How to create alliance in war commander

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Hello to all players the war commander, I want a little help, I'd like to know how to create an alliance commander in the war, what should I do what I need! otherwise I want to join a allinace am-sector 167, (140180) nick name green beret, and still have many friends, we can create a great force, I am waiting for reviews
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    We would like to have you and your friends in TheKingsArmy..let me know if that interests you and we are in sector 250

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    hi guys i want make GROUP how i can make it ples  help me
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    To make an alliance in War Commander you need to click on the top alliance pitcher next to your profile pitcher. You will to put in a nick name for your alliance and a name for your alliance. YOU WILL NEED 5 MILLION THORIUM TO MAKE AN ALLIANCE. And to invite people to your alliance you will need to click on there base and it will come up as attack/scout next to that you will have your advanced scout and next to that you will have a "+" symbol click on that and they will get an invite. 
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