New Upgrade Times

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I spent most of my upgrade time, not to mention gold coins, on resource gatherers and now others can do in 35 minutes what took me 12 hours?

I'd be pissed if the game was actually out, but as it's still a beta whatever. Still, why are these things being changed at all? Hasn't there been a great deal of consistency with the upgrade times for buildings throughout all Kixeye games? The times seemed almost (if not exactly) identical to Backyard Monsters.

Level 4 - 2 hours
Level 5 - 5 hours
Level 6 - 12 hours
Level 7 - 24 hours, etc.

It's nice to be able to speed ahead now, but it cheapens the progress that I had made over the last few weeks. If I had only spent that time upgrading my Fleet buildings - those are still the same at 6 days to the next level.
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