Kixeye has its own clan on WC?

Fernando Colada Poniente
Fernando Colada Poniente
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Rumor has it that Kixeye has its own clan on War Commander taunting players, starting wars and bullying therefore forcing players to spend money. For my understanding it is agaisnt Kixeye rules for its employees to engage in a battle. I have friends that encountered them, they call them selves KT (Kixeye Team?) Please confirm this, if this is happen to be true players should be subject to compensation. Please look into this as many players are starting to avoid them. 

  • Q Rich
    Q Rich
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    No the rumor is NOT TRUE. If they are promoting themselves as such then please report them via a support ticket so that we can check into it.
    Please do not contact me directly by Chat or via posts on my profile page. If I cannot deal with it on the forums, it should be taken straight to Support.
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