Strafe Speed?

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So I understand the harrier has a high strafe speed but It seems to bog down when I use it. I was wondering if someone could explain how to keep the harrier at a high strafe speed? I know it does not go backwards well at all. Thanks
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    Are you strafing directly sideways? Or a little sideways/backwards or a little sideways/forward?  It makes a big difference of you strafe at an angle with a slight forward motion too. Twist your ships a tad.  Curtis Smale actually posted a complex formula in one of these threads calculating the speed relationship of each direction.  ( assuming its a real formula, I don't have the math wizardry to analyse it) 
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    I've found it useful to make slight adjustments in how I angle my strafe to control for speed relative to the enemy ships. You want to go faster when kiting fast ships, slower when kiting slow ships. 

    The biggest thing that seems to slow them down is if you ever let them come to a full stop. They're really slow about starting back up again. 
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