New Level Structure

  • ark
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    would this mean people are more evenly matched?
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    The only thing this changes for you, if you are a high level player, is hitting bases so low that you have no business hitting them. What's the phrase... try picking on someone your own size?
  • Gary_M
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    The best thing that happened to me in the game was figuring out how to keep much more powerful opponents out of my base, or at least make it hurt so bad they wouldn't care to hit me again. Now I'm about to hit lvl 33 and I don't hit anyone under 30 without a good reason anyway. I personally think by the time you hit 30 you need the experience of being hit by stronger players, not get coddled like children. It's a pirate game and people need to grow a set or play something nicer.

    Most everyone gets farmed around lvl 25-29, but you just have to stick it out - that's how we get stronger. I think this is a bad idea meant to pacify whiners so they don't leave the game. If anything leave it the way it is and only allow hitting 3 down after you hit 30 unless you're hit first.

    Example: I'm lvl 33. I can hit down to 30 (which if I understand correctly I won't be able to do any more if these changes are made...stupid stupid idea) and if a lvl 28 is dumb enough to hit me I have 24 hours (or whatever) to retaliate.
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  • spicer-70
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    already commented, but to summarize my thoughts in a more streamlined manner. This is total, complete, and utter bullsheet. Stop trying to coddle the mid level players in hopes they become the next great financial boone while ignoring and/or at the expense of your long term/established players. Get someone on staff who actually has some insight into how the high level, long term, and usually heavier coining players think/act/behave cause you haven't got a friggin clue.

  • Alexandria DeWinter
    Alexandria DeWinter
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    It can be too easy to farm 5 levels below you and yes it was tough from 27 to 31 but it made me stronger, I discovered how to build a good base, I adapted. For me now the fun being a higher level is to help protect your friends, level a bully from another sector.

    I like the sentiment of this idea but it is flawed, if I cant hit at least 2 or 3 levels below its going to get very dull. It has to be an up & down system to keep my interest.

    Kixeye, please listen to your long time customers on this one, it just doesnt make any sense to level 32+ players.
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  • Zac Crigger
    Zac Crigger
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    I think kixeye Dont care what me say any more cuz the lagg is still here an they wont fix it an it bullchit I mean if u make an Game MAKE IT RIGHT Lvl30 Pro-Zac Sector 274
  • neil09
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    This is just crazy bad idea

    new structure means 2 up 2 down what we have now.

    What about only attack 3 down and 5 up unless attacked by base thats 5 down then retaliation allowed
  • GardenofTerror
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    BAD IDEA. If you want to make it more fair to lower level players reduce the attack range to +/- 3 or 4 instead of 5, this is just causing a lot of confusion that is not needed. Save yourself a lot of trouble and don't bother please.
  • Jack_M
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    I do not like that there would be periods where I can't hit people higher level then me.

    I enjoy hitting 33's, 34's, and even 35-37's. With this system I would not be allowed to even touch them? Seems odd.
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  • seth mad dog
    seth mad dog
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    I think there should be no limit when hitting levels higher than the limit,but the attack should open you up to retaliation for 1 attack. It's a basic setup in other facebook games.
  • ed_gerrrrrrr
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    i am liking the idea,while it makes it a little harder for the higher levels,the accusations and possibilities of "bullying" alot less likely
  • GrnGrshopr
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    My question is about the number of points into the next level and how it will affect where we are with the new system and leveling up. How will those points be changed to reflect where we are in the new levels or will we have to start over to collect for the next level up? I am close to only having 40 mil to level to the present 35. Which is about 1/5th of the way through. Will I be the same distance from the new level 56? Or because of the new numbers will I be closer to 56?
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    I agree with most all on here if you make it that with the levels they can hit you are going to lose alot of people the idea of not have so much to level is good but really need to leave the hit cap like it is some people does not have base fleets and they rely on some of the people like high levels to help them also and some also can't hit bases because they don't have good computers or don't know how to do it.........
  • telemarks
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    Could you outline the VXP required for EACH level please SWAG? I think it will help clarify feelings for many people.

    For instance .. I'm a at level 32 about two thirds the way to level 33 (around 58mil VXP). I SUSPECT I'll end up as a new level 50 .. only able to attack upwards ... and constantly been tried to be farmed by old level 33, 34 and 35's (i.e. most endgame players).

    I'll probably give up LONG before I could drag myself to the upper level 50's, so I'll quite probably never get to be a big fish in the range within this new system. :crying:

    Hence I think there needs to be some overlap down, so whatever the level you are, there are at least a few smaller players you can hit.
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  • DanniTrew
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    It just seems unnecessary, it won't change anything or make the game better, it will just add for short term confusion and frustration.
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  • mjkokern
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    NO! I would rather take a +3 -3 hit system then a system where only 33's - 35's can fight each other.
  • cyp
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    I don't think that would be good Kixeye... Some players coin, others don't. I think you should focus on bringing new toys in this game... But let players to be able to hit low ones, as long as the friendly bubble is still available. I have the feeling that you will remain with players that coins and those that just started... Just my opinion
  • DarkLightInc
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    Please do this, I'm tired of 30+ hitting me and leveling me when I'm no where close to 30 (I'm a 26). It will level it self out over time, when players start leveling up quicker. The -5 level hitting ability sucks to people like me, making the long research/building as is even longer. Flame me for being a low level, or a noob or w/e, your just an idiot.
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  • Ciaran-SBS
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    Im a little confused here what bases can i hit being a level 35? because what im reading it.
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  • Dread_Pirate_Vitus
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    DanniTrew wrote: »
    It just seems unnecessary, it won't change anything or make the game better, it will just add for short term confusion and frustration.

    Unnecessary, true.

    But it changes a lot... makes it so you can only attack within +/- 1 of your level IF you are in the median range of that current bracket. (example , level 34 can only hit level 33 & 35)

    Dumb.... just a horribly DUMB idea.
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  • Robert Laskowski
    Robert Laskowski
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    You will find yourselves stuck with mostly lower level players after this change goes in. We all know how kixeye works as far as listening to the customer base, they don't. Good job on effectively killing your own game Kixeye except for those few that like to salvage in which case I highly doubt they are spending any money on your game anyhow. Do us all a favor and just shut down all the servers instead of putting in crap like this.
  • Bourbon Boy
    Bourbon Boy
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    shark92976 wrote: »
    Ok so im a level 33 player currently.....WIth the proposed changes of a 50-59 range, I would only be able to attack 34's and 35's...........which I rarely ever see......So I guess I wont be attacking any bases anymore.....Might as well hang up the game then.

    This seems to be exactly what Kixeye wants to me.

    There is NOTHING wrong with the current system. As a level 34 (and one with some pretty decent base fleets), I often find lvl 31 and up that have very good base defense. Why limit me from attacking them? There SHOULD be some advantage to being a higher level player (either having played longer, or spent the $). If everyone is basically on equal footing, base attacks gain you nothing with the exception of 10 plus hours of repair time. All of us who are 31 plus at this point have played a long time and endured months and months of being attacked by higher level players. THIS IS WHAT HAS MADE US GOOD!!! It is also what kept me interested. I wanted to get better to be able to hit those players back. With the proposed system there would be even less motivation to level up than there is now (basically zero).

    This seems to be another solution to which there is not an actual problem. If someone needs to build up, there are ways that they can do it. Befriend higher level players so they don't hit you, buy a bubble, resort to frubbles if you must, rocket the high level players dock or launch pad, etc. etc. Frankly, I find this to be a horrible idea and it saddens me to think that Kixeye does not want me playing their game anymore after spending 14 plus months building up to my current level of 34. Most of these new changes seem to be geared to eliminating long term and high level players and protecting the newbs, whiners, and down right bad players.

  • WILL_H
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    freparkng wrote: »
    I don't like it for one reason, this will give me less bases to hit. I'm lvl 32 and very rarely hit a base 5 below me. I think I have the concept of the numbering system that you may place, example, 32.0 32.1 32.2 and so on your just going to call them 48 49 50 etc. This will allow me to hit Current Level players as me, = Less bases.

    I believe it would be easier to decrease the current system from + - 5 to 3

    I agree with this post....maybe start the +/- 3 at lv 30, but between the gaps, taking out those that are bubbled already, this will severely hamper the number of bases we can attack. Not only that, but for those that cry that they get hit by higher level players, or all of the, "I've seen people quit because of it," the only thing I have to say is, "GET OVER IT!" We've all been there, and lived in the trenches of being a lv 27 being attacked by a lv 40 hh B fleet, the repair button is free, and you too, young grasshopper, will one day be a level 32 who can then turn around and attack 27's and 28's." This will NOT leave us the same number of targets, and will reduce targets by more than half overall (seeing as what WAS 5 levels, will become only 1, or, if you're lucky, 2 levels under the new system). NOT a good idea AT ALL!!!
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    why are you evan messing with lvl structure it works and in all the games i say the best 5 up and 5 down.
    yet you have added issues as in having to refresh page or it alone ive hit about 40 drac supplies and had to reload bp about 8 times.pleaase stop messing with stuff that works and sort the other issues before you change more stuff.
    about time you had it that main drac bases are open make them a challange for players well hope you have a series think on the new lvls cos its a bad idea.
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    2 more things 1) your making it easy for someone to LV but they won't have any skill so they will leave the game because they will lose more then ever b4 ................ everyone knows this isn't about how long it takes to go from 33 to 34 or 35 to 36 and Lower the time it takes to built one of the new ships........ this is about making it an easy game for new people ............. I remember readying posts from KIXEYE about no hitting in SEC and how they used to say this is a WAR game a FIGHTING game . when did that change U have a great game better then anything out there KEEP IT THAT WAY ............... lower the points needed after LV 33 like someone said change it from 5 up or down to 5 up 3 down ............... but don't pimp out the integrity of the game .............. think about it the people who spend $$$$$$$$$ are the people who want to get there faster YOU would lose INCOME my making it easy for them to get there
  • Meltorn
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    I agree with telemarks. I will be a 51 and have no where to hit except upwards. This is just penalising people at the bottom of the size range. It is also going to spoil it for the people who hit upwards by giving people a 3 level window.
    I appreciate this has already been said but I don't have time to read every post, I'm sorry
  • WILL_H
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    VERY nicely said, BB!!!
  • thermopyle
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    this looks like world of warcraft pvp brackets. where people dont pvp in that game until there within a level or two of the top of there bracket otherwise they get there **** kicked. thing is world of warcraft has lots of content where u dont kill players. so your suggesting we do nothing but kill salvages until we get close enough to the top of the bracket ?

    im level 32, and i agree that i shouldnt be killing level 27's. i almost never do unless there base is so bad that i have to do it on principal. so perhaps there should be a change but not so drastic.

    also pointed out is that the players in the current 34+ range would be HARD pressed to find anyone they can attack. and they would then have to decimate there ships to do it.
  • CookieNinja
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    So the way i'm reading it is.. Being a 33, can only attack a 33, 34, and a 35? You effing serious?
    Since i was a lvl32 only hit lvl30+ I don't hit little people, less provoked or see them friendly bubbling a higher lvl.

    Well there goes base attacking for me. I clean house with 30's 31's and 32's. Just starting to get the right fleets made to hit a 33 and 34. This is just eff'd up.

    If you want to fix the whole lvl issues, make it where once you hit 30 can only hit 2 lvl's below you and 2 up.

    30's will only be able to hit a 28-32.
    31's a 29-33.
    32's 30-34.
    33's 31-35.

    Is it that **** difficult?! The way you're putting it i can only hit 3 lvls, 33, 34, and a 35.
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  • Chizum
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    the range band is to low.. as a lvl 33 ( current) player anyone 3 dow to 5 up should be my attack range..I like attacking the (current) lvl 34's and 35's and the odd 36's and37's, but under the proposed system i wouldn't even be able to touch the 35's up...I agree the range should be adjusted, but don't through the baby out with the bath water!
  • bades1978
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    Great idea but lets see some more ship types in the Salvages just to make it more intresting throw in some drac subs! make us higher levels work harder lol.
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