Operation: Shockwave Extended by 24 Hours!

  • BIA_Warrior
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    If the connection problem is fixed, why are we still disconnecting, ( and I dont want to hear some BS answer from a kixeye **** kiss saying " oh they are working very hard...") Just stop the events and fix the problems. and if you have "whole teams working to fix these problems".... Fire them because they obviously cant do their job. Connection issues, invisible units, units that just sit there and get destroyed.... Cmon, the biggest problem is that this is not only contained to the event bases, it happens in non event rf bases as well. I refuse to put a dime in this game if this is the what we can expect to see. If a carpenter builds a house, and it is flawed, then the carpeners skill is called into question, if a game maker makes a game and it is flawed.... constantly,,,, repeatedly.... what does that say about the game maker
  • Fred Brooks
    Fred Brooks
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    Why have some of us lost toons when there was black outs. What I am saying when the event started I lost 4 toons that where sitting just out side of a hell hound base and when it came back on line I had lost all 4 toons. that is takeing me close to 13 hrs to replace.
  • Ygy Bladb
    Ygy Bladb
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  • onlybutt
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    Good jOb commonders
  • Vtwin StreetFighter
    Vtwin StreetFighter
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    Hello, pls check my Base 491,249 Sector 2, there's no sign of event and i lose 1 platoon Gatling Truck out side when event started
  • lordgodking
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    r u guys working on sector 400 + problems without being able to attack bases saying they r under protection it has been this way for 12+ hours
  • arianne
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    Good day everyone, just wanted to asked why i can't play the shockwave event, though i've joined it, and now the event is going on but i can't joined . plz. helped me about this, especially the administrator of KIXEYE.. thank u and have a goood day ahead.
  • Joseph Fontaine
    Joseph Fontaine
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    All the extra day is going to do is provide you with more revenue from an event thats not working right in the first place. its always someones else fault besides Kixeye. it does not make up for the 1000s of dollars people lost because of a system over load. very little is being done to help those who spend money on this. its getting very old. it always seems we (the players) get the short end of the stick. if it was not for new players each month dont think this game would be doing so well. but as people find out about the game, they drop out. think its time to find a new game.
  • Damian10
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    Um i had about 300 points before u set the time back the first time and after u set it back i had 0 where did my points go?
  • RamblerzRage
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    Can you fix the "damage protection" that all hell hound bases seem to have on them?????
  • imad2002
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    can not attacked hell, this base currently can not be attack !!! since yesterday just park platoon outside hell hound :/
  • Marine15th
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    Why has Kixeye stopped the ability for aircraft to repair while offline. I can't stay online for 3.5 hours just to watch my aircraft repair. During event are you doing this to force people to spend money to repair thier aircraft? That's just wrong if you are doing this for that reason.

    Please, Please stop event and take it offline to repair these issues. If not please let us know soonest.

    15th_Marine_EU  - Lvl 36 - Sec 249


    Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head. ~ E

  • Chrisdodds
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    Ok, seriously....guys....I never complain, have never raised any issues, but this is gettin ridiculous.....I stopped playing Battle Pirates because of buggy gameplay, and I am really getting frustrated with this one now.....since shockwave started, I have been able to launch one attack smoothly. THe other two so far have been unable to load, or loads up then freezes righ tin the middle of my attecks, costing me planes and tanks, then forcing me to use hard won resources to repair these assets that should not have been destroyed in the first place......I dont know what was fixed, but now when I try to go to full screen it freezes...that's if it loads at all....is it a server issue? a network issue, or just buggy code? or are you not able to handle the extra load for one of your events??? Please help!!!! thanks!
  • Anton Cilla Baldacchino
    Anton Cilla Baldacchino
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    I know you have do your best, KIXEYE but i,ve you give me that i have lost it's better .
  • tamba40
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    Greetings Commanders,

    Due to the connectivity issues during Operation: Shockwave, we've decided to extend the event by 24 hours. We understand how frustrating this has been for everyone involved, but we have now fixed the problem that was causing players to get the "System Overload" message. We'll continue to monitor everything you guys report and make sure that the rest of this event runs smoothly. Good luck on winning the new units!

    can not still play....
  • John Scheppers
    John Scheppers
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    I am still getting disconnected while playing. Get pretty upset with this. Plus, there is a lot of lag time when trying to move on a target.
  • richb40k
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    Damian10 wrote: »
    Um i had about 300 points before u set the time back the first time and after u set it back i had 0 where did my points go?

    Its KIX's version of charging you for the work they do to fix this game.
    Battle Pirates : I.D.  357,****  - Level 75 - I play it still, no more coining.

    War Commander :  I don't play anymore.

    Backyard Monsters : I don't play anymore.

    Vega Conflict : I don't play anymore.
  • Jason Crooks
    Jason Crooks
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    still waiting for word from you guys on last event
  • BravoEcho1
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    great but that does not help me cause i still cant get into war comander!!!!!
    it keeps on reconnecting the hole time after it lost the signal from the satelite
  • Amos Krome
    Amos Krome
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    All my platoons are unnecessarily lost because as and when they are deployed it get disconnected, after re connection the platoons are no more with zero xp and my job is only to repair platoons
  • Aasik Mohamed
    Aasik Mohamed
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    what about you..................:lol::D
  • Karkinos
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    In the last hour, I've lost connection 8 times. Units lag horribly. Repairing stopped while I was offline. You haven't really fixed all of the problems, have you?
  • screwed
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    should have never started shockwave
  • Ranger X
    Ranger X
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    edited 6 Jun 2014, 4:52AM
  • Micky Cain
    Micky Cain
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    im still getting booted off every 30 seconds when i attack the hell hounds base and i've all ready spent $10 on repairs that i shouldnt have gotten if i didnt keep getting kicked out and having to refresh all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • twospeed
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    i'm sorry to say this, but.. this event is a BIG letdown for a number of reasons .

    1. all the dc issues that started the event.
    2. once most of the dc issues were dealt with, then we had to deal with cant attack issues.
    3. between the time that event started, i managed 2 successfull raids against lvl 25 ( i'm 21 now) before the dc issues started in, and comming back after 1st patch, i lost 103 xp, and 5 gold. during the 30 mins that i was able to play, i also lost almost 2 mil each of resources without building, repairing anything.
    4. once i realized that my res was low, i tried to raid a reg rogue base and got hammered by a lvl 20 rogue. since then i can not even kill any lvl 12 event base to even try to get xp. this is knowing i can crack a lvl 30 without too much loss out of event.
    5. i repaired all my air units last night, and all my platoons, today i log in, 3 plats are repaired, the rest are not.
    6. i went into a lvl 12 base to check the dificulty, and as my helo's popped in they imploded from nothing, i repaired them and resent them, again imediatly they implode.....
    7. this is second day of event, and unless you are lvl 25+ or paying cash for repairs/building you can not crack bases even remotely your lvl
    8. i have sent in 3 tickets to support for these issues, managed to get 1 response that made little or no sense and i know my way around pc's and games.
    9. events that are put on in games are supposed to be fun, unique, challenging yes, but not to the point of near imposible for the begining players, its ultimate goal is to make players WANT the events, enjoy them, and stay for them.
    10. to quote clint eastwood in hamburger hill... this event has been a " cluster-f**k", of bugs, problems, and over imagination that has thoroughly made me want to quit playing at least untill end of event. as for looking forward to next event.... i'm dreading it. looks like i'll be sitting them out from now on, IF i even stay to play.

    on a more positive note war commander overall is a good game i enjoyed playing right up till yesterday so i probably will still play, but i'll miss those "neat new toys" that i COULD have gotten had event been playable for a lower lvl person.

    oh, and 11. wtf is'nt any repair being done to ground or air units when off-line? and why do repair time/costs seem more than normal?
  • ViPeR killer
    ViPeR killer
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    Thx chris :D
    Born in Sector: 300
    Closed Beta Player
  • rickt
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    Hi Im still getting disconnected during attacks and loosing platoons and XP points. I know youre trying to improve, but Im loosing patience.
    Its the connection between Facebook and KIXEYE. I will be struggling to reach my goal of the condor or hellfires at this rate even though its been extended.
  • blakwulfx
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    extending the event does no good if you can't play becase of being disconnected every 3 minutes. come on guys get it right :crying: i love the game but really hate how it has become a fight just to stay on and play. if you really want to make it up to players just use the regular rogues and on certain ones give xp to use toward event prizes also don't throw away our xp let us "bank" them to use toward the prizes we are trying to reach for
  • zeeruler
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    Thanks Kixeye 2 months on your game .. undead got me level 18 to 23 which screwed my normal updating.. I didn't get the honey badger even tho I WON ( NO SCREEN SHOT.. NO PROOF! YOU SAID )then shockwave i played 1 1/2 hours and due to glitches i lost all useable plats ( and didnt even see it ...everytime it froze ) and a dummy i was thinking that fighting there bases i figured after saving for the CC upgrade i would do it now ( my bad..) so after 31 hours i played 1 1/2 hours ,, lost 19 1/2 hours for repairs... AND holy crap i hear ( from other sectors ) the only thing you got right in this event is to make the challange harder and less XP points........ I am glad i only put 2 months into your game... you are making it very easy to say GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bummer KIXEYE KIXEYE you dont have to answer me but Pease answer SOMEONE sector 409 has a problem in case you didn't hear
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