Base Attack Level Adjustment

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    so another change??

    so what can I hit now as a 64?? totally confused as we are not even considered
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    where is privite messeging
    reduced repair and builds times wont happen kixeye said 6 months ago they looking into it umm whats too look into there kixeye i dont see what your looking at?
  • Kelly Iwin
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    Base this on FLEET level not BASE level. All you are doing is killing the base 40-45 players...every time.
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    I like the rules exactly as they are. My current level is 61, so I may not feel the pain of a lv 30 player with not enough targets. But the 40+ being free for all is perfect.
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    Greetings Captains,

    The team has been evaluating player feedback regarding the Level Restructure and attack restrictions changes. We’ve noticed that mid-level players have experienced a decrease in the number of attackable targets and we’re looking into making adjustments to attacking rules. Essentially, we want to broaden the level ranges for players that are between level 20 and 40. We will also be allowing players to attack any player above their level, however, attackers are subject to retaliation. The current rules and proposed adjustments are listed below.

    Current Rules
    +/- 5 up to level 40, then uncapped
    35-39 can still attack 5 above
    40-44 can still attack 5 below
    Unlimited attack range (No travel restrictions)

    Proposed Rules
    +/- 5 up to level 20
    15-20 can attack 5 above
    +/- 10 from level 20 to level 40
    20-25 can only attack 5 below
    25-30 can only attack down to level 20
    Uncapped from level 40
    30-40 can attack 10 above
    40-50 can attack 10 below
    Unlimited attack range (No travel restrictions)

    Unlimited Attack Rule
    • Players can attack any base above their range (e.g., A level 25 player can attack any level 36+ player)
    • Players on the offensive will be open to retaliation from the player that they attack, for each attack they perform. (e.g., The level 25 player hits the level 40 3 times, the level 40 can attack the lower level player 3 times)

    We believe that this would give players a larger selection of targets, while still keeping some restraint on higher-level players. Ultimately, we want to make sure that players always have available targets within their level range so that they do not have to go out too far to find a battle.

    thumbs down i say more ppl will get farmed = more ppl qiut...
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    i have seen what is happening to lvl 30 to 40 bases are dead friend is hitting 30 + bases to find 2 or 3 that may not he is lvl 31 hits above his lvl bases are dying players are leaving game most that have hit lvl 40 are getting flattened i am lvl 45 still dont have that good base dont coin it does make a difference dont have good flt always working to get base better been hit and it set u back lvl system does need fixed not by much but little high lvl players need hlp lower know lot that just run mouth do u fall in that cat
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    I don't get it with all these changes. I started playing BP and got smashed all the time by higher level players. It just gave me more incentive to "hurry up" and try to upgrade my base and fleets. This is a pirate game and if people don't like getting hit............QUIT! If you're getting hit all the time, while you have a bubble you should be salvaging your a$$ off trying to get resources to upgrade, build, or research. I did it and I've made it to a level 57 (Old 35). Everyone gets farmed until you improve to the point where you make it painful to be hit!
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    I think this is a very good idea. But I also do agree that having lvl 50+ players hitting Lvl 40, may seem unfair but the funny things is they could hit them anyway, the only difference is that now one of the very few lvl 60+ plays can now hit them. So if they do want to raise the lvl i would say it should be no higher than 45.
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    00zau wrote: »
    I think the current system is fine. The new proposed system seems overly convoluted.

    That said, if a change were to be made, I'd say to simply bump the free-for-all threshold up to lvl 45, old level 30. There are/where only a couple hundred former 36+ players, so the 45s really won't be able to complain, and a 45 is a lot more likely to have nearly everything done base defense wise.

    I'll +1 that ... just move the free-for-all threshold to level 45

    If the level 30-40 players are complaining about lack of targets, then look at what has caused the sudden shortage of players in that level - how many have given up on the game due to ever increasing cost of play / impossibility of events success etc. The lack of targets is not due to having more players move to the higher levels, it's due to lack of new blood coming up through the intro levels - why are they not staying with the game? Why is new blood not signing up for the game? Look at your own actions and the changes you've made to game play and difficulty Kixeye - that's where the problem lies.

    p.s. - Oh, and fix the lag, the blue screens, the docking glitch, the white screens, the auto-launching merc fleets, and all the other stuff that makes people give up playing a badly constructed game engine. That might help retain new blood who grow into the mid-level players the 40s desperately crave as targets.
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    Just took out a new level 40 with level 2 turrets. The current system the new lvl 40s are not working on the base and working fleets. Widen the range of attackers on the lower levels will result in better bases when they get to level 40.
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    ok i have a couple of Issues.... FIRST and for most i have been playing on and off for sometime now, my biggest beef is when your attacked by say a lvl 23, and your base lvl 35 why is it fair game for those to hit you but when you try to retaliate, they are too low a lvl for you to hit... my suggestion, is like bubbles When damaged you are protected EXCEPT when you choose to attack another Player then your protection is Null and Void. it just Irks me that all these lower lvl players can attack YOU and you cant attack THEM Back. 2ndly i have loved playing ever since i started like a year or so ago... but there are times more often than not whenever you guys do have contest, or normal gameplay that the game freezes during battles and it ranges from seconds to minutes on the shortest i would attack ANY lvl fleet and as soon as battle starts game freezes and 10 seconds later all my ships are damaged completely PC fleet never even taken a single hit. during normal runs whenever game doesnt freeze, same battle takes 2-5 minutes. i have severely cleaned out my comp defragged done disk clean up and same issue persist... i also have tried playing on my girlfriends Newer Model laptop, my Local librarys network AND my friends and families in DIFFERENT states and all the same out come. Any advice or suggestions in this matter would be greatly Appreciated as well as your concideration looking into these matters
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    You screwed up backyard monsters with this exact level attack structure and now you bring the same crap into Battle Pirates. You are killing this game like you did all your others, You failed once as casual collective and now your committing suicide as glitcheye. enough said

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  • John Croxford
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    Good change, well sort of. As i see it there is a black hole between 40 and say 47 were the big boys tromp all over you, I am at lvl 46 and just starting to get on my feet and can stop most high lvl players up to say high 50,s. By the time I am 48 I should be able to stand on my own 2 feet against 60's We just had a group of 7 or so 60-69 come through our sector and flattened most 50's and farmed the low lvl 40's, was interesting to watch. I learnt a lot form these guys, one is is there is no way I can compete with DNX fleet fully specked just yet. So my main observation is 48 and up should be able to be hit by anyone but put some protection for below.
  • Rob U
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    Sounds good. I may even start playing again.
  • James Omeara
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    i got to see in battle it might work or it might not work i want to see in action
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    I am a lvl 48 player and am just about holding my own with the lvl 60 players. My problem is that when I go to hit lvl 40 and up to my lvl I am finding that over half of the lvl 40 to 45's are already dead. The other problem is the same as many other players who work, log in and find the base has been hit and bubble has run out and no repairs done an auto repair system would be good. Players would at least have something to hit when the bubble goes down even if a 12 hour bubble is not long enough to repair OP and Halo's.
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    It sounds like a good idea. It'll ease the pressure off the 40's through 45's. :)
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    Here's a radical thought - change it to where anyone can hit 5 levels above or 5 levels below. Pretty novel concept, right??


    If you really want to do something totally crazy, make it to where anyone can hit 5 levels below but can hit as high as they want and add the retaliation option. e.g. If a level 35 thinks they're the sh*t and hits a level 60, the level 60 can hit 'em back but cannot initiate an attack on a level that much lower. This will keep the game on a more level playing field and I figure a pretty high number of the highest level players are serious coiners, bada boom, bada bing - cha-ching...Kixeye gets added revenue. <3

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    ima like
    bret 48...sector 3 RULES.
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    where is the option to change it back to the old system ?
    im 42 i get the crap slapped outa me by 51 and higher. and 90% of the time i get hit by dreads or strike cruisers. but sooner or later it wont be so easy for them to flatten me. but until then ill just keep warehouses almost empty. just get what i need to build,research or upgrade.
  • stinky finger
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    love the idea :D
  • Brian Titus
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    I say uncap it all. I want to attack lvl 10's. :)
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    this change wont do anything but increase the number of whiners from all level 40s to every single player 40 and under. If you want a "fairer" system make level 45 or level 50 the new free for all starting point. I saw a few threads that have proven a level 40 cannot possibly research all level 4 defences along with level 3 defence specials let alone a half decent fleet. Im level 58 and i mostly hit higher levels anyway so i wouldnt mind the change. Personally i dont care if its changed or not as the new rules wont effect me either way, but if it were to change increasing the free for all where the +/-5 rule no longer applies to level 45 or 50 would soothe the widespread butthurt in the community more than your proposed plan.
  • Hail To R3
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    I do not understand why this is even up for consideration, kixeye just changed player levels to reduce "farming" they want to reimplement this. WOW....all kixeye has managed at this point is to change the number on your base (basically). It does not affect me as i am to high a level, but would like for others to go through the same trials i endured to become the player i am know.
  • alvlb3r
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    can i have a white fluffy kitty to wonder my base too, or a awesome talking parrot to talk to me when things are repairing? lol ok seriously what is this going to do other then cause more complaining of the lower levels. i already get people of all levels we hit complaining because we might be a lil higher or lower then them. are you telling me that a lvl 25 is going to honestly have a bo.Olls to hit a lvl 50+? if they do then i will laugh and then go lvl them just for the fun of the fact that i can. so your only giving us higher lvls the availability to keep the upper hand. agreed we have earned that right BUT you really are not making the game BETTER of fixing ANYTHING that ANYONE really wants. hows about fixing the broken before something that doesnt make much of a difference!! just my opinion!!
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    way too complicated.. This is a game, come for some fun, not a math class. Leave it alone. . . please :)
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    thats all these stupid forms come to More Screw ups, More ****, just shut up guys leave the level system the way it is an just play the **** game weither u gotta get leveled by a 67 80 who cares, its a GAME, you either Coin in the Game or like the rest who just PLAY the Game, so STFU, Leave the level system the way it is an lets play the game like it is to be played. By The Way Im BOD_Drgn907 Lets PLAY
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    seems to me the only ones who say leave it alone and quit whining is the higher level players that are killing bases 15 +levels lower than them ,ima 47 and get leveled by 63 and down to 52 so how do u stop em ,,,,,YOU DONT u supposed to collect res to upgrade which levels u up just to have it taken ,before ya start upgrade . now dont get me wrong i dont mind being in a bubbble ,but would like a shot at retalliation.So all u big guys who are forced to hit around ur own levels i say QUIT WHINING
  • Chris Webster
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    Personnally, i don't like any of the level changes made recently because it gives an unfair advantage to those that are much higher level players to hit others of a much lower level and the lower levels never have a chance against them and never get a chance to play and advance in level. when they are always being pounded by much higher levels they loose not only resources but time to do anything cause their base is always in repair and can't defend against these attacks.

    all you keep doing is making things harder for the lower level players and driving them away and making it more a money game that suites the high level players.

    you should just go back to the old +/- 5 level base difference that you had to begin with and things would be much better and more people would play and keep playing.
  • Patiszerg
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    I like it... I'm level 50 so it really doesn't affect me much at all... But the more targets for other people to hit the better.
    Dee McLean wrote: »
    ...there is no difference, a base cannot get any flatter than flat ;)
    FKIT wrote: »
    Second, do you remember what you did before base planner? MOVED CHIT BY HAND ONE PAINFUL WALL AT A TIME!!
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