How can I reset my account?

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Does anyone know how I can reset my battle pirates account on Facebook?
  • Bones.
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    last I heard they do not offer voluntary account resets anymore. a Mod or CM can prob verify.
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  • bobb7543
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    Ok :( thanks for taking the time to tell me
  • Salim Tonku
    Salim Tonku
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        I got a big problem ,my kixeye account hack some one . he play from Kixeye id . when i want to play from FB game not lood .game say you cant lood from 2 place . i need your help please . haker also change kixeye email too so i cant change id pass. i have just my fb account . i play from fb . i need your help .
  • bd_spyder
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    CS can reset your account but its a blank slate last time i asked. i dont recommend it unless you plan on leaving the game
  • jorge acevedo
    jorge acevedo
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    Anyone know if can get my account back level 77 my friend signed in my old cell phone and now when I signed in my new cellphone his level 61 pot in my new cellphone

  • RoadDawgg13
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    Can anyone help me either contact support or help me get my account back? my fb account has been banned and IDK why, I havent been on in a while. Please help
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