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I don't think I've seen this in any of the threads so far, but how come the new forums don't support access via mobile devices like iPhone and iPads?  If you try to access a forum url like, you get insta-redirected to, which is a worthless landing page for KixEye corporate.

Many times I'm browsing FaceBook with my mobile device, see an interesting forum url link and click it, only to end up at nowheresville. 

This really needs to be addressed.  The previous forums supported mobile just fine.  In fact there was a custom UI for iPhones. I can't believe that mobile access is a "Priority #2" in this day and age.

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    yeah its appeared before, i think WH said he hopes for it to be up some time this week or next week
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    ive seen this mentioned and it is coming soon / been worked on
    oh if this was a teaser, explains why you are all master baiters :)

    bored :)

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    yeah i was just going to ask why they don't have a mobile website (Forums) like the old webpage had (I miss it) 

    Now on my phone (Android) I get this worthless landing page for KixEye corporate.

    Like the OP said This really needs to be addressed. The previous forums supported mobile phone work great. Why did you change this? 

    Please Kixeye fix this so I read the forums at work!
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    try seems to work on mobile now
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    You know this is the same problem i am facing right now.
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    try seems to work on mobile now
    Yup, and it's actually readable.
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