auto am cargos

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Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to start a thread to post all the builds that can auto AM cargos. I dont think popel that want to auto AM cargos are lazy but just want to get am faster.. thx
  • ice
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    All Auto AM fleets are going to take damage.

    You just need a big ship with big shields at the front and lots of weapons on all the other ships in the fleet.

  • Krazie243
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    Revs with LOTS of shields and firepower. There you go...

    Ultimately, the bigger the ships, the more juice you can toss around and it all comes down to killing quickly and efficiently.

    But ultimately auto-ing is a disgrace to the player world. Just build a blitz Exo fleet like I did and instant repair the damages. AMs don't spawn fast enough for auto-ing to matter all that much.
    I don't play much anymore =(
  • the0ne99
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    You can blitz exos and take less damage to auto repair?
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