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any way to get rid of it completely?  it takes up room for absolutely nothing.  I have tried everything to get it off my screen, but to no avail other than taking a hammer to my monitor.

  • Gomnadz
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    i know.. WTF is it popping up in the first place!!!!!

  • Shiba
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    I can get rid of it when im on my cpu,  but when I try to do the boards with my phone I cannot get rid of it.   

    Its a pain in the **** to say the least

  • Trogar
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    To close it, click the chat bubble icon at the top of the sidebar.

    But I agree it is a super PITA! At least give an option to leave it off.
  • Q Rich
    Q Rich
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    There is a bug at the moment that isn't saving your settings. It is being worked upon and hopefully it won't be to long before it is fixed.  I have the issue as well, so you are not alone - and I am pushing for the fix as well.
    Please do not contact me directly by Chat or via posts on my profile page. If I cannot deal with it on the forums, it should be taken straight to Support.
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