Straffing Question (noob)

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I have tried to look back on forum for how this is supposed to work, with limited
My understanding is straffing is when your ship is moving 1 direction and pointing a different direction.  You have to install a strafe thruster inorder to do this maneuver.
You move your curser some direction from your targeted ship(s) and right click.  (This is the direction you want your ships to move). With the right click depressed, you drag the curser in a direction.  This is the direction you want your ships to face or point while moving.

Is this the idea behind straffing?
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    strafing is basically facing left or right and the ships are moving up or down. strafe thrusters are only used to increase this speed. the ship can move in any direction while facing in any other direction. speed can be increased by adding the associated thruster you want to move the fastest.

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    just right click.  If it is horizontal from your direction it will be strafing.  If it is kind forward it will be rear thruster if it is kinda back it will be reverse speed which sucks and there is no boost to it.  Right click and drag is to move to a point and turn into that direction in which your arrow points.  The move to direction moves using rear thruster's typically.
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    U dont need strafing thruster to use the manuever of strafing....the strafing thrusters just puts more power and fasters it
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