Base rouge attacks

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I have been stuck on a base rouge attack for over 18hrs now. The lag is horrible making me unable to play the game. When my base has defeated the rouge attack, war commander looses connection causing me to go through the rouge attack again. It has become an endless cycle and like I said, I can not play the game. When will the glitches and the lags be fixed. I have spent money on the game when I first started to play for some upgrades but why should I continue to spend my money when I can't even get past a simple base rouge attack cause of the constant lags and glitches. Many other players are experiencing the same lags and glitches as I am. Please help fix this issue. 
  • Steve_L0773
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    there is another thread some where on here, same problems, I too have spent money on this game, should of brought an xbox.
    2 days now locked out, stuck in rogue attack on my base and a never ending cycle that disconnects.

  • katie.a.maki
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    same here, going on 3days now :(
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  • jms574
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    Same issue with user #14952615.  He cannot even log into these forums to find the fix
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