We want the Dry dock NOW!!!!

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All you that agree say ARRRRHHHHH!!!!!

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    I agree with this we have waited a long time and still have not heard anything on what is going to be done. You keep throwing hulls at us in short sucession that only the biggest of coiners will be able to build them in a timly maner. Each hull phases out the older ones and older ones that once built is now outdated.

    Due to the cost of the ships and time taking this is why hacking and people abuse glitches as the game is not affordable by 99% of the player base, in turn alienating your player base further.

    In war commander you can build the latest units after wining them in a few hours, in this game you have to wait months before you can use them, only to be phased out quickly.

    Something needs to be done and blowing us off all the time is not the answer. We would like answers on how you wish to address the situation and not be dusted under the carpet.
    We want the Dry Dock NOW! http://www.facebook.com/groups/184955281636155/ We need YOU! The game needs YOU!
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    ARRRRRHHHH!!!! - Your User ID is: 89449
    ARRRRRHHHH!!!! - Your User ID is: 89449
    ARRRRRHHHH!!!! - Your User ID is: 89449
    Gimmee Gimmee Dry DOCK!
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    Your User ID is: 89449

    We want the Dry Dock NOW! http://www.facebook.com/groups/184955281636155/ We need YOU! The game needs YOU!
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    Arrhh!!! .....
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    We want the Dry Dock NOW! http://www.facebook.com/groups/184955281636155/ We need YOU! The game needs YOU!
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    Agree we need a Dry Dock to keep the game alive and fun? Then please join here, and spread the word! http://www.facebook.com/groups/184955281636155/
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    ARRHH!!! Isn't it about time you listen to the players of this game? User ID is: 3903095
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    Give us the dry dock now!!!!

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    Arr har har!!!
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    ExRaided wrote: »
    Which one of you dirty asshat pirates stole my plugin?
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    ARRHH!!! User ID: 59840
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    ARRRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!! User ID 688265

    We really need a proper update on this and not the usual stall tactics please. We have had many promises of action but it’s all been talk so you really need to start the ball rolling on this

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    we do need a dry dock!! these new hulls are making fleet times sometimes over 100 days long!!! this is enough for people to just quit over so why not put a dry dock in, the times will be cut in half and coining will likely increase as player's faith in kixeye is rekindled
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    pheonosis wrote: »
    all you that agree say arrrrhhhhh!!!!!
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    Arrrrrgh!!!! Listen to the players!
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    Arrhh!!! Arrhh!!!
    It's not that I don't think kixeye are not on the same page it's just that the players are reading Sun Tzu Art of war and kixeye are reading Noddies big book of war.
    We want the Dry Dock NOW! http://www.facebook.com/groups/184955281636155/ We need YOU! The game needs YOU!

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    ARRHH!!! user#3451877
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    ARRRRRHH we wANT the dry dock

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    why the need for user ID's?

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    aaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhh we need a dry dock

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    Since the idea of a Dry Dock to separate hull building and refits to facilitate fleet construction was first raised and found massive support, Kixeye has sadly not given us an update despite promises that this issue were being looked into. Now this debilitating problem which was urgent four months ago has by now become utterly ridiculous. With a new hull released via an event every month, and building it being often necessary to keep up with the game, we are all now so backlogged, only the heaviest coiners can actually build all the hulls you throw at us! Kixeye might consider this to be good for their wallet, but they should think a bit more long-term for a second: Which is better? 100 players spending big amounts or 10.000 players coining a bit more off a build here, a refit there? Separating building and refitting will increase playability and diversity, and actually make you more money! The great strength of this game is strategic variety, the greatest motivational factor experimentation. When those two factors are no longer available to the vast majority, the game will die. This group is for everyone who does not want to let this happen. Make your voices heard - show Kixeye we want the Dry Dock, and that we will not be shut up until they give it to us!

    We Want The Dry Dock Now!! Facebook Group x
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