Alliance Base Guarding

  • Matt Greaves
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    well sht if u can do this ADD THE DAM 2ND SHIP YARD AND HALF THE REPAIR TIME coz no one will have a **** fleet to play with they will be repairing or dead or que to build i just started me 10 dread and thats another 17 days wtf come on

    ps im getting hit with 3-4-5 prep fleets b4 they send in mcx or dreads silly idea im a 51 got hit bye a 75 killed my guard sws then they come in out in out to reset my in base guard to kill it 2 hit or 3 not to bad!!! and sos screen on every time some one enters me base is getting over rated as well

    fix the bugs now

    not add more stupid sht

    ow i dont care being hit but the sos screen pissssssing me off i want to see what me base is doing
  • Idagger
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    This is being looked into at the moment.

    perhaps the old shield emblem back from when you could mine AND guard a mine?
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  • LORDCLAW 1982
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    +100 from me about time cool idea
  • Natey
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    This is a wonderful idea I like every detail and found no faults. You should ditch the bonuses no way around them being abused and focus on stuff like this.
  • Me364
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    I am posting about the Alliance groups. I don't think its right that the ppl that have or have joined an alliance should be able to attack members that don't care for the alliances. I think that the alliance members should ONLY be allowed to attack other alliances and not us that doesn't care for it. Kind of hard to strike back when they have 40 members in their alliance and its just you.
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    We heard some good suggestions and comments regarding Alliance Base Guarding (such as the cooldown) and we will assess the impact this may have on base attacks. Thanks everyone for their comments and feedback.
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