Vega Conflict for Mobile

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In this article Mr. Harbin mentioned that 3 of the games would be going mobile by the end of the year.  Is Vega conflict even being considered for Mobile devices?  Both Battle Pirates and Vega Conflict work well ok on Photon for IOs, but I would be very interested in a mobile app instead.

"The company is also entering the mobile space, making 3 browser games available as mobile apps by years' end."

I'm not sure that base attacking or the fleet control in FvF would work at all on an app, but with some very interesting controls it might be possible?

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    BP plays ok on Photon or Puffin if you don't need to control fleets in a fight.  But, for auto salvaging and checking your base out (building ships, repairing, etc.) they are fine.  I am curious as to how one could possible control a fight in Vega on a touch screen phone or even an iPad.  I don't think very well.

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