A few things I would like to see

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first off I love the game, I think it is the best one yet. Here are some of my thoughts on future things ( I know most of these will come eventually) 

1. Base attack retreat button. 

2. Some type of measurement system for resources. ( when i attack a base, i cant tell how much resources they have, the warehouses like in bp would be great, that way you know how loaded or poor your opponent is)

3. the one thing everyone says when they get on. (how do I change my game name?)

4.  differentiate the buildings just a bit more, they have goten easier to tell what is what the more i am playing, but they could use a little more distinguishing characteristics.

5. fleets in open map. Will they become more identifiable? i would like to know what I am fighting in FvF before I go into the battle

6. Anti-matter generators. Due to the amount of this we will need in high levels, having to collect it from cargos is kind of boring, but on the same hand it is kind of cool to have a resource you have to go out and collect, so im kinda torn on this one. 

Thats all for now, but again WELL DONE ON THIS ONE!!!  Love the game 
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    1. Prolly wont happen!
    2.Yes we need that one!
    3.You can change it later when in live game/or in the near future..
    4.Hmmmm...they could do that...I dont have any problems tho.
    5.I have requested a thing like this ...Here is the link : http://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/345080/view-ship-status-command-very-useful
    6.No...As like the Thorium in War commander. This is the anti-matter..They already told that ...this is rare...But infact it isnt..Thorium in War commander is RARER Than anything!
    ~Thanx for your questions.
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