Which ship carries the most armour slots?

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat
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so sorry for what might be an obvious question but I have only just unlocked the third ship so dont realy know the capabilities of the higher vessels.

I am trying to figure out which ship I should use as my high armor close in fighting ship, I want heaps of armor so it can draw fire away close up to  the enemy from the lighter long range ships like the Longbow as they sit back and pound away.

also which would be the best hull for a flanking design eg fast quick turning and have high damage medium range weapons?

  • Krazie243
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    High armor close fighting has nothing to do with armor slots. Battleships and Destroyers are simply incapable of good close combat. You want Cruisers for that type of behavior. Battleships and Destroyers are meant for ranged attacks, with Battleships having a better broadside making it a poor choice for mobile combat with moving targets - you'll want to keep it relatively still and able to turn.
    I don't play much anymore =(
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