My beta nomination!

Shawn Perry
Shawn Perry
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I only play war commander but i play it like its a job lol. I have spent a small fortune on the game as I have been playing it since the release. So if you're looking for a loyal addict to play this new game count me in! LOL.

If any of you have any influence in the next round of codes help an addict fall in love with a new game! LOL. (I dont post a lot on the forums unless I catch a bug. No offense but most who post on forums are over opinionated, crying about the game or flaming others posts and I have no intent to do any of the above so my forum activity is limited to viewing and reading future updates lol.)
When we say we're going to keep fixing bugs... we keep fixing bugs :)
  • drac75
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    and i bet most beta testers not even gonna report bugs sadly..
    its a shame really how they picking must flame forums constantly to get they attention,yet they missing on those who really can help them ironing bugs/glitches..
    stupidly waited for code,which never will arrive im afraid 
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    No worrys guys all will be fine i think i was talking for all the people who realy want to help and like the kixeye dev. i am following the forums and till now i seen only 3 people that share the info about the game and what the player want i talk for the most people about the past that have help kixeye for what they have become and yes NUMBER 1 question is :

    please no LAG
    also we hope that we have a glitch free game well that is a hard part to solve there is no game in the world that has not a glitch i m only asking the surport players to think about the new game and also the kixeye team what we think its not about who is in the BETA its what we all want ......and if the game will be like we all want it to be also there will be not much diffrents than the other games its a kixeye concept......and people who love BP or WC or BYM will play the game matter what....hopw will find a way to let kixeye understand and maby they open a new THREAD and ask to give comment and let it flow and see where it ends......

    have a nice day to all that surport the KIXEYE games and people..PEACE

  • Flo
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    Kamikaze, many people are giving feedback, just somewhere you can't access. And so far, it is quite glitch and lag free for most people
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