Touch Pad Rebels.

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This topic will be fore the sole reason of sharing knowledge on players like myseelf that play on a laptop computer that uses a touch pad, or any other touch device that I may not be aware of.

I see sevearl complaints about control from people on lap top and I would like to share my experances in an effort to aid future Touch Pad Rebels.

First and foremost, never make an excuse for yourself. The fact that you play under different circumstances does not mean your are playing under a handicap.

There is only one way that lap top players are at a disadvantage, that is screen size, and it is highly arguable so we will not touch this topic. 

Second. Finger placement. This is vital that you have your hands right where you need them before you ever really need them. Any gamer worth their salt will tell you to anticipate the direction of your opponent and to get a feel for the fire rates in order to act accordingly. Remember where you need your fingers and when.

On the pad
On the clickers (lack of a better term for the left and right mouse buttons)
and near the numbers.

You should only need to use the space bar click n drag once or twice during a fight to organize your fleets. In the heat of combat, if you are going for your entire fleet the select all option on the screen is your best bet and far less time consuming.

Aside from this its simply order of operations.

Make your formation.
Create your groups
Act and react to your opponent, but do not go crazy with it.

When using a laptop remember the K.I.S.S method is the best, the less you have to do, the better so Keep It Simple Stupid.

NEVER use the arrow keys
NEVER let your hands stray away from the vital keys
NEVER try to chat and fight
NEVER make excuses.

I welcome any and all feedback related to this matter to be posted below but KEEP IT RELEVANT.

I do not want twenty troll posts whining about how I called people stupid, because if you read it correctly, I did not.

For any nay sayers, I welcome you to ask anyone in sector 600, or anyone that has fought with AGNT from 100-200-400 if I do not show comparable  flight skills to any given PC player.

Get a feel for it, its only a matter of time before it becomes muscle memory. Practice makes perfect and it can be done people.

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