Alliance Base Guarding

  • widhamaker
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    wish we had this fetcher already
  • Rumwench
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    I think this is a stupid idea - I certainly will not be letting anyone in my Alliance guard my base. I will take the hit and if they get in will hit repair. **** this is just going to make more repairs/time consuming and will be a negative thing for Alliance Wars. My suggestion is players Improve your base Defense, take the hit and use your repair button.
  • Frayzor
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    beel78 wrote: »
    Yeah good point. I hope we can not be spammed by 10 alliance members right after a prep. Will be great for FvF but will make hitting bases far more time consuming.

    yep true. The 'cooldown' is a good idea though. Most ppl who i know that attack bases including myself usually time the 'next attack' to be anything from 'straightaway' to '5 minutes' (from the previous attack). Either by timing the arrival of the 'next' fleet, or by hiding under a nearby drac base, and hoping no-one there knows how to hit under drac bases, lol. I think a 'cooldown' of a maximum of 10 minutes should give even an 'average' player plenty of time.

    not being funny, but i say 10 minutes rather than 5, to take into account stuff like glitching and having to reload, sos etc
  • Brademus-Krieg
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    The alliance feature is killing and will continue to kill this game. I was in an alliance and constantly under attack. This will make alliance bases harder to hit so you guess who is going to be targetted again.
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  • spidey_webb
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    Train-REC wrote: »
    with forcing fleet vs fleet battles i hope you'll be inserting points for these.
    This is being looked into at the moment.

    I like the idea only if we can get points for attacking the fleet. In addition I still think we should be rewarded points for a successful base defense.

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  • Vilkata
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    Finally, now we can stop losing lower level alliance members because they're being repeatedly farmed for being in an alliance.
  • GigaPirate
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    Rumwench wrote: »
    I think this is a stupid idea...**** this is just going to make more repairs/time consuming and will be a negative thing for Alliance Wars.

    Basically every change to the game now is specifically designed to increase coining. I don't blame Kixeye for this, it's what I would do in their position - I just recognize that it's true and take advantage of my rebellious nature by refusing to comply.
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  • Khalsa_
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    Overall this is a good idea but it needs some careful tweeking. First, as an attacker if i need to clear multiple outside guards I should be awarded some FvF points. I would suggest fleet level x 2. This will allow me, as attacker to be happy with clearing guards and will entice more people to join alliances. There is one guy in our alliance who is very good at fvF and not very good at hitting bases. He would suddenly have an important role in the alliance.

    Second, there needs to be a cooldown period between guards. As an attacker I don't want the one guy/gal to send a fleet, leave the battle and send another fleet and so on until i kill everything he has. This would be annoying. A 1 minute cooldown would allow me to ignore the guard and hit the base.

    Third, once i get into the base, there should be no outside guard at all. Many people double tap (prep to 20-24% and then finish the base). It would be the end of base attacks if my mortar fleet had to fight a SW guard. There should be a cooldown once I engage the base. Of course, I can be attacked directly during that small window but I should not engage an alliance guard when I hit the base again.

    As a defender, i would appreciate some FvF points when i kill the attacker. Again i would suggest fleet level x2.

    Last point - there have been some suggestions that FvF points should be awarded for damage done or received. I think points should only be awarded if you kill the other fleet. Call it a kill bonus or whatever you like but no one who runs around in circles and gets off two shots should ever get any points.
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  • Clarky
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    Greetings Captains,

    With Alliances released, the team wanted to go back and take a look at the functionality and design of Alliance Guard Fleets. We’ve looked at your comments and would like to share the current design for the feature and get some more feedback.

    Feature Breakdown

    Being in an Alliance will allow an Alliance member to guard another member’s base. Here are the details on how the feature will function.
    • An Alliance Guard Fleet must follow the same rules as attacking fleets when being set.
    o +/- 5 player base up to level 40.
    o Uncapped from level 40 up.
    • An Alliance member can click on a friendly Alliance base and select the Guard Base option (if they meet the level requirements).
    o Only one Guard Fleet per base.
    o If the Guard Fleet moves, it disengages as a Guard Fleet.
    • An Alliance member can deploy a maximum of three fleets as Alliance Guard Fleets.
    • There will be an icon on the World Map to indicate the Guard Fleet.
    o If the player also has defending fleets near their base, the Alliance Guard Fleet will enter combat first.

    Tell your thoughts, Captains!

    Much rather have a way of competing in points with the alliances with more members so its a fair playing field!
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  • ddoucet99
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    Why not just reward bases with alliance points for a successful defense from an attack...this is just another addition that was not asked for by the masses...
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  • Quackgoesthe
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    Regarding the "under attack" status, are you including the time between prep and actual attack?

    I'm speaking at a bare minimum that while the base is red, you should not be able to click guard base.

    However, a 10 second timer to allow for it to not be a click fest would be nice, but might remove the element of the alliance attack that you seem to be encouraging.
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  • someonehere
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    dislike it if someone don't put a guard up then no guard's
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  • ExRaided
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    I think this is a completely stupid idea. I don't want to have to go through fleet after to fleet after fleet to hit one lousy base. Only way this can be good is if only two guards per base ( one base owner, one alliance). The base then can't be defended by alliance members for a minute after an attack so attackers have a chance to actually hit the base.
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  • rafius
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    yes! About time!!

    Also, if a battle is engaged, the 'defend base' should not be there. And we need more time if this were to happen. I retreat a lot and come back in because the time isn't sufficient anymore for some bases.
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  • kallanar
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    great now we got to fight the peeps guard flts, plus his allies guard flts and still hopefully have enough flts left to prep the patrol and then kill the base.... sheeeeeesh
    this fkn blows
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  • Coty Vann
    Coty Vann
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    Magic could you explain to me how the '' how many fleets at a time'' thing works like how many can i have at a time gaurding my base?

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  • Coty Vann
    Coty Vann
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    i couldnt understand that to well, didnt grasp it in my mind

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  • kIldall
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    VERY BAD IDEA!!!!! You guys want to make more money? THIS IS WHAT YOU GUYS should do.... after we get our 1000 points that is it for that week. Why don't you make it so... after we get our 1000 points, points start adding onto alliance points total. More repairs more rockets means more money for you guys! JUst a idea

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  • belford1
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    dont like this addition at all. I love being hit thats why I play.. If i dont have a defending fleet why should someone else decide to add one for me ?
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  • MagicSarap
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    Coty Vann wrote: »
    Magic could you explain to me how the '' how many fleets at a time'' thing works like how many can i have at a time gaurding my base?

    Just means that if there are more than one fleet outside of your base, the Guard Fleet will be engaged first.
  • n0s_speed
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    this feature will only benefit the sector police.......all it will do is add repairs to those that actually hit bases, the way the game was intended.

    also, everyone can gunboat spam a base forever!

    better solution? reduce repairs on specific ships by half.

    Ships that are more for FvF than base fleets, such as: SW, Scorpions, any subs, Dics and a couple others.

    the following will not have reduced repairs as they are in the category of "base" fleets: DN(X), MC(X), SC, HH(A, B & C), SFF, FF, etc.

    also, put a minimum "level" fleet defender: let's say defender fleet must be level 20 or higher.

    cool down on how many fleets one base can have.....

    but overall, it'll only benefit the sector police.......might actually reduce the base attacks, though.
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  • Dobby
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    Am I the only one to see the funny side of this?;
    sardonique wrote: »
    Horrible idea. When this happens, you will see alot of people quit the alliance feature because now alliance mates will be able to spam a base to death with guard fleets. Horrible, HORRIBLE idea.

    Then the signature in big red writing;


    This feature will make big changes to the strategy of the game, some things will be harder, some easier but overall it is going to mean more group participation and without any "cool down" I think its a good thing.

    When you go to attack a base you may now need to have some help to do it, take your alliance friends with you so you can combat FvF as well as your base hitters or if you prefer take your own FvF fleets with you

    It is true, while you are prepping an alliance member could get under the base and guard but who says it has to be the base hitter that tries to hit the base when that happens, have somebody stay outside keeping watch and if a fleet from the same alliance goes under you could have the specialist fvf fleet attack next to clear the guard.

    How many times have you seen one player go from base to base **** without being able to do a thing about it, this feature will minimise if not stop that, it will make our long unused FvF fleets useful again and it will bring the game back to life.

    If you prefer to play solo or if you just dont have any friends then this feature is not for you but the answer there is simple, you could simply not join an alliance and hit non alliance bases

    Battle Pirates has a whole range of different options for us players, its about time the FvF side of the game got some life injected back into it.
  • magicman3350
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    needs to have points involved so if you defeat the attacker you get points. and the points have to be worth it. maybe you lose some points for your alliance if you die? maybe that would stop the spamming.
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    kris1019 wrote: »
    Don't we have enough problems with people spamming gunboats to guard their base? Now we are getting a whole alliance that can do it?

    I agree, basically this feature could completely ruin game for me. You know should be fun taking 30 hours repair instead of 10-15 to hit a good base. Not to mention as he said the gunboat spammers ect. Then being I welcome attacks on my base (and I work alot so not on 24/7 like half the player base lol) they can now hit me and put up to 3 fleets per ally member to guard? Sounds like a bad idea to me.
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  • John Seymour
    John Seymour
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    I'm not sure I like the idea of someone else having the option to defend my base whenever they want. It's like when someone enters your base to keep the attackers from being able to hit your base. I know the intentions are all good, but I would rather have the final say so as to how my base is defended...not even someone in my own alliance should be able to make that call.
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  • 00zau
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    The alliance feature is killing and will continue to kill this game. I was in an alliance and constantly under attack. This will make alliance bases harder to hit so you guess who is going to be targetted again.

    Oh, the "killing this game" arguement. Same was brought up with the graphics update, the goliath, the DNX, and the Arbiter (and probably the SW and specials, but those were before my time). None of them has yet killed the game, or even come close.
  • Fire_DS
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    there should be a cool down time between allowing others to guard a base...say 1 alliance guard per 15 min, that way a large alliance cant keep spamming guard fleets keeping 1 base safe.
  • n0s_speed
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    one more thing i would like to add is.....have this feature only limited to levels 40-55.

    levels 40s-49s crying because they've been getting farmed by higher levels.........problem solve! have a friend defend your base!

    lower level 50s became the new 40s? have another friend defend your base.........

    any bases levels 55, should be able to take hits and not a ****, cry baby no hitting in sector police!!!!!!
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    The more I think of this idea the more I truly think noone at Kixeye even know how to play this game. It almost seems you don't know your going to be pissing off your base hitter who are the ones coining.......I have sw's, specs (for bases), and base fleets, being in a small alliance you basically push me out of the game i won't be bothered to fight thru more then one guys guards and sure as hell not gonna start coining f v f builds and repairs to coin base builds and repairs.......I honestly think you should look at who coins and who wants this feature. I beieve you will be shooting yourself in the foot with an update like this possibly cut your profits dramatically. Who is coming up with these ideas anyway is who I would ask myself (it's the farms and weak alliances) ;)
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  • War_were_Declared
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    I love how people are **** and complaining about the number of fleets they have to go through in order to hit a base. Hello!? Don't you do that already when you hit someone else's base and others in their alliance notice? They basically turned that into a functional thing for Alliance members. If you're a pirate blow them all away if you think you are good enough or shut up and play Farmville.
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