New Level Structure

  • Davej626
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    Second dock anyone? Sound familiar???
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  • Kazzi
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    Not well thought through imo! You will lose a lot of high level players that worked hard to get where they are, all this will do is breed a load of woosy pirates...oooooffff:mad:
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  • Pope-of-dope
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    What is this supposed to help? the lower level players can hit eachother as much as they want to. But as soon as you get to level 30+ you will have limited bases available to hit.
  • Sprouts
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    just realised, if your the lowest, WTF ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO HIT TO LEVEL UP !!! you would be stuck at lowest for a long time !!

    You don't level up based on hitting people in this game. You level up by resources put into your base, and research/upgrades completed. Has nothing to do with the PvP.

    And now that I've read everyone else's comments...

    I'm a lot less sold on the bracket system than I was before. Yes, stretch the top of the level scale, because that's desperately needed. But leave it at +/- 5 for what people can hit.

    I was completely done with research/upgrades/etc. as an early 33. After that it's just tinkering with turrets and the shipyard, with higher levels having better ships (presumably). Accounting for the new tactical lab, I'd call the average "done" point (for non-coiners) at mid-33.
  • Phoenix_LPD
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    At first i thought it was a good idea, till I read and re-read, we 33+ lvl players will get no bases to hit as such. Why don't you just make it +/- 3 lvls instead that should cure most of the problems.
  • gray beard
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    Noooooooooooooo -
  • Danny Todd
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    koolkat wrote: »
    Would like to see how it has a proven track record. I think it will be a good ideal in the long run, but as of right now it will be very confusing and some people will not be able to hit anything at all with this system. A lvl 36 is in the 60's a 35 is 59 and a 37 is 71. With there being few of the 36's around who is he going to attack??

    I ess the higher levels will have to sit around and watch while everyone catches up to them. this is a bad idea all round
  • Oooshhh
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    agree 100%
    Dublin wrote: »
    instead of changing the whole thing why not just make it 5 up and 3 down.
  • SGTSh1tstarter
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    Agreed 100%

    Change it to -3 +5 your killing this game... remember this game pays SOME bills...

    I have many members quitting on us now

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  • Zaharkan
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    Don't see a problem with the new system but would like there to be more information released once the idea is better compiled.
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  • CurlyPubes
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    I don't like the fact that when you enter a new level bracket you can only hit bases equal to or above your own. I personally like to gain resources through farming and bullying players lower than me, lol. If you give me a f*cking siege mortar blueprint that i've been hunting for months my view on this may change though. Or better yet, change the levels as proposed, but scrap the bracket idea and stick with the 5+/- system for hitting.
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  • Jaghai
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    I'd love to see some on-map indication of the bases I can attack (so I don't have to remember which bracket I'm in) - either in a form of extra icon next to the base or just different colour (green?) of player's name. Same could be done with inactive (or >90% destroyed) bases (grey colour?), and maybe banned players (dark red?).
  • Viking Nation
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    Dont do it if you want more coins kixeye !! :)
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  • Antifreeze
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    I like this idea, about level more it will keep players around, but attacking players bases will be lowered, ALOT for the big players, dont do that :)
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  • ReapersGhost117
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    I can see trying to stop high levels from feeding on lower level players. But once you hit lvl say 31 the base is pretty much maxed out. No difference between lvl 31 du4 and lvl 34 du 4 turrets. I think once you hit lvl 30 then it should be a free for all. Anyone above lvl 30 can hit anyone above lvl 30. This will give the lvls 29 and lower some buffer to prepare themselves for when they turn lvl 30.
  • steve knopp
    steve knopp
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    the new level structure sucks. if u want it to be good give us more land to make base better and room
  • Bryan Wisniewski
    Bryan Wisniewski
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    Would of been OK with just a +/- 3 levels, what you are proposing is just gonna mess up the high level players, I cannot understand why you guys just don't fix the current issues? Do you have no idea how to fix your lag problems, so just ignore them and hope they will go away? Seems you guys are going the wrong direction when it comes to player satisfaction, hate to tell ya, it's not always about the dollar, if you have no people that want to play your games, you won't have any income... Hopefully you decide not to use this stupid level system and come to your senses and fix the current problems within the game. I see myself and others I play with spending less and less time on this game, and with that, less coining. Really though the only thing most of us want, is to be rid of LAG, it's the most frustrating part of the game, I usually log off for the day when I start getting blue screens. If your trying to increase revenue, it would probably help if your game was more reliable, that way we could play more.
  • freparkng
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    - 3 + 5 May not work, I could see Bunker Busters hitting docks and you can not do revenge. I'd be pissed.
  • Bourbon Boy
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    If I am understanding this correctly, as a current lvl 34, the change would mean I could only attack people who are currently level 33, 34, and 35? This would SEVERELY limit the number of bases available for me to hit.

    Maybe it is Kixeye strategy, but it seems as though many of the latest changes are designed to thin out players who have been playing a long time.
  • Somalian BattlePirates
    Somalian BattlePirates
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    I don't like this idea.

    It will mean there are less people to attack and have battles with, i guess this is to please all the level 25s who've been hit by a level 30 whining in the wishlist section.
    Everyone goes through this stage of the game, but it makes you stronger, if you dont get attacked you dont know the weakness of your base. It is possible to get DU4 by level 24-25, as i know people who have done so, so these level players can protect themselves if they prioritise right.

    I Have slogged my way through to get to nearly level 31 after 6+ months of playing this game, I will no longer be able to attack anyone but level 31-33, this doesnt leave me with alot of options as i dont have enough fleets to take on these big guys since it takes so long to build a single ship. So if this new level system is implemented, then I will simply get attacked by level 33s while i do nothing but build ships until i reach level 33, and hope some smaller enemys have levelled up so i can hit them back.

    For those who have played even longer to reach level 34 and 35, it would basically kick them out of game play, as there is not a huge amount of players at this level.

    For once kixeye please dont listen to the whining little kids who cant build bases on this one and listen to your long time players
  • seth mad dog
    seth mad dog
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    Is this their way of bringing fleet battle back. We won't be able to hit many bases anymore so there won't be anything else to do.
  • antman
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    I like the idea that your looking into this. But I think the only levels needing adjusting are level 25-30. However I have no idea how you would achieve that. Maybe just make it so once u reach level 30 u can no longer care attack under 30.
  • Upgrader
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    What I think:

    Base Planner - WANT

    New Level Structure - DO NOT WANT. AT ALL. Basically kills most targets of high-levels. The End.
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  • Zac Crigger
    Zac Crigger
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    Ok kixeye Fix what needs it like all the lagg Cuz i know its just not me And when u add this in the game it will make it not as much fun an To fair ( cuz life is not fair ) And i am lvl30 an i like to be able to hit lvl 25-35 base's an This wont help u get any more players at all And u should leave the game were it is for now an fix the lagg then Add the cool stuff not this cuz we dont need it or have to have it......o.O:mad:
  • kris1019
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    This is a waste of time. You went ahead with the tac lab despite heavy oposition. Havent added anything to the game that is needed.

    Cater to the level 28-29 whiner but dont do anything to help the build times.

    Just lower the points required to level up once you hit the 30s. That will end some of this alleged "imbalance".
  • Terroristwinter
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    Give us a dry dock first and sort out the stupid build times for ships. At lvl 31 i would be able to hit 31's and 32's that just wrong.
  • OffMyMedz
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    ok so level 33's and around that area can only attack 1 level either side of their base? and what about the level 35's? they can oonly hit 34's and 35's and there aint many of them. how on earth can high levels find bases to hit now, at level 35 (or 59 as u now call it) you can hit level 35's and 34's so how many of these are there in a sector? not many. so hitting bases for a level 35 is basicly over.
  • AdyW
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    lol ok I'm a lowly level 31, not a high one thanks to the insane amount of exp gained through the Raids which I participated in. For the last 3 or so levels I've been actively trying to slow down levelling up, now it seems that was the right way to go from what I am reading.

    As soon as I reach level 33 I'm pretty much done is what it seems like to me, will become Salvage Pirates. With repair times so high an attack on a base as good if not better than your own just isn't worth the effort. Now I'm not saying I only want to attack those the full 5 levels lower, but when farming, a necessary evil in a game like this, its only natural to go for a weaker but loaded base is it not?

    Seems to me this is a further attempt to keep the newer players and disregard the players that have achieved virtually everything as lets face it, they have nothing left to coin for.
  • Christian Schroeder
    Christian Schroeder
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    you got it
    If I am understanding this correctly, as a current lvl 34, the change would mean I could only attack people who are currently level 33, 34, and 35? This would SEVERELY limit the number of bases available for me to hit.

    Maybe it is Kixeye strategy, but it seems as though many of the latest changes are designed to thin out players who have been playing a long time.
  • Robert Laskowski
    Robert Laskowski
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    So if I am reading this correctly that will mean currently being a lvl 32 I would only be able to attack bases of players lvl 31 and 32 in the current system. I can't attack higher than my level if I wanted to which puzzles the hell out of me. Just to note as a lvl 32 I have 2 good base fleets so after 2 bases I am done each day. Great way to force me to cut down on playing time because I refuse to coin more due to changes you are making to the game to provide me with less targets. Congrats on turning this into Salvage Pirates instead of Battle Pirates. I hope this satisfies all the lvl 29 and lower players cuz I can see you lossing the bulk of your bigger players.
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