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    Greetings Captains,

    The Battle Pirates development team would like to propose a new system for player levels. When reading this, keep in mind that features posted to the F3 forums are subject to change and not set in stone.

    Currently, players level-up from level 1 to around level 36. Each level currently requires 40% more points to achieve than the one before it. To put it another way, you need to roughly double your points to go up 2 levels. This has several results:

    • The time it takes to level up gets longer and longer making it seem like the player is not progressing.
    • The +/- 5 attack range becomes effectively ‘wider’ for higher levels as the difference in power between players at level 28 and 33 is very large when compared with players at 15 and 20.
    • End-game players cluster in a small number of levels.

    We are proposing to create more player levels by decreasing the amount of points it takes to level up. The general effect of this will be to make it easier to level-up.

    Please note that this proposed update will not change your point totals, only the level those points equate to.

    New Level Structure
    Players whose level is below 18 will not see a change to their level. Higher-level players will see their level increase. The higher level you are, the more your level will increase. Use this list to see what your new level would be:

    1 => 1
    2 => 2
    3 => 3
    4 => 4
    5 => 5
    6 => 6
    7 => 7
    8 => 8
    9 => 9
    10 => 10
    11 => 11
    12 => 12
    13 => 13
    14 => 14
    15 => 15
    16 => 16
    17 => 17
    18 => 18
    19 => 20
    20 => 21
    21 => 23
    22 => 25
    23 => 26
    24 => 28
    25 => 31
    26 => 33
    27 => 35
    28 => 37
    29 => 40
    30 => 43
    31 => 45
    32 => 48
    33 => 51
    34 => 55
    35 => 59
    36 => 65
    37 => 71
    38 => 78
    39 => 87

    Salvage Fleets
    Draconian salvage fleets will be renumbered as well to make them compatible with the new level structure. We may add some new salvage fleets to fill in the larger gaps between levels.

    Level Brackets (players you can attack)
    Players are currently restricted from attacking rival players more than 5 levels +/- from their own level. With the new level structure, we want to change this attack rule to use level brackets. Basically, you will be able to attack any player that is in the same level bracket as yourself. For example, if you are a level 57, you can attack any player that is level 50-59 (see below). This new system will allow all players to take turns as the top-level player in their bracket, without the possibility to be attacked by higher-level players.

    Suggested Attack Range Bands (based on the new levels):

    • 1-9
    • 10-19
    • 20-24
    • 25-29
    • 30-34
    • 35-39
    • 40-44
    • 45-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-69
    • 70-79
    • 80-99

    The level bands widen at the higher levels to provide more targets due to there being fewer high level players.

    Q & A
    Why do this now?
    We feel the issues of the current level system have reached a threshold that has caused us to raise the priority of the adjustment.

    I’m a low level player, why is my level staying the same while high-level players’ levels are going up?
    The current level structure works well for the low level players. It specifically loses its accuracy for the high-level players.

    Will the new level brackets reduce the number of players I can attack?
    We have compared the new level bands with the levels of the players in the game and feel that, on the whole, players will be able to attack the same number of targets.

    I will end up at the bottom of a level bracket; doesn’t this make the game harder for me?
    It might seem that way, but actually the answer is “no”. Currently, you are always at the mercy of players 5 levels higher than you. With this system, you are guaranteed time at the top of your bracket as well, when very few players will be strong enough to attack you.

    How will I know when I move level brackets in the game?
    We will add notifications to the game that will let you know when you move between level brackets. We will also post the level brackets on the forum so you can plan for when you are about to change brackets.

    Why change the attack level range at all? It was fine the way it was.
    A lot of other online games that have PvP use level brackets for which players you can engage in combat. No system is perfect, but this one has a proven track record.

    Feedback Requested
    This new system is being proposed with the intention of providing a better experience for all players. We value your feedback on whether you think this would make the game more fun for you. We expect the new attack level brackets to be the most impactful change, so please be sure to tell us not just IF you like/dislike it but WHY you feel that way. Make sure you comments are constructive, and you just might help shape this feature.

    Ok im a level 36 St George
    Who am i gonna be hitting swag, show me a sect loaded with 35 and 36 bases, you bring this idea in then you have to allocate sectors for each range of base and automatically put everyones base in new sects.Not sure how you lot think in kixeye, we have a raid every couple months , most havnt built the ship from previous raid. Now you are concerned about the 5+5- ,TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much tampering with this game far toooooo much.Try given players a dry dock to repair and build fleets, or just leave the game as it is . Or better still throw ur base in same sect as me so i can smash the shet out of u daily.
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    Gary_M wrote: »
    Most everyone gets farmed around lvl 25-29, but you just have to stick it out - that's how we get stronger.

    Exactly, and that was when I had the most fun. I got constantly farmed by the same guy for a couple of months, and the day my base finally sank his fleet was great. And that was before we had infinite resources from high level salvages, so it was a real challenge.

    Please don't dumb down the game. It's a pirate game ffs, there should be some pain in leveling up.

    And, of course, I'd be f*cked. It will be too hard for me to find targets.
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    Exactly. We got to be level 30+ by being levels 25-29 first. We got our heads kicked in and survived. You guys dont seem to be making changes to make the game better. Your just making change to make it look like you are doing something.
    WILL_H wrote: »
    I agree with this post....maybe start the +/- 3 at lv 30, but between the gaps, taking out those that are bubbled already, this will severely hamper the number of bases we can attack. Not only that, but for those that cry that they get hit by higher level players, or all of the, "I've seen people quit because of it," the only thing I have to say is, "GET OVER IT!" We've all been there, and lived in the trenches of being a lv 27 being attacked by a lv 40 hh B fleet, the repair button is free, and you too, young grasshopper, will one day be a level 32 who can then turn around and attack 27's and 28's." This will NOT leave us the same number of targets, and will reduce targets by more than half overall (seeing as what WAS 5 levels, will become only 1, or, if you're lucky, 2 levels under the new system). NOT a good idea AT ALL!!!
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    This, I don't think will help the game. Being hit by a larger player points out the weaknesses in a lower players base and, IF they pay attention they can learn from these attacks and make their base better for the next time. For us that have already fought through being 26's without crying about being hit and are 31's (like myself), that just means that I can be hit by 36's. Altering the system slightly, say, 3 down and 5 up sounds more of a reasonable adaption to the current system. 26's are no challenge to me whatsoever, so I rarely hit them...I prefer making the game a challenge and picking on people my size or bigger personally.
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    Okay, this thread is out of control. The Future Features & Feedback forum is a privilege. As there seems to be way too many people who are not mature enough to handle this privilege, this thread is closed until further notice.
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    It is possible that the thread for the New Level Structure will need another day before we reopen it. Reason being that we are doing a number of projections in order to properly answer the questions that many players have about the proposed feature. I'm personally working with Paul to get all your concerns addressed. As soon as I have those ready to go, the thread will be reopened and everyone will get a chance to give appropriate feedback. Thanks for your patience while we collect this information for you.
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