Do no hit sectors really exist? Truth Vs. Myth

  • Pamela
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    trojan66 said:
    No hit sectors DID exist back before base relocation existed. When i first started the game in 127 players quickly adhered to the no hit rule or faced being farmed into quitting or until they vowed not to hit in sector anymore.
    LOL at the fact that 2 of 127s biggest "sector police" from back then are now insector hitters :P 
    John1975 said:
    Play game to have fun. Even insector hitters have a "home sector" they do not hit in as it is full of their friends that taught them the game. The sectors they jump to are other peoples "home sector" they do not hit their friends.
    This is a pretty generalized statement. I have a home sector, yes. I hit there when I was there to begin with (despite the attempt my many to say I wasn't "allowed" to), and I hit insector there everytime I return. I also hit my friends. Some people truly do just battle in this game because its a battle game and care not who is on the receiving end of a hit ... I hit my own alliance mates if I'm bored or in a mashing my friends sorta mood :P
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    never found a no hit sector, just a few sector cops in each that try to stop you. hitting them is always the most fun and after you keep going they give up
    Keep your friends close and your enemies within range of your primary weapon
  • Glenn Griffith
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    The_Jerk said:
    Those who roll from sector to sector see it all the time.  Hit a sector and ask, just for chuckles, across the public comms what the sector rules are.  Low and behold, a few seconds later here come dozens of response:

    No hit sector
    We don't hit insector
    This is a no hit sector
    If you want to hit bases go out of sector
    blah blah blah

    Then the screams start as the person who rolled in starts rolling bases breakin' the rules they just asked about.  Usually, they go after the biggest and the smallest they can find just to make the point of what they can do and no one is safe.

    So the question is posed:  Do no hit sectors really exist?  

    Well, I venture to say they don't.  There is no such sector, perhaps a few no-hit players, but the existence of a sector that does not have people hitting within it is a myth that those who live in these alleged sectors like to think exists.  How you ask?

    Well, when that player rolls in and starts hitting others, what is the first thing the sector does, sometimes effectively, sometimes not so effectively?  They roll fleets to try and shut them down.  Dock hits, sniping fleets, attempting to hit the base of the offender.  All of these within the confines of the sector, within it's borders.  So, if it is a no hit sector and someone shows up and starts hitting bases and that players base is within the sector then a true  no-hit sector will not attack them.  After all, it is a no-hit sector isn't it?

    Other troll post from the appropriately named "jerk."   Topic has been discussed and discussed and discussed and yet he can't help himself...typical.

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