Base Attack Level Adjustment

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    I would just rather see it go back to the way it was before where every level could attack +/- 5 that way everyone would have an even chance in the game. im a level 43in this new system would be a level 31 in old system and ever since the the change i have been getting smashed by lvls 55+ and have made every change i can to to my base and i have even coined alittle and i still dont have everything to it highest upgrade and trust me i have been trying it gets alittle frustrating not being able to compete with these higher levels but i dont complain i just try and do the best i can with it. i think it would just be better to do the +/- 5 untill u reach level 50 then uncap it from there i believe once u are a lvl 50 everything should be fully upgraded but as of right now the levels 40 are the one struggling because they can not defend them selves from the the level 50+ players
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    ok first thing is under the old system ... what is the difference from a lvl 33 hitting a lvl 29 then a lvl 36 hitting a lvl 29 ... lvl 33 have the same base upgrades as a lvl 36 so they have the same chance as getting in to a lvl 36 as they did a lvl 33... .. i think the problem is the lvl 29s now lvl 40s miss hitting there low lvl bases which they think is ok for them to hit a lvl 24 with lvl 2 turrets against a FF fleet fully tricked out .....

    second ... players would complain under the old system when u where hit by someone 4 lvls higher @ 30 hit by a 34 they think that was unfair no matter what u do they are always gonna think its unfair advantage ... weather its 3 lvls higher or 14 .. so just cap the lvls make 45 the highest u can be and then no one can **** that they where smashed by such a high lvl ....after all the research is done and upgrades .. there is no advantage of being a lvl 70 over a lvl 55 if everything is done .. so now u gain XP just to have a high lvl ....outside that there is really nothing to work for .... so as a lvl 36 under old system now lvl 69 if i hit a lvl 34 under old its ok now a lvl 34 is a Lvl 55 and now i am 14 lvls higher so now its not ok ....

    and yes some feed back on the 60 + players woud be nice ....
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    My Base will see a hole lot more action! exciting times :D
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    Unless Sarap edited his first post a lot you can't read. It would remain unlimited target at 40+. A 60 could still hit a 40, and a 40 could still hit a 60. So no change really. Sarap should have said that the +/- 10 rule (formerly +/- 5) applied to 49 and below...because a 49 could then hit a 39.

    This whole thing basically gets back to an inability of Kixeye to communicate with the players the change in levels in the first place. People are screaming about a 60 hitting a 40, when essentially it's not much different than an old 35 hitting a 29. That's not the player's fault/problem that's kixeye's. Most of the changes they made they could have easily done with the old system. But the monkey is already in the sauce isn't it.

    But to get at the question at hand, I like the new rules suggestions in general. A 48 could hit a 38...which was a 32 v. a 28 in the old system. And yes since the rule changes my own set of targets was greatly reduced (44 and now a 46) on the low end.

    I suggest the test server be used to test them out first and feedback from that be considered.
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    i seen it posted a few times but still.. gota laugh at the ppl who say sumthing like .. i am a lvl 40 and i get hit by lvl 51s bring back the + - 5 rule .. a lvl 40 was a lvl 29 and a 29 could be hit by a 34 wich is +5 wich is now a 55 so same thing isnt it? but 1 thing i would like to mention also is my misus is a lvl 50 and she is still a few peices away from collecting seige morters so a decent base can still give her alot of trouble cause dont forget the lvl dosnt really matter its the weapons ppl have that give a bigger advantage then the lvl .. and on a side note i am a lvl 53 and i really have no interst in hitting lvl 40 - 45 anyway cause they are to easy unless they are a total fool ofcourse and i also like the level system we have now because you can tell more clearly what lvl you will be hitting since a person can be a lvl 33 for a long time due to the large gap in points required on old system now you can clearly see that a lvl 51 is only just a lvl 33 wile a 54 is a more advanced lvl 33
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    My biggest problem with this is the same as the problem I have now, i'm a level 34 and i'm not looking forward to hitting level 40 at all because I know that i'll be forever under a bubble with the more unscrupulous level 55+ players flattening me whenever the bubble from the previous attack pops so I won't be able to achieve anything at all. So if you're thinking about bringing in a +/-10 system then why not raise the cap removal to 50 (most players should have everything needed to defend themselves by then) and have the +/-10 system for levels 30-50? Thats much fairer on the people without every single raid prize and allows people to have more targets which is what you're after from your proposed new system. I know some of the higher players won't be happy with my suggestion but this game should be about more than just you! If all of the level 40-45s are relentlessly hammered until they give up and quit then the game will run out of players and close eventually.
    Also, why go to the trouble of saying +/- 5 or 10 when you attach a note at the bottom saying that a player can attack anyone above their own level anyway? That makes the explanation rather confusing. Furthermore, giving people a "larger selection of targets" isn't strictly true, I mean sure, a level 26 COULD attack a 40 and see his fleet get destroyed at the entrance to the level 40 base, after which the level 26 can watch his/her entire base get flattened by the level 40 your new retaliation rule, so that isn't actually realistic for these guys, its just numbers to make it LOOK better in my humble opinion.
    Basically you've got the right idea but you're trying to force it onto the wrong people and levels. Give the 40s-50s a chance to properly develop and the 60s+ a proper fight and not a lot of farms.
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    i think this is a great idea give everyone a chance to get some reas back in there bases, in the 200's where i am at everyone is starving, even with salvage they i think its a **** good idea, i don't care about whinners anymore if they don't like it pick another game guy and gals this is bp, everyone hits someone high or matter what your lvl your going to get hit in this game, my suggestion try to keep 90% out of your base like i do now.. i give this 2 thumbs way up!
    Yeah by the way i'm under 200k tagg too..been here for while..kicking **** for years..
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    I have many fleets but only one that is up to date and able to get into bases my lvl - I would prefer something that allowed me to use all my fleets so I would choose something that worked off fleet levels rather than my level since most of my fleets are useless to take down anything my level.
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    This has nothing to do with better/worse. It has to do with, irregardless of *player* skill, a new 40 *does* *not* *have* the in-game technology to stand ANY CHANCE. Period. Level 3 turrets do not defend against HH/FF or raid ships. Period. It has absolutely nothing to do with how well or poorly you've laid out your base, how well or poorly your base defense fleet is designed. The later (base layout, defense fleet layout and positioning) is a *skill* issue. Being hit by someone who outmatches your in-game technology is NOT a skill issue.

    Equal technology, skill will tend to win out. Which is as it should be. Poor tech but awesome skill vs great tech and bad skill; the tech wins. Tech wins every time (except, perhaps, when the great tech/poor skill guy is *really* unskilled, but few are actually that bad). There is no game with that. Ever. There's just curb-stomping.

    There is nothing to be learned by watching a DNx or SC or other endgame base hitting fleet roll through your non-DU4, non Level 4 weapon, non Level 3 special base. None. It only shows you that, yup, Level 3 weapons don't even annoy the attacker. Yup, non-DU4 turrets die in seconds. Saying "that's how you learn" is utter crap. There is NOTHING to learn watching that.

    All the bullies that roam around going "I hit to teach", if they actually meant that lie, would hit the 'little' 40s with Levi fleets. Instead, they roll in every 36 hours with their end-game hitters and full drac weapons. And a lot of them don't even do it for resources; I've watched dozens of hits where the base has no resource showing in the warehouses and they still hit. Where the research buildings are off to the side and they'll TURN over there to hit them after getting in and taking out the OP and WH (which does nothing but cost the victim tons of time).

    If they were actually trying to teach, they would use something on-level with what they're hitting. But they don't do they? Nope, they level bases that have no chance of keeping them out. Just to be bullies. Just to curb-stomp.

    Learning is when you have a endgame base. Then there's TONS to learn watching your base get hit. You can see how it does vs mortar hitters, vs missile hitters, vs blitzers. Should your channel be shorter, longer, have more turns? What should be in it, where do you put the weapons, and which ones? You can play with what and where you put a defense fleet, and what kind of defender. That's even, that's back and forth. That's fair. That has useful game learning.

    Time to remove the bullies. Make them bully people who actually are unskilled (who deserve it), or people who are in a position to, I don't know, fight back. Shocking concept. Utterly shocking. Makes it actually seem like a (gasp) game if its even, doesn't it? God forbid it actually be a game instead of a curb-stomp.

    Good points Guardian!
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    So basicly once you hit 40 you have to defend 20+ levels ahead of you?
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    If you are actually about to change it so 51+ can no longer rolf-stomp 40-50, that's long overdue. To be clear, your proposal says a 51+ *cannot* hit below 51? That's how it needs to be.

    There is no game balance when players with bases that are fully kitted out with DU4, Level 4 weapons and level 3 Turret specials, and full base hitter fleets of raid ships or at least HH/FF with drac weapons, can dance all over players who don't have those things. And, as several posts have walked through the level-up math over the past month or two, it is mathematically impossible for a player to have a full kit base by level 40. It's not even possible by 45. The cutoff is more like level 48-50. Which makes this proposed change ***perfect***.

    One of the common refrains from battle pirate bullies has repeatedly been, when anyone who's not already 50+ complains about being leveled, "well you should have worked on your base". An empty retort when there is no way their base could have been properly prepared to resist the hits. This change removes that taunt from the bullies' arsenal. They'll have to bully players who are more able to resist. Anyone who's a good battle pirate shouldn't shirk from a fair fight. This change ensures the fights would be more fair.

    If this change goes through, anyone 50+ complaining about being smashed does deserve taunts. They had plenty of time to research end-game base weapons and base specials, and DU4. It'll still take about five or six weeks of build time to apply them to the base, but anyone who's paying attention to the bullies' refrain of "base first" will be fine by level 51. This is more how the level splits should have been all along. Worst case for early 50s will be the time required to complete a proper base hitter fleet; but at least they won't be building it while being leveled every 36 hours.

    I would surmise the Dev team is seeing player numbers dropping off from the 40-50 range? That numbers are showing a spike in players at or a little past the 40 mark not logging in anymore? Pretty sure a lot of people told you that would happen. Now you have to somehow get news of the game actually being playable for those players to them, so they might decide to give you a second chance. Perhaps it would've been better to have retained those players by not putting them in position to be curb-stomped in the first place? Was it really worth making the coiner and long-time player bullies happy for a couple of months, to have lost players in the meantime?

    Make the change. Fix your game.

    You my friend understand this game and I for one completely agree level 40 is in no way having DU4 walls Turrets and specials needed and the ones saying build a better base ehuh NO it is about time not having the tech and less about knowing. I am a level 52 yes I have DU4 walls level 4 weapons but not all level 3 specials.

    My channel is a straight through no turns but protected by those weapons and a decent guard fleet I have had many fails and not because base design but base technology. Take away that tech and I'd be on the "build a better base" end.

    So to add to this I like the idea and have been saying for awhile this new system is unfair to many levels not just 40 so 10+/- is awesome a 65 with extensive hours to build things hitting a 40 is way out of line.
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    i have a better thing just Please put it back the way it was and start over there is a lot of Threads out there and it is getting harder to understand what Kixeye is trying to do i understand the game but i am trying to build fleets and upgrades, but right now as it stands i get lvl'd by all the BIG LVL's 50-62 and i am a lvl 42 i am just asking to have it back the way it was and start over. i am doing my best as it stands but there needs to be a cut off point some where ;)
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    I am level 52 close to be 53. So i cant hit players level 49- but i can accept hits from 50 level until 70 level players! VERY UNFAIR! Perhaps you glitcheye bieleve that all players level 50+ can pay you with coins for protecting our bases. You have a great wrong glitcheye! For this time I WILL NOT PAY YOU WITH COINS! A trully UNFAIR system for players from 50 level until 60 level!
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    im a level 41 and am pissed ov been hit by lvl 70 50 60 whatever the levels need sortin i got no time to collect resources b4 they get stolen or im forever fixin my base
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    I wonder what happened to three up three down, five up five down. There was nothing wrong with the system before the last change if you ask me but that's only my opinion 100s of others would disagree. Maybe they are basically saying because of the changes we lost players so we gotta change again!!! People are sometimes determined to make the same mistake again again and again. How about this turn it back to where it was at before the last change and never touch it again!!! Put your manpower into catching the people cheating would benefit the players and a second dock I still have two hulls I won in raids I havent built yet..
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    Make the unrestricted cap Level 45....

    Add the low level can hit high level and high level can retaliate an equal number of times.

    Anyone level 1-44 can hit anybody they want above them, with knowledge of possible retaliation.

    Anyone level 50 and down can hit anybody 5 levels lower then they are.

    Anyone level 45 or higher can hit anyone down to level 45. (65 can hit 45, but not 44, etc)
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    YAYYAYAYAY Great news !!!!!! much better!!! Thank you for doing this :)
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    ppl need to work on base design b4 they try and get fancy boats .. i had a full du4 base b4 i was lvl 29/40 and it was not hard to do i just didnt worry about sw or ff untill i had my precious du4 cause pred subs are fine for opeing res sw just quicker and make you lazy loll
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    if you sit there and actually work out the level changes there is a major loss of targets for all until you reach level 40 where it is uncapped but often lower lever mid range players become the sector farm for everyone from the next sectors and any in secotr hitters. I think this is well over due...
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    I totally agree with this completely...
    loads of sectors..
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    Ok, but this rule has to include fleet attacks. If a lvl 40 player attacks my fleet, and I"m 57, I should be able to attack his base.
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    think it should be changed back to 5 up 5 dowm, as level 60s n 70s attacking level 46 with dreds, level 40s have no chance of compeating against higher players, its like u,k taxes in here, rich get richer n poor get poorer, so high levels get best of weapons and lower players have no chance, games **** getting.
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    I turned level 40 last week and within 24 hours I was annilillated by a player thirteen levels above me. Shorly after my bubble expired, I was hit by a player seventeen levels above me!! I can handle my base being attacked, I'm not a baby. My base not bad, but I can't even come close to withstanding players that high! If I can get hit this hard every two days, there is no sense in playing.
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    High level players bullying lower levels? Doesn't matter to me, I just click repair, but there are too many high lvl that don't have the balls to hit each other unless it's an arranged fairy test, you hit me, then i hit you, isn't that fun...let's be friends. How about hitting your own level without making a reservation sissies. Think it's the same people who had to have the cheat codes to their Nintendos because they don't want a challenge? Let's try a couple weeks of hitting only your level or above unless lower level hits u first, tough guys.
  • Gilligan
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    and for those guys who say they won't have anybody to hit, put em' all in the same sector
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    LOL the problem is simple changes just for the sake of change never work.. The sad fact is the only thing that changed was numbers the old system plus or minus 5 people were getting farmed as well.. The real issue is people just want to level up and build fleets they forget that without a good base they are pissing in the wind.. Kixeye created this by having so many raids and encouraging the smaller players to delay base building and focus on fleets to win raid prizes. So what happened is that the smaller players leveled up right into a position of weakness when I started everyone made sure that newer players worked on their bases first. I still try to tell people that but they dont listen and it ends up with them at lvl 40 no du4 and a farm?? The reason they are running out of targets is because the smaller players who start see how much crap they have to go through and dont like it and quit.. Everything in this game takes way too long... All these changes were suppose to make it easier for new players it isnt working all you have done is make the game more confusing and less interesting so many large players have decreased their play time from hours every day to a few hours every week just out of boredom not only with long repair and build times bu tthe non stop changes that never do anything to improve the game only make things worse.. I have some news for you there is a new game release coming out and unless you guys make some serious back ward steps to making the game fun like it use to be you will have a mass exodus. This game has gone from just about the greatest game on the web to im just playing until something else comes along status.. You killed it with all the changes you can revive it or let it die we as players have no input or voice unless its a stupid request for something uneeded then you are all over it
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    T-Bone wrote: »
    I turned level 40 last week and within 24 hours I was annilillated by a player thirteen levels above me. Shorly after my bubble expired, I was hit by a player seventeen levels above me!! I can handle my base being attacked, I'm not a baby. My base not bad, but I can't even come close to withstanding players that high! If I can get hit this hard every two days, there is no sense in playing.

    Under the old system these players would have been 4 and 5 levels higher than you, the new system makes it sound a lot worse doesn't it.
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    dont like it, should just keep the level changes but make every level 5+/- attack range
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    I like this update a lot better than the way it is now. Do it make the changes.
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    a level 5 base will hit level 60's RGs for quick resources..
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