Could you all please stop talking about resets!

Unicorn Overlord
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So many people seem keen on resets. So many people seem paranoid they will happen.

For starters, Kixeye is not in the habit of resetting after closed beta, and doesn't like to wipe out progress.

Resets will ONLY occur if there is something catastrophic happening to the system or if all the data is lost (or enough to be irreparable).

Resets for missing bases may occur, but only if the reason for your missing base is a loss of the data regarding some or all of the buildings. If it is merely a graphical thing you will likely not have a reset.

All that said, Kixeye is usually in the habit of compensating anyone that is put out by bugs, data loss, time wasted and resets. So just try to enjoy the game and if something major happens, well this is closed beta, **** will happen. Just report it properly - make sure the SAME EXACT thing is not said by some one else already...
I don't play much anymore =(
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