How Big is the Map?!

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Does anyone know how many squares wide and long the map is?! I know its 600 Wide, but I can't find out how long it is.
  • rmike
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    It goes to 20,000 as far as I have heard.
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    Even longer than 20,000 measures, I've gone past 22,000 and started to experience lots of lag and unresponsive buttons back at my base having a fleet that far out.
    The fleet took 12 hours to get there and as long to get back.
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  • crytek
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    wow. Was there anything out that far?!
  • DDDoouugg
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    the width is 600 and I went as far as 120,000 lengthwise and found my fleet back at base without damage when I logged back in one morning. waste of time. there's nothing out there
  • CharlatanUK
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    and that sucks, I might add, since I can't move 600 squares to my left side, bcuz I'm at 11, 171. Someone farther from 0,0 can actually go 600 squares in all directions... not fair.

    not that I actually go that far, lol.
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