hand was the same.

    With a rudimentary sense of balance restored she climbed to her feet, and looking up, stared strait into the eyes of a demon. Leaping backwards out of fright, she heard a clatter of surgical tools behind her, whirling to see what else was in the room, she was confronted by, nothing.

    "What is Going on?" Janice Demanded of the doctor, who just happened to be safe behind a protective barrier.

    "Do you remember the Nukes?" Asked the doctor

    "Yes, so?"

    "The Heat and Radiation has caused a Mutation to the both of you."

    "OK, So where is Janice? And why is she shouting all her questions?" Alex Demanded

    "Would you keep your voice down brother? Janet Asked

    "Wait,..What?" The Doctor stated mumbling

    "Could say the same to you?"

    "Where are you?" Janice asked

    "I'm looking at the doc, Where are you?

    "Looking at the doc." Janice replied "Ok, what is on the floor in front of you?"

    "Scattered medical equipment."

    "Same here."

    Asking in unison "Doctor, what has happened?"

    "The Heat from the Nukes has fused your bodies together, and the radiation has mutated you DNA, I cannot undo the damage, you will have to live with this condition."

    "At least tell us what we look like."

    "Can do one better, I have a picture of you and a creature once featured in a Pre Flood Sci-Fi film called AVP Requiem, see a resemblance?" Asked the doctor

    "Yes, are you saying, that this creature is one of us?"

    "No, I'm saying it is you."

    "How can that be us? This film is years old."

    "It's a temporal thing, from sensor data I've been analyzing from isotopes in the atmosphere I've determined that sometime in the future you will be transported back to 2003, just before the first AVP Film is finished filming, I've surmised that you were seen and an antagonist for the second film was based on you, but since you didn't stay in that timeline it won't affect the past."

    "So, the Hybrid is based off of a radioactive mutant from the future, this is gonna be an interesting time in this worlds history."

    "You know Janice, we don't have to stay on this planet." Alex commented

    "I know, but I want to finish with Janet before we leave." Janice Replied "Oh and Doc, with the both of us in residence here, are we both in control or is there a dominant?"

    "Far as I can tell, Since you were more sheltered than your brother, you have dominant control over the body."

    "So I'm trapped?" Alex Demanded "Well, Least you can't make me shut up when I feel like talking."

    "Can you try to not talk to much, or at least whisper, cause I feel like your shouting in my skull."

    "Will try." Alex Promised "But on the bright side, I can offer advice on how to fight and things I was good at that you weren't."

    "Oh thanks, now, what do we call ourselves?"

    " Why don't we sleep on it, then decide in the morning."

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    "Sir, Admiral Dogfoot."

    "Huh, I'm awake." Rubbing his eyes to get them cleared off, he noticed the rank of the man who woke him "What is it Ensign?"

    "There is an unidentified radar contact closing at high speed, because of the events last month the watch commander sent me to wake you."

    "Good, go wait in the hall while I get dressed."



    "Captain, do you have anything new on the radar contact?"

    "It's definitely a ship sir, just very big and approaching at a tremendous speed."

    "Sirs, a scout reports that he can see the ship from up top."

    "Tell him we're on our way." Dogfoot ordered as he ran out the door.

    (Scout tower #2)


    "Where is the ship?" Asked Captain Harding

    "Coming into the channel sir, right there."

    "I recognize this ship." Dogfoot stated "It's a Quad hull design that I helped Anubis refine a while back, though what is it doing here?"

    "Sir, it seems that whoever is piloting that ship intends to dock at the Cargo Ship Terminal."

    "Get on the radio and tell the watch commander to send a platoon of guards to the CST." Ordered Dogfoot "I'm going down there."



    "Any signs of life aboard?" Dogfoot asked

    "Not since we got here sir, though it did lower a brow bridge when it stopped."

    "Ok, lets board it."

    "Are you sure that's wise sir? It's an unidentified ship."

    "I helped design it, I just didn't know one was operational, it's ok to board, we're only going to the bridge at first anyway."

    (10 minutes later)


    "Here is the bridge sir."

    "Where is everybody?" Asked Dogfoot

    "Sir, what do you make of this?"

    "Make of what?"

    "This plaque sir."

    "Let me see it. Yup, this is definitely Anubis's ship, The Plaque reads 'In The Interests of Inter-Sector Peace and Cooperation'."

    Walking over to the helm controls Dogfoot saw an additional message, it read

    "Do not, under any circumstances, reveal where you got this ship or the blueprints included in this message, as far as the world is concerned, these designs are yours and I am lying dead on a radioactive wasteland. Take care, Anubis"

    "Hope to see you again someday old friend." Dogfoot breathed out

    "You say something sir?"

    "Oh, no, From the helm control logs, this ship was sent on a mission to test the auto navigation equipment just before Anubis's Island was destroyed, after 3 weeks it tried to return to the launch point, but since it was destroyed I apparently activated an emergency program that led it here. It would seem that Anubis has left a legacy for us to remember him by, and we need to honor that faith in our alliance by upholding our end as best we can."

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    "You know, I was always fond of Greek Mythology, maybe we can pick a name from there." Janice commented to her brother.

    "We could, but on a different issue, We can recruit or create an army, but who is going to lead? We can't exactly step out on a battlefield in command of the army, no human knows what kind of consequences it will cause if we are seen."

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "How would you react if some nightmarish creature stepped out of fiction and confronted you on the battlefield? It may start a chain of events that culminates in the destruction of this world, especially if Janet sees us."

    "So who are we going to recruit for this position?" Janice asked "Are you going to just grab someone off a random island?"

    "No, I have someone particular in mind, but we have to get her first."

    "Her?" Janice hissed

    "We met while I was trying to find you a few years ago, she was a prisoner of the Draconians for nearly 2 years, and, well, She wasn't treated all that, um, well."

    "You mean she was tortured."

    "In ways only a woman could truly understand."

    "You mean she was.."



    "Yes, the ship was being held on was the Nemesis Prototype, it had a mixed crew, from what I could understand from her 3/4 delirious state, both used her for 'entertainment'."

    "So you freed her?" Demanded Janice

    "Yes, and destroyed the ship, for nearly 5 months I stayed on a remote island nursing her back to health, when she was finally healthy I took her to an island I thought she could settle on, as soon as we were greeted by the inhabitants she literally went full on crazy, biting and scratching them, I had to take her back to the little island we were on before she calmed down. I've stayed in touch with her so she knows what has happened to the two of us, I believe that she is willing to accept the changes we would have to make for this to work, But I would have to talk to her, not through you, but directly. Which means that you will have to temporarily release your control of this body."

    "OK, I'll do it, Should we send Hercules?"

    "Yes, she'll be ready.

    (3 days later)

    "Alex, is that really you?"

    "Yes it's me Anika, please excuse the way I look."

    "Never mind the way you look." Anika Replied "I was frightened when I heard about the explosion on your island."

    "Well, things have certainly been better, did you read the packet I left for you with Hercules?"

    "I did, are all these modifications really necessary?"

    "In order for this idea to work, yes."

    "Is it safe?"

    "I believe so, but I've never done this before."

    "Will I be safe, after?"

    "I can't assure you safety in this position if you accept, but you will be more than capable of defending yourself when it's done."

    "Thank you for being honest, I will accept these modifications. I have only one more remaining question."

    "Please, I hope I can answer it."

    "Will I be, alone again, when it's done."

    "Physically, yes, But when this is over you will be able to hear my voice in your mind, So I will always be there. Though I may talk through you at times, because in this position you may be attending diplomatic meetings and other such things I would rather attend but can't, it would allow me to 'wrangle' deals with others without being there."

    "Would it hurt?" Anika Asked

    "No, though you may experience slight dizziness."

    "I can except that."

    "Good, shall we gat started?"

    (Medical Observation Room, 3 hours later)

    "So Alex, what kind of modifications are you making?" Janice asked

    "Well first, The Doctor is removing everything required to digest food, since she won't need that anymore, 2nd, He is replacing the stomach and Intestinal tract with a small Cold Fusion reactor I specifically designed for this, I designed it to produce a protean substance to keep her brain well supplied with the necessary minerals, 3rd, the Doctor is replacing every muscle in her body with specially designed muscles grown in the lab, each one was engineered for a force of gravity 16 times greater that on this planet."

    "Want her to be strong huh?"

    "She'll need it, 4th, We will weave a special material into her skin to make it in-penetrable to every known material except one, which I don't believe we need worry about on this world, being that it is extremely rare with only one known source. 5th, the region of her brain associated with telepathy with be stimulated so she can send and receive telepathic signals. 6th, the doctor will introduce a serum into her blood that will heal any injury in seconds. It will also finish the melding process for the other modifications. And finally Her clothing, A cat suit was woven for her of the metal used for hull plating on the ship we arrived here in, It will offer a further layer of protection for her from every weapon based on energy or projectile. the metal had to be specifically shaped so in is unfortunately form fitting, she can take it off if she wants to wear other clothing, when it is on the helmet can be folded down, to top off the outfit, there is a breastplate similar to that worn by Romans, only it is cast from a lightweight alloy, A pair of Knee high black 2 1/2in heel Boots, and beefed up forearms containing, a deployable blade, and cloaking device on one arm, as well as teleportation device and a communicator on the other, and finally, the suit is solid black, so black it all but absorbs light around it, add to it a cloak for concealment in public and you got a near perfect warrior."

    "Very interesting, do you have a weapon to?"

    "Just an A-Typical Fn FAL, but modified to be able to fire Plasma Rounds, which can knock out an M1 Abrams with one well placed shot."

    "When will she be ready?"
    "The doc says he'll be finished in about 2 hours, but she won't be awake for at least another 24, which will be when she has finished adjusting to her changes."

    "So 26 hours, Hope you know what you are doing."


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    "Alex, You've been quiet recently, what are you thinking?" Janice Asked.

    "Huh? You don't seriously expect me to believe you don't know." Alex replied

    "Your Mind is, Shielded." Janice mumbled "I haven't been able to hear what you've been thinking for about 3 weeks."

    "I'm just thinking about our future."

    "Oh? And what are you thinking?"

    "Don't take this the wrong way, but, I need freedom." Alex Explained "I need to feel the wind, taste the salt in the air, run down a beach, I can't do that while we are trapped together like this."

    "And I assume you have a way to accomplish this?" Janice asked

    "I've been exploring the possibility of Cybernetics, basically just build metallic bodies for us."

    "Cybernetics?" Janice asked "Your Talking Androids? Terminators?"

    "I was considering Terminators, I'm something of a fan of those Doomsday films, my own favorite design is the T-X from the third film."

    "Why that one?"

    "Just the elegance of the design, it's ability to assume any form to complete it's mission, and the onboard weapons stash."

    "Have you been figuring out a design for this? Cause to be honest, I can't exactly go out in public."

    "I've gotten the design done, but I can't figure what to power it with, It's either to large, or far to powerful for a frame this size."

    "What does that mean?" Janice asked

    "I first considered a Cold Fusion reactor, but it was to large and bulky for it to be feasible. The other is a power cell I used to power Hercules and the others, it creates a Micro-Singularity when activated to power whatever it's plugged into, but that much power over-loaded the systems on the prototype in the simulations."

    "Micro-Singularity? Isn't that a black hole?"

    "A very small one."

    "Did you consider using a power buffer to slow the power flow?"

    "That actually didn't occur to me, but, that just might slow it down enough so that it doesn't explode."


    "Told you it was to much power, but a buffer might work, though the buffer would have to discharge sometime, so there would have to be a large, very strong piece of metal to take the excess power out on."

    "It's acceptable, what kind of design do you have?"

    "I based the frame on a skeleton, with the power cell, the buffer, and support systems inside the chest and abdominal cavity, with the rest of the skeleton covered in hydraulic muscles..."

    "Hydraulic Muscles? What are those?" Janice asked

    "Those are Engineered Muscles, just regular lab grown muscles enhanced with nanite armies to supercharge them, with the nanites powered by the Singularity Cell, those it turn are supercharged to the point that their systems can't take any more."

    "Ah, how much force can they hand out?"

    "Enough to lift and carry an M1 Abrams tank for 100 yards before needing rest."

    "I'm impressed, but how can it take the weight without shattering?"

    "I haven't built a prototype, but with some left over hull plates I could construct 1 prototype and 3 mark 1 bodies. I could build more, but the skeleton would be built out of the rare metals used in the hull plates, those were used to protect vital areas of the ship because it is extremely rare, it is vulnerable only to weapons constructed of the same material. And after all the power equipment and muscles are installed all of it would be sheathed in the same metal, being jointed in the same areas as the skeleton to provide true flexibility. That's the idea at least, I haven't progressed beyond the design stage."

    "And after all this is done, what kind of covering will there be? We could wear clothing but it wouldn't cover the face."

    "That is more difficult, the best idea I could come up with was the Organic Armor used in the construction of our fleet, it provides the most realistic feel and can be customized to each frame, but, each cell is mildly chameleon like, it can alter features, skin color, hair color and length, and body shape, but not the sex it is originally cast in."

    "Can you do that?"

    "No idea, but I think it is worth exploring."

    "Then that is good for me, when do you want to start?"

    "I'll have the doctor start building the prototype immediately, he should be done with the test frame in a week."

    "One week is all it will take?"

    "Yes, after about a month of testing I'll decide if it safe to procede."

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    "Janice, could you come to the Laboratory please?" The Tannoy blared

    After finding and activating a radio station Janice replied "I'm on my way doc."

    Turning around Janice began the trek back to the laboratory.

    "Hey Janice, what's up?" Anika asked from behind her

    "I've been summoned by the Doctor, what do you need?"

    "I hear that Alex and you have dreamed up some form of cybernetic body, and that it is being constructed in one of the medical wings."

    "Slightly wrong, it is finished already. And how do you know about that?"

    "Hello, Telepathy, one of the modifications your doctor made to my brain."

    "Oh yes, I thought it only worked one way."

    "Nope." Alex commented "Everything is two way in matters pertaining to the brain."

    "You could have told me." Janice said to herself, knowing that he would hear it.

    "So why did you bring this up now?" Janice asked Anika

    "Well, if it's possible I'd like to be included in this scheme."

    Slowing to a halt, Janice turned and faced Anika directly. "We've already enhanced you as far as we can."

    "Because, while you and Alex are like this we are equals, if you and he do this I will be inferior again, I don't like that feeling, not after....."

    "Ah, I understand, I'll make sure you receive what you have requested."

    "Thank you" as Anika turned to leave Janice felt Anika initiate a physic contact with Alex, curious that she was being left out she tried to tap into it, immediately felt by both Anika and Alex, they both shut down their link, but not before Janice felt strange emotions at play in both of them.

    "What are you two hiding from me?" Janice asked them both

    "I, uh..." Anika started to say

    "That is none of your concern." Alex fairly shouted into her mind.

    "Like heck it's not, if something is happening between you I have a right to know."

    "Do you?" Anika Demanded "Do you really have the right to probe into matters you have no right in?"

    "You love him." Janice declared, right in the middle of the now empty corridor.

    "What?" They both demanded, sounding more than a little shocked

    "And he loves you." Janice told Anika

    "I know." Anika replied

    "So now you admit it?" Janice Demanded "What is going on here."

    Spotting an open door to an empty room, Anika requested "Can we continue this discussion in there." motioning with her head in the direction of the door.

    Holding her fire until the door was closed Janice was all but chewing her lips in frustration when Anika finally closed the door. "What is happening between you two?"

    "He's told you about where he met me?"

    "Yes, he rescued you from a draconian ship."

    "Anything else?" Anika prodded

    "No, but you still have some explaining to do."

    "Then he kept his word."


    "After He rescued me from that ship we set up shop on a remote and un-occupied island, we were there for nearly 3 moths, and while my physical condition had recovered my mental condition was still on the edge of total insanity." Anika Paused "You are aware of his telepathic gifts?"

    "Yes." Janice replied

    "During the first 3 months he tried the usual means to help me find the path back to sanity but I couldn't and wouldn't cooperate, when he had exhausted all means at his disposal he used his mental powers to help me. At first I rejected him and let all my rage and pain and humiliation at him, I blamed him for it all since I had nobody else to blame. After about 3 weeks of trying he finally worked his way past all the barriers I had erected to keep him out, once he was past them the real people behind all the false pretenses and barriers were exposed. He met the real me, and I met the real him. I could fell his concern for my health, and he could feel my pain."

    "Ok, I'm just going to stop you there, where is this going?" Janice interjected

    "I'll get to it, after the final 3 months were past he had guided me back to sanity, though almost every moment of those 3 months we spent in a physic connection, he guiding, encouraging, and drawing me out of my self built prison. I had finally moved past the hate and revulsion that I let loose on a most undeserving target, I began to feel again, I rejected them for another week and then Alex told me he had to go, to find his sister. He promised to return for me so I accepted it. Ever since he has remained in physic contact with me, so I would never feel alone, as the years went by while he searched for you, we both moved to a deeper connection with each other, after 9 years we both accepted that we loved each other, he was making plans to take me to your island home when it was destroyed by the nukes."

    "So you've known each other for 10 years, and he never mentioned you to me."

    "He promised." Anika stated


    "For her sake, she wanted the Draconian scum to believe she was dead. She was once the commander of the ship she was imprisoned on, but back then Admiral Spader was a mere captain, looking for advancement she took over a entire base when the majority of it's ships were at sea, after she took it she replaced  the captains and senior officers of the entire fleet, since she now had no rank she was treated as the plaything of first the captain, then the female first officer, and on down the ranks until she was given to the entire crew. Forced to stay alive by the doctors it went on, until I boarded the ship in search of you, I found her in a cell with nothing, no bed, not even a scrap of clothing, I couldn't just leave her there."

    "So you want this program so you can be with Alex?" Janice asked

    "Yes, I was physically alone for 9 1/2 years, when he asked me to do this I couldn't resist the chance to reunite with him, and now with this I could finally be with just him, no offense please."

    "None taken, I completely understand. I'll make sure you two get the first production models."

    "Janice, Where are you?" Blared the Tannoy system again.

    "We should really get going, the doctor doesn't like to be kept waiting."

    (5 minutes later)

    "What is it doctor?"

    "The prototype has finished the trials Alex set forth, It met all the requirements and even surpassed most of them. The design is ready, should I start the construction of the remaining 3?"

    "Yes, immediately. Notify us when they are ready."


    "Yes us, Anika asked to be included in this."

    "But she..."

    "No questions, do as I say."

    "Yes sir." the doctor replied, somewhat sullenly. Not liking being kept out of the loop.

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    (3 weeks later)

    "Will Admirals Janice and Anika please report to the sickbay." Announced the Tannoy system.

    Activating the communications consol behind her Janice replied "Be there in a minute doc." Turning back to the rather disgusting game of chess that she and Anika were playing she said "Well, It seems that we have to go, want a rematch when we're done?"

    "No." Anika replied "It's your move."

    Grumbling with irritation Janice moved her queen and took one of Anika's knights, "Your move."

    "Interesting move." Anika admitted, just before moving her queen down and cornering Janice's king in a corner. "I believe that's checkmate."

    "Unbelievable, that's the 14th time you've beat me in that last 3 weeks. How do you do it?"

    "I have a mind for strategy, seeing weakness in opponents and exploiting it."

    "So what's mine?" Janice asked

    "If I told you it wouldn't be fun anymore. The doc is expecting us."


    "So doctor, what did you need us for?" Anika Asked

    "They're ready."

    "Already?" Janice blurted

    "Yes, I would like to begin the procedure as soon as possible."

    "I'm good to start." Janice confirmed "Anika, What about you?"

    "I'm good also." She replied


    (6 hours later)

    "Janice, are you in there?" asked a ghostly voice

    Trying to open her eyes, Janice got a rather blurry view of the ceiling, blinking her eyes to clear the distortion she finally focused on the concerned faces of the doctor and her brother. She asked the stupid question "Did it work?"

    "Yes, better than we thought." The doctor replied

    Turning her head to take in the rest of the recovery room, she saw Anika getting into her solid black two part uniform, also noticing for the first time that she didn't wear anything under it. "Anika, why did insist on having a uniform that leaves your midsection bare?"

    "I find that it distracts opponents on both the literal and figurative battlefields." Anika replied "You see, when I'm facing diplomats they are trying to mentally un-dress me and thus, don't concentrate on why they are there, makes it easy to get them to sign whatever I want. On the literal battlefield it not only identifies me to the troops but the same problem as the diplomats have go through the minds of the enemy soldiers." Finishing zipping the zipper on the rather short tank-top, Anika turned to face Janice directly, and then Janice understood what she meant, being that the uniform was made out of leather it was rather tight, that, combining with a zipper only an inch and a half long left almost nothing to the imagination.

    "Well, your right, that would be rather distracting." Janice Admitted "Alright doc, what?"

    "I would like you all to go to the gym and test your control." The Doctor requested

    "Alright, lets go.."

    "Uh Janice, Maybe we should the room first." said Alex as he interrupted her "We would all prefer that you take the time to get dressed first."

    "Oh, then if you don't mind."

    "Nope, we'll all wait for you outside."

    Once they had all vacated the room Janice leaned upward to see if she could spot her uniform from where she was, spying something that looked like a uniform on a table nearby, she climbed out and walked over. Seeing a note she opened the envelope and read it's contents 'Janice, not knowing which style you would prefer I have laid out uniforms of both styles for you to pick from.'

    "That's nice." Janice said to the empty room. Making her choice, she grabbed the more revealing outfit. Now fully dressed she walked out into the corridor.

    "Well, I rather thought that you would pick the other one." Alex said

    "Yup, that's what he thought. Now he owes me 50 bucks" Anika teased

    "OK, both of you, I felt a little adventurous. Now where is the gym?" Janice replied

    "This way."

    "Hey Alex, have you ever thought about having ships not dedicated to total war?" Janice asked

    "Uh, no, why?"

    "Well, there are a lot of unaligned islands that suffer repeated attacks from both sides, what if we built a small of fleet of ships that combine Warship, Cargo ship, and medical bay." Janice elaborated

    "What would be the purpose of that?" Anika asked

    "By having ships like that we would be able to make friends or even allies by offering our services to help repair and restock those islands that suffer repeated attacks. By making a reputation as something other than maniacs with appetites for destruction we would be able to form alliances and maybe even colonize this deserted continent with like minded people."

    "Well it's your idea, if you want to go ahead with it you will have to design these ships. Here's the gym."

    "Well, now that you are all here, you'll note that there are 4 metal plates, I want to conduct strength tests on each of you, I need all 3 of you to pick a plate and hit it."

    "This should be fun." Alex mumbled while he wound up for a full strength blow, letting loose, Alex was mildly surprised that instead of shattering it merely deformed into a rough triangle, with the center of the triangle the point of impact. Hearing 2 more clangs Alex turned to face the doctor.

    "Now, the remaining plate is made of an alloy of several metals common to this world, it results in a metal slightly stronger than the plates you just deformed. For this test I need one of you to turn off the buffer, hit that plate with all the power you have, and immediately turn it back on again."

    "I'll do it." Alex said approaching the plate he mumbled "Here goes everything." Turning off the buffer he immediately felt a rise of power so immense he could hardly control it, channeling all of into his punch he let fly at the plate, which shattered into millions of pieces on impact. Reacting as fast as the spinning shrapnel he turned on the buffer before his system overloaded.

    "Well uh.. that was... Impressive." Anika stuttered

    "Thank you, are you satisfied doctor?"

    "Very, You are all free to go."

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    "Hey Janice, how are the designs for your pet project coming?" Anika called from the hatch.

    "Frustrating." Janice replied "I just can't find a design configuration that will combine all 3 without making it to large to be feasible."

    "Did you ever consider using 2 ships?" Alex asked from behind Anika.

    "No, I didn't actually." Janice mussed "Though it would make my task easier." Turning back to her screen she called up 2 designs on it. "Right here, The Ships of the Iowa and Nimitz classes could be converted to fulfill the requirements."

    "You might find it easier to just build an Iowa for offense and defense, and using the Nimitz to provide the rolls of helicopter transport and Cargo Ship." Anika offered

    "But how would they get the cargo and equipment from the deck to the shore? We don't have a helicopter that has the power to lift some of the necessary machinery."

    "I have a left over Anti-Grav drive, if you provide some specs I can make a heavy lift Hover Platform that could fill the need." Alex suggested

    "That would, that would work really well actually."

    "Well get on it, I'll inform the shipmaster of your choice in ships."

    "Shipmaster?" Janice asked "Like we have one."

    "Your right, we don't." Alex admitted "But I do have a automated shipbuilding facility on the coast."

    "Well then, let them at it."

    (1 week later)


    "Janice, the builders really need the design for..." As Alex walked around the corner and stepped into the door of the design facility, seeing the state of his sisters clothing, or lack of, turned around immediately "Janice, why is your uniform off?"

    "What?" Janice asked "I'm still decent."

    "Barely, you look like you've just been to a resort beach." Alex shot over his shoulder "Could you please get a robe or something."

    "But it's hot in here, can't you see that." Janice objected

    "No I can't, now get dressed please." Alex took a quick look over his shoulder after activating his Thermal Sensors. The room was a comfortable 65 degrees, but the thermal signatures emanating from Janice's power buffers were hot enough to burn through the armored hull of a battleship. "What is going on with you?"

    "Huh? Why are you asking that?" Janice asked

    "Your Thermal signature is hot enough to burn the hull of a ship, at those temperatures the buffers won't last long."

    "So your saying that I'm near melting point?" Janice asked "How can I get it down?"

    "I need to replace your buffers with more powerful ones, that's about the only way to control your internal temperature."

    "Will you and Anika need to replace the buffers?"

    "It would be a prudent precaution." Alex admitted "I'll schedule the two of us to receive the advanced buffers at a later date, but You need them now."

    "Ok, Let's get going."

    "Not before you put your uniform back on, No arguments, it may be uncomfortable until the new buffers are installed but you need to look shipshape while we are on the way there."
    (4 Hours Later)


    "Janice." Anika called "Your brother really needs those designs."

    "You know I was indisposed for a couple hours don't you." Janice replied

    "Yes, he filled me in. Though designing a heavy lift platform shouldn't be difficult."

    "Yes well, I don't have the mind for designing stuff like he does."

    "Huh, think this is complicated, should see the design he is working on now."

    "What, a new stealth ship?" Janice asked "IF it is, I already know, I requested it."

    "Oh no, he has already finished designing it, and construction is starting."

    "Than what is it?" Janice demanded

    "I think it's a new battle-cruiser, larger than the current types." Anika replied "I'm afraid I don't know more than that cause he is guarding it like a Grizzly guarding it's meal. And I don't want to read his mind because that's an invasion of privacy if we both don't agree to it."

    "OK, I understand, I'll see if I can get something out of him on the subject."

    (1 hour later)


    "Alex." Janice called when she stepped into his design chamber. hearing no response she looked around and spotted him totally engrossed in something on the main table. Looking over his shoulder she saw a rather curious design. Trying harder to get his attention she laid a hand on his shoulder. Whirling so fast he was a blur of movement the second she touched him, he had her wrist in an iron grip before he saw who it was, releasing her hand he asked.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "Trying to figure out what you are doing, you've been in this room for about 6 hours and nobody has been able to get a hold of you." Janice replied

    "I'm designing a ship."

    "I can see that, but do you really need one 5 miles long?"

    "You know we aren't going to stay here forever right?" Alex asked

    "Yes, but aren't the current battle-cruisers big enough?"

    "On the galactic stage ships 1 mile long are scout ships, some races have even built facilities as large as solar systems."

    "Wow, so do you need help on this design."

    "I could use a fresh pair of eyes." Alex admitted "I've gotten this as far as I can, first I tried to just scale up the battle-cruisers to this size, but it proved beyond their basic design. Right now I'm trying to combine elements of different designs into one ship."

    "These are interesting, but your going to have to explain to the engineering impaired."

    "This fore-section here is of a delta wing configuration, with the 3 main attachment points to the central section, a rough saucer, off the sides are 2 nacelles that contain the Anti-Grav vertical drives of the ships 6 propulsion matrixes, as well as the hangars for the scout ships. After the saucer there are 2 wings that begin level to the top of the saucer and swoop down to fuse with the rear of the nacelles, this section holds a 3rd of the ships weapons and the remaining 4 horizontal propulsion drives."

    "You know, I know you put a lot of effort into this, but this doesn't look like a very strong design."

    "Then do you have a better solution?" Alex demanded indignantly

    "Actually, after you plucked a design for a warship from a sci-fi show, I started to watch one, here is my submission to your design." Plugging in a data chip, the current design was replaced by something a lot simpler.

    "A City?" Alex Scoffed "I'm trying to design a warship, with all those towers only a 3rd of the weapons could fire on a single target, and sides, the enemy would have to come to it for it to work."

    "You think in such one dimensional terms, observe." Pressing a couple buttons, the simulation of the ground disappeared leaving only the city while the city rotated 90 degrees to expose the underside. "These 6 piers here, in the show they didn't only support the cities towers and weapons installations but they also mounted the ships propulsion. So it can take the fight to the enemy."

    "That still leaves only a third of the weapons available for use." Alex objected, despite being unable to show his interest.

    "Have a solution for that as well." Calling up a diagram of a M42 rail-gun shell, she again made slight alterations. "By adding an Anti-Grav propulsion unit to each shell and mounting guidance fins in the 8 places, you would have drone weapons, able to steer between the towers to reach targets on the other side, and you also wouldn't need launch rails or turrets, just design a armored iris hatch that opens to allow them to fly strait out of the armory. with the inclusion of the towers you not only have quite a formidable warship that can pass as a peaceful city, but a means to transport massive armies and provide back-up fire from the same ship."

    "I'll admit, I am impressed." Alex admitted "Now we need A. a power source and B. A shield system strong enough to defend this ship for a really long time."

    "How powerful are these Singularity Cells you got?" Asked Anika from the door

    Doing some quick calculations in his head before he answered "A single cell will power a battle-cruisers shields for about 32 hours of non-stop bombardment, after that, the generator is overloaded and shuts down then it's up to the armor. Each ship is powered by 2, one for weapons and general systems, the other for the shields, with a Cold fusion reactor housing them to hide the power signatures."

    "Why do you need to hide them?" Janice asked

    "Because there power signature is so immense that unless it is hidden beneath another power signature even the Most primitive radar system on this planet would register the field emitted by the cells."

    "Radar?" Janice asked slowly, trying to comprehend what he was telling her.

    "The field actually registers as a large blip on a radar screen unless it is channeled into another frequency, which is where the Fusion reactor comes in."

    "Oh, now I understand."

    "So each shield lasts for 32 hours, what happens if you scaled up the area it had to protect, say an area about, 5 miles across by 1 mile tall." Anika asked

    "With the same cell, about 16 hours, add another cell and it's back up to 32 hours."

    "Can more than one shield system be placed on an ship?" Janice asked

    "Never been done as far as I know, how many you thinking?"


    "64?!" Alex and Anika Exclaimed

    "Why not, with each shield powered by 2 cells and lasting 32 hours under continuous bombardment, multiply that by 64 shield layers and as each successive layer is overloaded channel the cells powering those into the next layer."

    "You know, for claiming to not understand engineering she sure has a talent for it. Add in another 22 cells to power the weapons and we're good to go. That will require 15 cold fusion reactors to hide the signatures, and sides, the power generated from those can be used to power the lights and life support systems."

    "I love it when two engineers get something like this hammered out." Anika commented "So, now that all this is figured out, when will the building start?"

    "About 2 weeks, we need to find a mighty secluded spot to grow this." said Alex

    "Grow?" Anika asked

    "Yes, we don't have access to sufficient resources to build this the normal way, with iron and the like. And this brings another point, we will eventually run out of drone rounds. Where will we build more?"

    "Why not grow them to." Janice commented softly

    "Yet another bright idea, the Organic Armor we use is far stronger and more resistant to weapons and energy than any material found here."

    "So what, a 'Living City' and 'Living Shells', I could get used to this" Anika admitted "At least you'd never run out of rounds."

    "Yup." Alex and Janice said in unison.

    "So now you need a remote corner of Antarctica to grow this thing." Anika finished

    "Yes, I'll order a search to begin immediately."

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    "Alex." Anika called "The survey team just called in, they think they found the perfect spot for this."

    "Good." Alex replied "The sooner we get started the better. I was just reading an Intel report, the Draconians have stepped up their global activity. Local assets believe they are scaling up for a battle with the forsaken."

    "Interesting, but what does that have to do with us?" Anika asked

    "A deep cover operative I have in the inner circle of the Draconian Council has informed me that they may have access to Nuclear Warheads."



    "So, how are things with your sis?" Anika asked

    "Fine. Why do you ask?"

    "Alex, we've been playing this ridiculous charade for years, how much longer will we wait to tell her?" Anika demanded

    "How do I tell her? Hmm!" Alex exclaimed "How do I tell her that all her memories are false? That the last ten years of her life she's been cooped up in a mental ward while I've tried to get rid of her Brainwashing? That Janet, the woman that tortured her, and then brainwashed her to assassinate us both, that stole our research for herself, is her Mother? How can I tell her that?!"

                                                                               .            .            .


    "...get rid of her Brainwashing? That Janet, the woman that tortured her, and then brainwashed her to assassinate us both, that stole our research for herself, is her Mother? How can I tell her that?!" Janice awoke with a start, words that weren't hers but sounded very familiar echoing in her brain, rapidly searching her memory, she identified where the words were coming from, and then eased herself into a meditative trance so she could listen more.

    "Alex, Your going to have to tell her someday, why wait? It's been ten years since we were awoken from our stasis pods in what used to be our base in the Negev desert, how we were found let alone salvaged I don't know, but we must have had some purpose in order for us to have survived."

    "I know, we designed these forms because machine adapts more quickly to changing environmental conditions than our former human bodies ever could, My only wish is that our work would have been finished sooner so that all our friends and colleagues in Tel Aviv, as well as the entire population of Israel, would not have perished."

    "But we survived, so their legacy lives on, in us. Even if one of the original foursome believes we are all extraterrestrials that are alive simply because we happened to crash on this planet."

    "Four?" Janice Asked herself "But there are only 3 of us." Quietly contemplating that tidbit of information she returned to her eavesdropping.

    "I do realize that I need to tell her, but I can't figure out how to, should I do it strait up, or should I water it down and make it easier to accept."

    "And I know you want advice, but I don't know any that I could give, personally I think one of your hardest areas is the bit about changing your appearance. I think that will be the major stumbling block in pulling her out from behind the shield of brainwashing."

    "But......" Janice started to say to herself, but cut herself off with a scream as a hidden self-destruct implant began to power up. Screaming with both mouth and mind, Both were loud enough for Alex and Anika to hear it despite being several floors removed.

    Filled with alarm Alex literally jumped down the elevator shaft to the desired floor and rushed into Janice's room, Immediately filled with embarrassment at seeing his sister not only convulsing on the floor, but also being naked, placing his embarrassment aside he ripped a blanket from her bed to cover her with, and then set about the task of restraining her flailing body with the blanket, after 5 minutes of trying Anika skidded through the door and immediately started to help him, with her help they finally restrained her, picking her up, Alex made a beeline for the infirmary with Anika in hot pursuit.

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    "Hey Doc." Alex called "Will she be alright?"

    " Honestly, I can't answer that." The Doctor replied "I've never seen tech like this put to this use, attacking the nervous system to kill the person, I can't say If she'll recover."

    "Admiral." Called a Runner as he entered the room.

    "Yes PFC, what is it?" Alex replied

    "Command sent me down here, we've received word from our colony in Sector 10 that it is under attack by unknown forces."

    "What do they mean, Unknown?"

    "They were pretty sure it wasn't the remainder of the Draconian Empire, and the ships weren't from The Forsaken Federation."

    "Ok, Take this to Command, Prep the IDS Jerusalem for combat departure, as well as an escort of destroyers."

    "Aye sir." Replied the Runner

    "And tell the Captain I'll be along shortly."

    "Yes sir."


    "He wants us to go? That's the definition of overkill, but orders are orders, Engineering, fire up the engines, we're going for a trip."

    "Aye sir, how long of a trip?"

    "To sector 10 and back, and store enough fuel rods to supply us in case of combat."

    "Aye sir, will take about 10 minutes to get the necessary fuel rods."


    "OK doc, I know you want to come on this..."

    "Your bloody right I do, I'm the best surgeon at our disposal here and...."

    "That's why I need you to stay, Keep working on this Nanite Tech, Not just for her but in case this is used as a widespread weapon against us."

    "Yes sir, At least let me send my Second, She's the most qualified for this aside from myself."

    "Tell her to be at the docks in 15 minutes."


    "Admiral, Signals has Intercepted a Transmission from the target."

    "What was it?"

    "A plea for help, but our jamming field was active at the time so they do not believe anyone received it."

    "Good, how is the ground assault going?"

    "Not well, Our forces have secured the surface of the Colony but the subterranean levels are heavily fortified, although the first 2 levels fell to our troops easily the 3rd level has us stopped in our tracks, the field commander reports that there are thick concrete battlements with heavy machine guns and anti-tank guns interspersed throughout the structure, and some Merkava 4 tanks appear to have survived our bombardment and are aiding the defense installations."

    "We brought some T-103s with us if I recall."

    "Yes sir, but I would recommend not using them for this task, the Kinetic Rod Cannons while unchallenged in fortification reduction would likely collapse the cavern on our troops if fired underground."

    "I see, then send the T92s, have them neutralize the Merkava tanks and then target the defenses."

    "Aye sir."


    "Specialist O-Connell, you are wanted on the Docks by Admiral Ghurka." Blared the loudspeaker

    "Just hold your horses, I'm almost finished packing the medical bags." She screamed at the speaker

    "Specialist, You have 60 seconds to get to the docks before you are considered AWOL and disciplined accordingly."

    "What the..." Sliding the zipper shut so fast the almost jammed it, O-Connell threw the bag across her shoulder and took off at a dead run down to the docks, Skidding to a halt at the Jerusalem's Gangway she hurriedly saluted the Ensign and Reported to the Officer of the Deck "Specialist O-Connell requesting permission to come aboard."

    "Granted." Said someone behind her, Turning around she saw Admiral Ghurka's bemused expression, Dropping her bag she snapped him a salute.

    Returning her salute, "I must say, it's been a while since someone cut me off on the Gangway."

    "Sir.. I can Expla.." O-Connell stuttered.

    "That's find Specialist, I had you on a very tight schedule." Getting serious all of a sudden "Just don't do it again."

    "Never again sir, yes sir."

    "Good, now get to the infirmary, we will probably have casualties at our destination."

    "Aye sir." Picking up her bag she made a beeline to the nearest door.


    Waiting till she was out of earshot "Alex, we both know you weren't on the gangway." Commented the Officer of the Deck.

    "I know." Alex Replied "But I have to have a little fun at times."

    "You Old Sea-Dog!" Anika Laughed

    "I know, is everything aboard?"

    "Yes, All our supplies are aboard."

    "And the Ammunition?"

    "Please, I haven't had to replenish the ammo load in this since she was first fielded for battle, everyone been avoiding us for the last 10 years."

    "Are you telling me that ammo load is 10 years old!" Alex Exclaimed

    Looking slightly horrified he gradually returned to normal after seeing the small smile tugging at his wife's cheeks. "I have to have a little fun at times myself."

    "Why you, I hate it when you do that to me."

    "I know, but a little ribbing is good for the soul. Shall we get underway then?"

    "Yes." Grabbing the loudspeaker he shouted to the dock workers "Cast off all Mooring lines. Raise the Gangway."


    "Admiral on the Bridge." Called the IDF Soldier standing just inside

    "At ease, Captain, what is the status of the ship?" Alex asked

    "We're ready to go sir, just give the word."

    "It's given, alert me when we reach radio range of the colony, I'll be in the Battle Room.


    "Admiral, We've got a problem." Cried the Marine who burst into her command center

    "What is it?" Asked the Admiral

    "We've received word from our advance units, the IDS Jerusalem and escorts have set sail, they believe they are headed here."

    The Room went dead quiet at this revelation, almost all were veterans of the battle where the IDF Fleet had conquered the combined fleets of the Draconian Empire and their temporary allies the Forsaken Federation almost ten years ago, All knew the role that the IDS Jerusalem had played in defeating them.

    "How long till it arrives?" Asked the Admiral, her voice so hoarse with fear that it took the Marine a moment to realize that it was her that asked.

    "They estimate, no more than 15 hours at their current speed."

    "Evacuate the troops from the Cavern, have a T103s drone system activated and send it in to reduce the fortifications, I'll be in my ready room."

    Only once the door had closed and she sat down on the couch did she allow her hands to shake from the repressed fear, as memories of the battle welled up to the surface, bringing with them renewed throbbing from the burn scars across her entire back and left side, Above all, she remembered both how she got the scars and where she got the technology to make Kinetic Rod Cannons



    "Captain, another IDS Warship is sinking, we have them on the run."

     Swinging her chair to face Admiral Vassago she crowed, "I told you this would work, the Forsaken are more afraid of the Israelis than of us."

    "So you did, but the price was high to get them on the run, 500 Dreadnoughts, 700 Battleships, 800 Battle cruisers, and innumerable Small craft, and that's just our losses, Reports are that the Forsaken have lost just as many ships as us."

    "Small dents from a fleet of 10,000 Capital ships, not to count the smaller craft."

    "That may be, but although the IDF is on the run, they still poses sufficient forces to make taking their Capital Island a very costly process. Possibly hindering our offensive against the Reavers, from which we had to divert considerable resources for this."

    "I know, but the moment was right, all there Battleships were in for a refit and the new ship they are building won't be complete for at least 2 weeks

    "Admiral, Captain, the IDF Fleet is regrouping, Radar and scouts report that a new ship has joined the battle."

    "Do we have an Image of that ship?" Demanded Vassago

    "Coming in now, putting it up on the main display."

    "Now what is that? Is that scale correct?" Demanded The Captain

    "It's correct sir."

    "Check my eye's, what caliber are those guns?"

    "The 4 Stacked Side Turrets appear to be triple mount 16in guns, running down the side of the ship below the line of fire of the 16in guns are 8in double gun turrets, the 4 main turrets are of an unknown caliber. I can only assume that the other side of the ship is a carbon copy of what we can see."

    "Admiral, She's moving into an attack vector, unmasking her rear batteries, should we engage?"

    "Yes, Close with and engage."

    "Sir, the 16 guns are moving, calculating trajectory, they are targeting the Flagships of the Forsaken Fleet."

    "What about the main guns?" Vassago demanded

    "They are targeting, the Valkyrie, the Helios, the Poseidon and the Zeus."

    "Those are the most heavily armored ships in the fleet, I don't know what they expect to do."

    "They're firing!"

    "Switch view to Zeus." Vassago ordered

    After the screen switched the entire room watched the monitor, expecting the massive Zeus to simply shrug off the assault, instead, only one impact was noted, square on the armored bow, and then the ship proceeded to rip itself apart in 4 different directions, looking slightly like a banana being peeled, then the 7 ships behind it followed suit in the same fashion until the eighth, which simply exploded in a massive fireball.

    "Pull back the camera." Vassago shouted, as it zoomed out the entire crew saw the devastation being wreaked upon them, the Forsaken were reeling under the barrage of fire from the 16in and 8in batteries on board that ship, and only one Nemesis Class ship remained in the Draconian fleet, the one that they were hiding behind,

    "The other fleet ships are closing with that ship sir, they report that have come under fire from the other IDF ships but are continuing to target."

    "Sir, they're firing again!"

    "Alter course, Ordered the captain, Take us out from behind the Nemesis..."

    She got no farther than that before the Nemesis was peeled open from Stem to Stern as well as the 7 ships in front of them, before the round came to rest in the superstructure of her Dreadnought after parting the hull forward of the Tower, Vassago was killed instantly since he was standing in front of the wall the round entered from, the debris flung from the explosion killed 3/4s of the people in the room, and the captain was trapped by a heavy floor support beam across her legs, unable to move, she could only scream as the fire reached her and seared her across the back and down her side before someone pulled the beam off her and doused the fire.

    "Captain, are you all right?" Demanded the ships doctor as he tried to help her up, but got only screams of pain in response, finally finding the sedative he was looking for he injected her with it and she went into something approaching a coma from a combination of the pain and the sedative.


    Jerking awake on the couch in her ready room, she felt the reassuring hand of her doctor on her shoulder. "How long?" She Asked the Doctor.

    "You were in here for about 30 minutes before the bridge crew called me in because you were screaming. Once I gained entry I saw that you had become quite violent, so I had to give you a sedative before you would stop moving enough for me to remove your shirt to start the local painkiller injections. after that, It took 10 hours and 2 more doses of sedatives before I could get the burns back under control"

    "Thank you, are you finished?"

    "I had finished just before you woke up. My concoctions are losing efficiency Admiral, you need to see the Israelis if you wish a permanent end to your pain."

    "Why would they help?" Demanded the Admiral as she gingerly slid her shirt over her burns.

    "Ever since then they haven't done any expansion, they only fight when attacked, if you ask for help for this they may help, or they'll blow your ship out of the water, either way, your suffering would be over."

    "Thank you, Horatio. I know the last 10 years have been hard on you. Probably harder on you than on me, and I know that I haven't been the wife you deserve, but I cannot go to them for help, I was behind the Invasion that killed thousands of their civilians, they'd probably just leave me like this as punishment."

    "Alright, my recommendation still stands, and just so you know, aside from the nightmares, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me, and remember, because of you our children don't have to live with the threat of the Reavers, so something good came of that experience."

    "Thank you, I need to get back on the bridge, will you help me?"


    "Admiral." Everyone murmured out of respect when She walked back onto the bridge.

    "Admiral, we've received a transmission from the Israeli fleet, their Commanding officer would like to meet with you on the island."

    "Are you serious?" She Demanded

    "He said you could bring some guards, and as a measure of good faith he won't bring any."

    "He doesn't need any, not with that ship watching his back." She thought about her reply for a minute " Send him this, "Go to ....."

    "Greta!", Horatio whispered "What are you doing, go talk with him, I'll go with you."

    "Revise that, tell him I'll meet with him in 1 hour."

    "Thank you." Horatio said "I'll get together something for you."

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