Why so much secrecy?

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Simple question- Why is there so much secrecy surrounding Vega Conflict? Every other gaming company out there releases video, photo, written marketing tools to promote their new games and give potential users something to look forward to. Some even long before closed beta. I understand that Facebook marketing channels are what drive your gaming revenue but if the game is currently stable enough for closed beta play, how come Kixeye has not done more to promote the game's release with teasers? 

I just read a post by a mod that said "we don't discuss Vega game mechanics publicly". Really? One of the most hyped games right now is WoW and if you do some Google/Youtube research you can find a lot of media to get you pumped about the games release. I totally understand that while the game is in closed beta many, many changes will occur in game dynamics but to suppress discussion channels will only be counter productive for the future success of the game. Besides, we all know that there will be plenty of Youtube videos rolling out this week anyway. 
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    I have to agree. It's hard to get excited about a game you know nothing about. It's like they're relying on our curiosity to get us into the game and then hoping it's addictive enough to make us stay. And while that strategy probably will work with their existing user base, I can't see it working on anyone who's never played a Kixeye game before.
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