Wishlist Item: Seperate Forums for Vega Conflict players

Unicorn Overlord
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Since War Commander and Battle Pirates has a forum it is only fair to have one for Vega Conflict. We have a lot of feedback to give and things to say so it would be nice to have a threadlist for that.
I don't play much anymore =(
  • Krazie243
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    Well that needs to be accessible from the forums screen.
    I don't play much anymore =(
  • Dee McLean
    Dee McLean
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    It is only supposed to be accessible to closed beta testers...that is why there is a link in the game to give feedback. Posting it here with any feedback or information means that is is accessible to everyone.
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  • BALLAST198
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    Guess we will have to wait until then, we got to stumble through it with the rest of our planet lol
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  • Sprouts
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    After you find it the first time by clicking through the Feedback form (upper right in the game), bookmark it. It's the only way to navigate right now. 

  • Rebmes
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    I wish I could access the VC forums from my mobile device. =((
  • Ascension
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    Closing thread as there is already a closed beta forum for VEGA Conflict.

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