Generic Complaint Thread

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Every time I log into forums I see something that looks like the following*:

KIXEYE I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID (insert game change that is either real or imagined here)!!!!!! YOU (insert derogatory plural noun here) ARE TOTALLY (insert overly dramatic verb here) THIS GAME!!!! I AM GOING TO QUIT PLAYING IF YOU (repeat previous derogatory noun here) DON'T DO (insert some selfish demand here that will ruin the game in its entirety)!!!! I AM NEVER SPENDING MONEY ON THIS GAME AGAIN!!!!!

*There are usually at least 5 terribly misspelled words, but I can't bring myself to add them.

Please for the sake of the rest of the forum readers, if you have a legitimate complaint, please try to sound like a non-whiner when you complain about it. Even valid complaints often end up looking stupid in caps lock.

*Edit: Minor typos corrected.
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