WHO gets a VEGA code and who not lmao

  • Snake_Doc
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    Karma111 said:
    I don't think I am eligible. It appears that those who have been chosen so far have quite the high post count lol.. 
    This does take you out of the running to receive a code, Karma111.
    wait so if we don't have a high post count  we was removed from the running in the first batch of codes? you know if that's true that's pretty messed up. what about those of us that our accounts got fcked up when you guys switched to the new forum and we had to start over? 

    guess we could just spam a couple thousand posts each to get our post counts back.
  • Dublin
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    I agree all my old stuff vanished

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    he the FANS of kixeye woke up read all my post and you will understand the whole story.....

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