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Not sure where to post this, mods can move it if they deem fit.

I'm liking the new look, liking that we can like/dislike people posts/comments.
The only real issue I have is after commenting on a thread the page reloads and you lose the site navigation at the top completely and have to re-enter the URL.
For a Forum, i'm amazed by the number of people that don't read the post they are responding to...
  • David Readence
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    I dont like the fact that when you turn a page it starts you at the bottom .. that doesnt make much sense to me at all.. 
  • Katastroof
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    On chrome I don't get the entire image on my page, like the right side is cut of, or is it just me?
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    I like it a lot, only thing I would change so far is when clicking on next page (page 2, page 3, page 4...) you be taken to the top of that next page. Since if you are at the bottom of the page and click next page, you are taken to the next page but at the bottom (it's set to take you your current location on the current page to that same location on the next page) you should always be taken to top of the next page.
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    Personally, I still prefer the old forum....
    I quit, I need to have some life at the moment. Thank you very much to KIXEYE for their games that always beside me from February 2012 until now. Good luck KIXEYE. :)
  • miked56
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    Jason565 said:
    Personally, I still prefer the old forum....
    ^^^^^^ what he said....

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  • xXxTyphoonxXx
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    I like it and it has top class design.  It also has links for checking people's stats so i can choose who to be friends with
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    I F#@$N HATE IT!!! ill be going back to green horn stutus cause as with ALL nifty new kixeye features its about the wow in there office nothin to do with us...hope they buy each others games (in office) to keep afloat...this place has turned in to such a bad joke. its one thing to turn the game into something we didnt sign on for but now the forums are **** too?(you click on a link and it lands you in the middle of the thread)wtf is that?

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    and why the hell is my name different now?
    jerk offs
    "Okay,now let's try to get an answer from someone who isnt a complete  r.etard"-Mr Garrison
  • Ron Valk
    Ron Valk
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    Missing the go to the top button, what was normal down below the page..
    When ill click on a topic, i dont get to the first post, but in the middle of the post...
    Also when i click on the last poster, it keeps sending me to the middle of the topic, on the old forum i could go directly to the last post.

    Also it seems every one can make their own topic HOT...
    Ill found it annoying...
    Ill decide for me what ill found hot or not, or Kixeye needs to say this is a hot topic.

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    I cant even turn pages or leave once I go in a thread. I have to completely go back to google or wherever.
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