Halcyon lvl 44

Henry Ogram
Henry Ogram
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What is the best way to kill the gladiators that are standing about in the extraction zone. 
Event units: Valkyrie; Attack dog; Elite riflemen; Honey badger; Elite heavy gunner; Gatling truck; Elite Gatling truck; Laser tank; Elite laser tank;Shock trooper; Flak tank; Hellfire; Elite Hellfire;  Warhawk; Elite warhawk; Hellstorm; Plasma turret; Gatling Truck schematic; Elite mega tank;Gladiator
  • RaVeN902
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    air attack
  • Danny Cribb
    Danny Cribb
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    drive a platoon of favs straight at em worked for me whole event im on wave 47 now

  • lafromla1
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    If I am correct, they are standing in front of the extraction zone and not in it.  On that wave I had to run a plat of Favs in a big circle and outrun everything.  They should be on stand ground, so you can get the Favs, that dont die, in there.
  • Bubblefish
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    I use at least 2 platoons of elite rifleman(100 each) that i can deploy on each side of the map.
    Call 1 platoon from one side to bail or kill all the aggressive units first then use air to kill gladiators.
  • Khan2793
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    tomahawk missile they go boom

  • Thomas Nighthawk
    Thomas Nighthawk
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    Use air or bait them out and run in.  Easier with FAV's but since I don't have them I did it successfully with buggies.
  • Observerr
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    I know its not the best way...

     but since this was the grand finale for me I send them a tomahawk and get out the event on fireworks!!!!
    Ignore my comment above..... I am prob drunk :p
  • Konfu_Panda
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    send erm near them they will go after them. I used a platt of erm stuck them in the center sent in a rocket buggie to pick up the engineer than run away everything will attack the erms. Than send about 10 or so erm at the extraction all the glads will go after them and sneak up the back with ur buggie.
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  • Lee Wells
    Lee Wells
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    send in a platoon of 18 -24 ERM from the hex next to thier extrication point...the glads will chase them then come with air...
    do same for the HS and flak tanks  squads of 18-24 you can launch 3-4 attack plats in different zones that way...all at the same time...turn on rubi and let it roll.......extrication with 2-3 favs or buggys is easy then.

  • Gareth Aspin
    Gareth Aspin
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    There are different wasy to deal with Gladiators or tanks or whatever that is standing in the extraction zone.

    If there are no anti air in the extraction zone then you could use air to kill them all.

    If there is anti air waiting like a couple flak tanks as well, then you can bait all the other units with a fast moving unit like a buggy and then move your escort vehicle (another buggy) into the extraction zone.

    Easiest way is with a FAV but some peeps dont have them, but most have Buggies.
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  • jeffroe8106
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    112 ERM's and 1 FAV...bring the FAV in from behind and the Glads can't turn around before you've made it to the extraction....it was easy.
  • Maciej Mesaj Klimas
    Maciej Mesaj Klimas
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    kill flaktanks with wing drones/thunderbolts/raptors or tank their fire with havoc and kill with warhawks/cobrasthen once flaktanks are dead kill gladiators with all other air ;)
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  • Rock_B87
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    i just spread my favs out and run them down lol
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  • Tuckers2
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    FAVS, easy and fast.

  • Outsourcer
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    If they are in a fixed position then use, Air to kill them or lure them to the middle while you try to make your vehicle to the extraction point.

    Rocket buggies and ERM
  • Outsourcer
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    Made it to wave 57 in this event, until my hellstorms fell on ground without any anti-air in range.  So had to stop at wave 57.

    This is how i lost my hellstorms like the last event.. :(

    Wave 57, 8-9 FAV's and Elite Sucide Trucks on agressive stand runs towards my units, I make my ERM fire a few shots at the FAV and made them retreat. When the FAVs and Elite Suicide Trucks have made it halfway to the event base command center./. i again deployed my units, fired a few shots and then made them retreat like before.
    Now the FAV and Elite Suicide truck stop at their positions. I send in my air and Clicked on FAV to destroy it, but after a few seconds my air started falling to ground.

    From this i conclude that this was a graphical/UI bug which showed the FAV art at a fixed position while on server its coords were changing and I had unfortunately click on the FAV, which was seen stationery to me. My Hellstorms followed the fav until it was hit by the stinger and erms in watchtower.

    UI Bug/Lag reason for hellstorms falling to ground. Happend to me twice, this and the previous event.

    All in all this was an exciting event, and near to zero flash crashes and game freeze this event. Just had one bug biting me again and agian, Non Credit of xp - about 2600 XP was non credited.

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