Update 2/13/13 - The Thorium Update

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The powerful element Thorium has been discovered!

Brace yourselves-- an all out resource war is coming. New technology has revealed this rare material on the World Map, and it's ripe for the taking. Harnessing the potential of Thorium will provide a serious edge in battle.

For the full details, watch this exclusive video:

Thorium-- What it Gives You
Early research has allowed us to utilize Thorium in the following ways:
  • Level 10 Unit upgrades with unique, custom functionality. After you have the Thorium, these upgrades only take 5 seconds
  • Level 4 Defensive Platform upgrades
  • The impressive Cryo Cannon Turret with liquid nitrogen powered slowing effects, which also only takes 5 seconds to upgrade!
  • Down the road? So much more. Adding these to your arsenal is essential, but rest assured that there will be brutal new applications of the element in the future
How to Harvest Thorium
Earning Thorium will not be an easy task. Here's how to earn the coveted ore:
  1. Every so often, Thorium will spawn on the World Map in Medium, Large, and Giant Deposits
  2. Once these spawn, their Thorium stores will begin to deplete
  3. Capture and hold the Deposits to fill your Vault before it's too late. When these deposits run dry-- they are gone for good
  4. Once you take a Thorium Deposit, it will be under Damage Protection for 30 minutes while you prepare your defenses!
  5. Watch out for new Deposits. Pay attention to the timer at the top of the screen and be ready for the next Thorium Deposits to appear
You'll need a new place to hold this resource. Your Command Center will have space to house a small amount of Thorium, but construct a Thorium Vault to truly hoard this precious element. Protect the new building with your life-- you can only build one. Remember, the new resource is so rare that you cannot produce it in your base-- the price of Thorium is blood.

Wondering why there's no Thorium yet? We launched the feature before the first spawn of deposits so players in all time zones have a fair opportunity to see the incoming Thorium and prepare accordingly! Get ready for those first deposit spawns! Watch that timer!

Rush to the World Map, seize Thorium Deposits, and defend them at all costs, Commander!
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