Draconian Base Blueprint FAQ

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What targets drop the new blueprints?

Only the main level 82 Draconian bases.

How do I get a blueprint from a Draconian base?

1-4 players can attack a Draconian base. Whoever is inside the base (with at least one ship still "alive") when the "base destroyed" message appears has a random chance to get a BP. One will always drop, however, so one of the players will receive it each time.

How do I destroy a Draconian base?

On the health bar at the top left is a small symbol. Once the health of the base drops below this point, a message will appear saying "base destroyed".

What about this Proto-Nemesis?

Each time a Draconian Base is destroyed, there is a VERY rare chance to receive a completed blueprint for the new Proto-Nemesis hull. Only one of these ships can be built at any one time per player. There are no multiple pieces. Once you win it, you can start building.

How many parts are the other blueprints?

Each of the turret special blueprints are in two pieces.

How the hell do you expect us to do this?

Bring some friends. This is not something that is expected to be able to be completed solo.

If I get all the turret special BPs, do I get a better chance at the Proto Nemesis?

No. Having all the turret special BPs does not increase your odds at getting the hull.

Does the "Lucky Bastards" Rogue crew work in Draconian bases?

No, it does not.

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