The quick guide to forsaken missions

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to start off with, lower lvls dont have that many good ships, but here are a couple designs you can use Ultimate Shipyard link
these are some ships you can use if you have them, but the specials can be swapped out if you have higher lvls and they fit, and if you have the hulls.
Longboat: this is for helping clear out fleets in the outposts if you want an instant repair clear fleet
Marauder: this is for mainly insta repair with good damage
Battle Barge: this is for mainly a better armor ship, that you can use to auto 16s or 20s
Light Cruiser: if you have the hull, this fleet can auto 20s-16s possibly higher with moderate damage.
Sea Wolf:This is for the lvl 25s or other, you shouldnt try to auto, butyou can if you want

try to auto say 4 of the 16s or 20s to get 20k pints a round, do about 8 runs and you have about 160 k, the first quota, do about 25 runs, and you get the second quota, lastly about 125 runs and you reach the 3rd quota.
hope you have a good time,

known points given:
16: about 5k
20: 5440
25 : about 10k
So you could half the runs for each quota if you use 25s

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    In general, a Marauder with the following will auto up to 20's:

    Weapon: 3 X Thud4
    Armor: 1 X Steel2; this will provide a total ship armor of 300. 190 base armor, 110 armor from Steel2
    Special: Engine1, Hardened Barrel1

    Each ship with Engine1 takes about 5H 7M
    Each ship with Hardened Barrel 1 takes about 8H 7M

    Taking into account average research time/experience gain and general play thru requirements a player could have 1 fleet of the engine 1 ships by level 18 to 23.

    I have 3 of these fleets built and am able to make tier3 each week for over a month now. With patience and practice, these 3 fleets also take down a 31. With repeat hits of course and they can not auto that OP.

    Once players reach high enough levels in their research, all 3 fleets can be replaced with 3 fleets of identical Marauder with better items. The builds follows:

    Weapon: 3 X Thud4
    Armor: 1 X Steel2; this will provide a total ship armor of 300. 190 base armor, 110 armor from Steel2
    Special: Guidance Scrambler 3
    Build Time: Approx. 12H 7M


    Weapon: 3 X Thud4
    Armor: 1 X Steel2; this will provide a total ship armor of 300. 190 base armor, 110 armor from Steel2
    Special: Cannon System 3
    Build Time: Approx. 15H 37M

    These two builds would allow the players to auto up to 25's and reduce the number of attacks needed to take down a 31.



    - These builds assume NO repair officer in the Docks. If you are fortunate enough to have one you can add 30 more armor points to each ship and still make them instant repair.
    - This Guide/Advice assumes the player has not won any hulls' or specials' from the events. With the additional hulls' and specials' a player could build other fleets to accomplish different or better combinations to achieve the intended goal.

    Added build times' for advanced ships.

    1.) I'll never complain about getting hit. I don't like hitting bases simply because I think it's boring and a waste of resources.
    2.) I have coined a total of +190 gold. This does make me a "coiner". Coining is not cheating. If, like me you can't really afford much then don't but complaining won't help you either.
    3.) Being polite is always better then being an ****.
    4.) At the end of the day, it's just a **** game. Get over it.
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    1 fleet of LCX -> 3 X thuds 4, GS2, no armor (4 mins 48 secs repair time using the officer) can auto 25s and 3 (sometimes 4 fleets depending on the entry angle) can auto a 31. I don't use any torp because on auto the LCX will stay at the range of the torp, and the thuds will not fire. LC has a repair time of 5 mins and 8 secs... for those willing to wait those 8 secs each time... they can use LC. I personally don't recommend it, as in order to reach tier 3, someone will need to repair many of those LC's or LCX. I have 5 fleets and I can reach tier 3 in around 4-5 hours (depending on the travel time to the hubs). When the LCX are starred, they will perform much better.

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    Very like!

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    I used to use Battle barges with thuds, HB1 and AL1. Autod 25s for near insta repair damage. Easy t2 for low levels
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    Seawolves are excellent ships to clear the fleets out of medium level drac ops. Equipping them with RA3, GS3, and Missile 3, along with 1 phalanx and 4 cutlass 3s will deal out a very high damage ratio. Equipped with evade armor, these ships can 2 hit clear a 31 with instant repairs after both hits if driven well, and these same ships can 1 hit clear the fleet of a 37 with instant repairs.

    Switching up the equipment, giving them shockwave mortars instead, and switching the missile system for Speed system or engine, makes a fast ship able to run in and destroy torpedo towers, with less damage then a fleet of medium grade drac ships would take.

    Submarines, when properly built and driven, are still the best item for eliminating the fleets of medium high to high level drac Ops.
    For every type of ship, there is a counter build, you just have to have the bad luck of running into it.

    Goliaths are underated for raiding. Sure they're slow, but with their Acc boost, Phalanxs are beast on them.

    There is no greater troll of a DNX fleet than drac frigates with Strike system 3 and a cut 1.
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    @Edward - Necroposting so this will prolly get locked, but some nice nostalgia anyways xD
    FM runs every week except during raids (it's running right now...)
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    Forsaken Missions run weekly, except for when a Raid event is happening. Raids happen once a month on the second Thursday of the month on average

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