Base Attack Level Adjustment

  • Drax
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    it's fine the way it was and it is fine the way it is now and it will be just fine when they change it again.

    I'm lev 40 and when I get hit i just go out and hit em back, so what if they flatten my base - repair it and then go hit em again they get nowt form an empty base apart from the right to brag they beat up on some little person....

    Their mothers would be so proud of them.

    Change is good - get over it - it is coming does not amtter what you say.

    Accept it and fight on.... lets ave it!
  • Alyssa
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    Stop making it so complicated. All that *SHOULD* be done is to up the uncapped range. At 40, it's nearly impossible to defend against a 60+. Having someone that high come down is just plain stupid.

    If a change needs to be made, the target window should get wider as the player levels up. It forces players to not neglect their base while leveling through the 30s.

    Levels 1-20 allows the same -/+5 level attack range.
    Levels 21-30: -5/+6 levels
    Levels 30-35: -6/+7 levels
    Levels 36-40: -7/+8 levels
    Levels 41-45: -8/+9 levels
    Levels 46-50: -9/+10 levels
    Levels 51+: -10/+uncapped

    It doesn't change a whole lot but at least it's GRADUAL. So this means current 40s can still get hit by upto 48. BUT at least they have a chance. And for god sake, the largest complaints aren't from 40s being hit by other lower 40s. It's 40s being farmed by 50s+ (and even 60s). Kixeye gets their wish that 40+ has more targets while the lowest of 40s are not getting smacked by 50/60s.

    If that's too complicated, then just move the UNCAPPED attack range. 40 should not be where players are opened to all attacks. IMO if attack levels needs to be uncapped it should not be at the point in ones game where only the very few narrow guided players are able to even be able to defend themselves. Narrow guided meaning those players that ONLY follow a very tight upgrade path or play guide to hit DU4 and L4 turrets by 40. It is NOT COMMON for current players to have DU4/L4 turrets by 40. That's not even accounting for the specials. For the average player, it is not natural to have them at that point. This is both a fault of Kixeye and the players. If by 45 or 50 they do not then it squarely falls on the shoulders of the player's fault.

    BTW, Kixeye needs to think long term and they should fix this now instead of later. As the game ages there will be more high level players. What will people do 6 months, a year, 2 years down the line when the number of 50s and 60s increases. What happens when there are 80s and *gasp* 90s? I honestly don't think Kixeye was considering these scenarios. Weither they care or not.... I don't know. But at least they are now willing to consider looking at other possibilities. The tech window at 40 was not so large yesteryear. But right now, comparing the power of a 40 to a 50 is noticeable. Comparing a current 50 to 60 there isn't so much while comparing a 40 to a 60 is just stupid. I'm sure this will fluctuate as the game matures. A year down the line and eventually that current little 50 to 60 power difference will also be noticeable. That's just the side effect of releasing new hulls and weapons.
  • Captain_Nash
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    Why not keep it simple?...Attack 5 up and 5 down...end of story. Why so **** complicated?
  • Ghost_Rider_67
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    Since KIXEYE wants to open up the game and have a greater attacking range then allow the lower levels to research all the new fleets. At least we then and only then truly can have a level playing field for everyone. Time and time again I just watch level 60+++ bases hit level 50 bases, there is a lot of skill in that. I have yet to witness them hit someone that is the same level. Wake up to yourself KIXEYE.
  • Wahid Raafat
    Wahid Raafat
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    It is better to have some protection from the high level ogres.
  • Admiral_Ackabar
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    you guys dropped the "hell mode" from the old levels of 23-30 to about levels 29-32

    any reasonable player will see where they screwed up....

    they forgot this is a real time strategy war game and decided to build salvage fleets of SSs and SWs instead of preparing their defenses with gold turrets and good patrol fleets

    please do not change the game because someone has no sense of strategy and only saw shiny videos of pros.

    if anything offer these idiots a reset so they can try again.
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  • Damnation-n-Hellfire
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    Will you guys please just leave the levels and attack ranges alone? It was all changed before to make it "better" and people are still complaining and guess what after you implement this fix to make it "better" people will still complain so just leave it be and expend all these efforts on other things like s.o.s./blue screens and lag
  • Leroy Thomas
    Leroy Thomas
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    OK this is stupid as hell!!
    You all said you did these new lvl changes to allow more players more targets.
    The change opening all over 40 to same lvls was not a big difference in amount of people that could hit a 29 old lvl 40 new lvl anyway.
    But now your saying at 60 you cant hit below a 50 guess what that is alot less than the old 5 lvl range.
    You as always are listening to the ****ing casual player and ignoreing your now supposedlly a hardcore gameing company.
    Leave **** alone stop always caveing into the massive amount of miner church social i don't want hit wanna be pirates.
    Seriouslly remember your lvl changes you stated where to give more targets to higher players but poof 2 months later we now have less targets than we did before your initial change.
    Do you guys even think about **** before you do things?
    Do you want the higher lvls to quit?
    You done have there coins and don't need them anymore?
    How about the massive amount of hackers in the game again ?
    Why fix **** that don't need fixxed and ignore your major issues as always?

    No you are stupid as hell it says that base 40 and above can still hit 40 and above. The only difference is that any level can hit any level above them and now for levels 49 and below you can hit 10 levels below your level. If you can't comprehend what gets posted don't post.
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  • Epicness_Ninjaa
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    Personally i love the new idea, my self approaching 40 within the next few weeks is a real opportunity to max out my base defenses so keep them as it is, the old level system a 29 could get by a 34 which is a 40 getting hit by a 52-53 so its fine as it is please leave it the same =)
  • Weresquirrel
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    Was confused at first by this new proposal. A bar graph visual explanation would really improve the communication. Rereading a few times and thinking it over makes it look better and better. I'm on board with it.
  • Warmth
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    I like it...get it sorted :)

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  • Pamela
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    Once again, noone reads a full post. I haven't formed my opinion on this yet, because the only way it affects me is that when some lil low level noob tries to rim my base I get to mash the hell outta their puny lil island ....

    But seriously people, read before you ****. It says "Uncapped from level 40" therefore no, lvl 40+s are not losing any of their current free for all target fun.
  • SkullCrusher_BattlePirates
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    I like it as it is, no need for change!
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  • Sharpton
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    Please leave the > 40 wide open. Bump it up to 45> if you must but anyone over the old lvl 30 should be able to take care of themselves or with the help of their friends. Please don't do the silly +/- 5/10 thing again!

    I do like the idea of a low level base being able to attack anything higher but opening themselves up to retaliation. That is a very good and realistic thing!!!!
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  • C-Bz
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    SUPERB !!!!!!!!!! The one injustice dealt to level 40,s was having the attack range diminished so drastically.
    Now the level 30,s will be more open to attack, need to toughen up the bases quicker and be more ready for level 40.
    Justice will be done with this change.
  • SlingerUK
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    I'm now a level 45 but when the updated level system came out was suddenly a level 40 and open season to all.
    I have been hit by everything from 5 levels below me to level 65's.
    Most of those 10 levels higher and above are running fleets of dreadX and can basically walk in whenever they want to, yes they take some damage but always do 80%+ damage to the base.
    I have lived in a bubble now since the end of the last raid with a gap of maybe 3 or 4 hours between the bubble bursting and being hit again.
    I leave my WH's nearly empty now and only get res when i need it for upgrades and builds using it straight away.
    I even leave a fleet full of res under a drac base so i can bring it in after a hit for repairs.
    Builds take forever due to the near permanent bubble so there isn't any chance of improving my base defences in the near future and until i can do this I will continue to be a target for the level 60's and above.

    My hitlist is getting longer and longer and I will pay revenge visits to all of them in due course if i can ever get fleets built capable of doing it but with a 10 day build taking up to 30 days to complete its going to be a long process.
    Auto repair starting after a hit would be good as then i wouldn't lose 8 hours of repair time when i'm at work and then might just be able to hit salvs when i get home instead of waiting for hours for the dock to repair before i can do anything.
    Redress the balance yes, i like a challenge but theres no challenge if you can't play the game when you get in from work due to damage.
  • Numanoid
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    I like the fact that people can attack higher levels but face counter attacks. I don't know if allowing a 10 level swing in the 20s and 30s is a good idea. It would provide more targets to all, but it would also allow mid/low level players to be attacked by much more powerful fleets. I don't know if this is a bad thing though. Since the change occurred, I haven't been seriously attacked. Nobody has gotten my OP or warehouses since the change largely in part due to the time I put into my base in lieu of fleets. I think we should all live in a little fear until we hit 40.
  • sean m
    sean m
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    dont fix something that is not broken.its ok the way it is.
  • GenGrant
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    The biggest thing is to provide for an AUTO-REPAIR to start 30 mins after bubble.
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  • ecto
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    im a lvl 43 so i fall into this whinney category of people getting pancaked every 2 days. i dont complain it, because sooner or later kix will have another raid (6 days give or take) and i have my shot at getting my own raid ship. my problems isnt that i get pancaked every 2 days.
    my problem is i lack BLUEPRINTS - you cant take a base with forsaken weaponry unless it has -banned- tags on it or is a square. (du4 base). now if you want lvl 35- 45 players to fight these heavy coiners..atleast give them tools to do it .... release more hulls into forsaken i.e a forsaken toilet....and increase the droprate on prints...
    furthermore do a store where you can purchase raid **** - that would both lower amount of hackers and give new a chance if he spends coin (forget it if he dont -no one lives in that bubble anymore).... i find it funny you find yet another way to tax us (new reloc feature) without your braintrust have gotten into squeezing the bucks from us on that....
  • BladeII
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    1 i could care less about travel restrictions, i barely go base hitting anyway since my dread fleet won't be finishtt till newyears in the raid it's going now

    2 new raids evry 3 weeks force me to put base fleet on hold and refit raid fleets or build new ones

    3 opening up below level 40's to get hit by lv 50+ is bit insane since 40's can't even keep thier goodies

    4 if you change the range on attack level you be ondoing what you promised b4 aka getting more targets for the higher level players

    5 give a refit yard and a dry dock for faster refitting and building and people might actually be able to build base hitting and base defending fleets in a reasanable time, getting flattend evry otherday doesn't help much in building up

    currently lv 56 aka lv 34.2 total bases hit since started playing, errr maybe 15 or so, no use suiciding on a base if you don't have a fleet to get in, better to sink their fleets
  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas
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    I like the idea, but give them a message before they hit something like "if you hit this person they may stomp your **** and make you their ****"
    Lvl hmmm not sure let me look....
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  • BigKrazyKag
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    You're over complicating the crap out of it man. This is simple, first the travel is not unrestricted, were limited to the 100 were in so please stop saying that, second the complaints are coming from the level 40s getting flattened on the daily, so cater to them, this should not effect me. I'm level 55 and couldn't give two squirts of **** who they attack because they probably wont be able to hurt me. This is a problem that started because you think a level 40 can defend against anyone, and they cant. The solution to the problem is to restrict +/- whatever and quit trying to uncap things. If a level 40 was really capable of defending themselves they wouldn't be a target and none of them would complain. Changing all the rules again is just gonna cause more problems. Best idea in my opinion is to admit that the rules change part of that update was a fail and switch it back. Things weren't that bad before, I remember getting pummeled by ppl 5 up from me all the time, but i couldn't imagine being in that position getting hit by me right now. Others will call me different things but i have enough pride to not attack a 40 anyway, its not fair. I might as well be beating up school children.

    + 1 to that
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  • Pirate_Steve
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    the only change this will make is that level 3x players will be complaining that 4x players are hitting them (a 42 hitting a level 32 is far less fairly balanced than a 52 hitting a 42 for example).
    The free for all is not changing so a 60+ player will still be able to hit down to 40, so it just means there will be more resources available for higher players in those bases (more reason to hit them.. sure they will love that).

    The idea that a smaller player can hit up and then be open to retaliation sounds like a great idea in essence.. it does however leave the door open for a new way for higher players to give frubbles for almost no cost to either side. one DnX could flatten a level 25 base, give a 36hr bubble and take almost no res in the process...

    as suggested previously you should leave the structure as it is and just raise the 'shark tank' level to 44 or 45. that would give players a little more time to get set up before they enter the F4A.

    good points.

    This is a bad idea! bad! Bottom line, you are always gonna have someone complaining, period. I don't mind the free for all starting at 45, but, otherwise, quit messing with this!! I reckoned the old system was fine, look at all the freakin confusion you started with the level update. And now you want to change things again??

    Good lord! How much crap do we have to put up with in comms and especially in the forums because people are too lazy to find out for themselves what changes are and how it affects them.

    LEAVE IT BE!!!

    edited to add: Actually, the current lvl 40's do need more targets. Feel free to adjust to give them more bases to hit. But, there is no need to change anything else.
  • Modest Elitist
    Modest Elitist
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    This Idea is AMAZING!!!
    Played Originally in Nov 2011.
  • Hawk
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    Why keep changing things that are not broken,, Its getting far to complicated now much better before all the changes.
  • GigaPirate
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    The reason mid-level players don't have enough targets is that they are little sheep who don't want to piss off the HL Big Daddies or Sector Mothers (who open salvages for them to make themselves feel important and maintain control of their flock) by hitting bases in their own sector. I think it would be really beneficial if more was done to promote the forums to low-level players to help them realize they are not stuck in that situation before they are completely brainwashed. Maybe we could save a few more pirate souls if we can get to them early enough.
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  • robert_c
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    I think the anything above lvl40 is fare game is a little too unfare. Raise it to 45 or 50.
  • OrcwarriorHH
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    Greetings Captains,

    The team has been evaluating player feedback regarding the Level Restructure and attack restrictions changes. We’ve noticed that mid-level players have experienced a decrease in the number of attackable targets and we’re looking into making adjustments to attacking rules. Essentially, we want to broaden the level ranges for players that are between level 20 and 40. We will also be allowing players to attack any player above their level, however, attackers are subject to retaliation. The current rules and proposed adjustments are listed below.

    Current Rules
    +/- 5 up to level 40, then uncapped
    35-39 can still attack 5 above
    40-44 can still attack 5 below
    Unlimited attack range (No travel restrictions)

    Proposed Rules
    +/- 5 up to level 20
    15-20 can attack 5 above
    +/- 10 from level 20 to level 40
    20-25 can only attack 5 below
    25-30 can only attack down to level 20
    Uncapped from level 40
    30-40 can attack 10 above
    40-50 can attack 10 below
    Unlimited attack range (No travel restrictions)

    Unlimited Attack Rule
    • Players can attack any base above their range (e.g., A level 25 player can attack any level 36+ player)
    • Players on the offensive will be open to retaliation from the player that they attack, for each attack they perform. (e.g., The level 25 player hits the level 40 3 times, the level 40 can attack the lower level player 3 times)

    We believe that this would give players a larger selection of targets, while still keeping some restraint on higher-level players. Ultimately, we want to make sure that players always have available targets within their level range so that they do not have to go out too far to find a battle.

    this is just so great screw all the big players ho face bases whit sevral halo and even whit all the raids fleet we still not have eny too face the halo missel whit even whit ra3 and m drack armor a heavy halo setup will kill that base fleet whit goliats as guards so i will say back too salvage for the big players enjoiy your salvage or coin alot moore too rep your fleets you know need 2 or 3 fleets too get in and you gain less res than your rep bills is nice done kixeye i think 45+ free game for eny level and i seen bases all the way down too 36 whit du4 whitout coin so a 40 whitout du4 well what has he been doing if you ask me around level 28 before they change the levels was all du4 bases before and now 40 whine they dont have a buddy bub enymoore and dosent have eny higher than level 1 towers yes i seen that on some level 45s ho live in the bubs i say stop whine and juse the messege box and ask the attacker on base advice and if you behave ask nice i am sure you will get some input and feedback the god way and can improve your base better before next roll over you so juse the messege box all level 40+ and ask for feedback from the attacker and i am sure you will get some feedback that helps you on the way too build a stronger base
  • humanunit
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    I cant beleive that people actually think the attack uncap at lvl 40 is FAIR???? I'm curious to find out how many of them that voted FOR it are lvl 50+. they should have limited this vote to the lvl 40-45s. I say if its not broke, dont fix it. return the attack restrictions to +5/-5 maybe uncap it at lvl 50. and just return the base levels back to normal theres no point in raising them in the 1st place.
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