New Level Structure

  • kris1019
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    So as a level 33 i can only hit bases higher than me? And in turn only get hit by players that coin more than me?

    No thanks.
  • gissur
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    Im just wondering what should the high lvl players hit??? A lvl 36 has no one to hit and he is the one that coins the most......I wonder where he will go....well, he wont be playing BP.

    Why not bring in the alliance part and maybe the cry babies will stop crying. I got farmed when I was a lvl 25-26-27 and that made my a better player. I had to think about my base, think about my fleets.
    Why dont players have to go through that like I did??!! Scrap this please!!!
  • Phayz
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    I can see wanting to chnge the attack lvl range definatley, not very balanced when a lvl 34 can walk all over a lvl 29, but what you are proposing is essentially the death of you game. Why not keep it simple and just change the attack ranges and leave some of the fun in the game

  • scummbagg
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    Its actually nice to see an idea I myself suggested 6 months ago is actually being implemented, its about time Kixeye. :)

    Original thread ^
  • Radarcivi
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    Is this a product of hookem complaining about getting owned by players under him?
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  • Angie Plummer McFarland
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    I think that more levels is not needed. Perhaps just change the +/- 5 base levels to hit, to a -3 (after reaching level 30) and let someone try to hit as high as they want. It's not always the higher level of a player being an is the prize hulls they have won.
  • Slayer_Blaid
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    atm i think i like this change....i think it will be good for the game...
  • Oooshhh
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    sooooooo in my current sector id only be able to hit maybe 4 bases????? Make this happen. This is the smartest idea yet :confused:
  • BadAzz
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    This is Battle Pirates...Doing this will only change it too Carebear Pirates...i think its a verry bad idea
  • Danny Todd
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    MzCapn wrote: »
    You have got to be kidding me...The cry babies are messing the whole game up totally...Where were these when i was little...smashed every time my bubble dropped...Let them have the same as we did.. Don't give in to the crybabies now . Let them take the hits and grow as we all had to do!~
    I vote no freaking way!

    Im with you I vote no way too. they keep makin the game harder and harder. pretty soon we wont be able to do anything but sail around and collect salvages because every upgrade makes the game harder and harder
  • Oooshhh
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    I bet all the people on here that agree with this have poor bases and are labeled "Farm" in someones bookmarks
  • John Burrill
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    I won't have many bases to attack anymore
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  • gray beard
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    crappiest thing y'all have ever come up with - i'm lvl 34 but i sure won't be a 35 or 55 if this is implemented.
  • Khalsa_
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    I am currently level 33. I don't coin (much) so I am still building my base fleets. FvF fights are nearly dead with long repair times. So I would be in a bracket where the game would be reduced to salvage pirates. I don't know if I would quit but I know my time on this game would be dramatically reduced.

    If you are going to change the levels, every player needs to be able to attack those players above and below them. You can make it so level 32+ is a free for all but as a 33 I should still be able to hit 30-32. I sincerely hope the feedback on this thread is being taken seriously because I see this change killing the game for everyone level 33+.
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  • Cliff Oxlade
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    Guys please dont change the level structure its fine as it is concentrate on the stuff that needs fixing first like the lagging and the blue/white screening
    not happy
  • Nix Montgomery
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    I hate this idea! If this goes through I will quit playing the game. This feature will suck all the fun out of the game. Keep the numbers the same you already screwed up the salvage numbers. This feature would take the fun out of the game and only make stuff more confusing. Please do not change anything!
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    I think you need to implement the I am weak feature. So basically maybe once a month the frubblers and weak dumb pirates who can't figure out how to defend themselves get a big **** icon next to their base. This way they can salvage and fill the comms with crying and not get hit then the real pirates can play the game. You people at Kixeye aren't serious please tell us you made 30 typos with these numbers.........
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  • ironmaiden45
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    Nice, i like it :cool:

    just wonderin where this new change leaves the likes of me a lvl 35 very few bases to hit very little point spendin money no more the cost of hittin high lvls bases outwieghs the res i get therefore leaves no purpose to me hittin well kixeye if you push this one on us i say see ya later
  • HOSS
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    WOW... yall really need to cut out Bong Break at Kixeye save that stuff for the house. I don't think there are enough high level players in a particular sector to facilitate your proposed "hit spread". Not to mention how this would completely fork up an alliance. So much for slapping the smaller levels back into line. What's wrong with the way the levels are running now? Why can't you just adjust everyone above 30 up one or two levels and then change the astronomical requirements for level up and that would do away with the 31-35 level plateau allowing for a realistic level progression. Personally I think that if it were changed to only hit 3 down and 5 up it would take the "doom" out of being a lower level, and would severely cut back on a "pirate legend's" ability to farm smaller pirates. Oh yeah.... and fix whatever is causing my boats to dock until screen is refreshed. Thanks.
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    So Im lvl 33, This means I will not be able to crack the lvl 36 or 37 or 30, 31, 32. So For the most part, my members will get pounded by these lvl 30-32 and I cant do anything about it. Not to mention now the 36-37 lvl players will be off limits which I can normally destroy. THIS IS STUPID AS HELL!!!!! Yes I coin but now your going to limit who I hit to 3 current lvl's. Players in my situtation will walk away because they will no longer be able to help their group members. Thanks
  • craighe
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    i think the range levels are fine for the under 30s to protect them from level 34s but once you get to level 30 or above it should be a free for all, a lvl 30 should have DU4 which means he has exactly the same as a lvl 40, and at lvl 40 under the new plan he will have nobody to fight.
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  • Sharpton
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    I'd just like to say we have all survived this long without this bumper bowling crap. I think everything will be okay. Encourage more fighting not less PLEASE!!!!
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  • Donkey84
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    instead of changing the whole thing why not just make it 5 up and 3 down.
  • KIXEYE Swag
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    Guys, as I stated, the proposed changes are not final, which is why we are asking for your feedback. And making threats will just earn you a suspension. Keep it clean.
  • cpljdog
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    i can understand some of this .. but u just killed the game for your main money makers... they can only hit there lvl now so the 2 37s can hit each other out of over 1 million players... and there what maybe 30 lvl 36s so they can hit each other after lvl 33 we should be about the same power lvl with base weapons and specials ... so u just killed a huge part of your income by killing the higher lvls ability to hit anything..... with in a close range...u think about at least closing the up lvl gap so a 35 can hit a 36 and a 34 ... atleast close the range some....
  • Dresden
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    NOTE: Make sure you have read the rules for posting in this forum: . Also be sure to read this post in it's entirety before you reply.

    Greetings Captains,

    The Battle Pirates development team would like to propose a new system for player levels. When reading this, keep in mind that features posted to the F3 forums are subject to change and not set in stone.

    Currently, players level-up from level 1 to around level 36. Each level currently requires 40% more points to achieve than the one before it. To put it another way, you need to roughly double your points to go up 2 levels. This has several results:

    • The time it takes to level up gets longer and longer making it seem like the player is not progressing.
    • The +/- 5 attack range becomes effectively ‘wider’ for higher levels as the difference in power between players at level 28 and 33 is very large when compared with players at 15 and 20.
    • End-game players cluster in a small number of levels.

    We are proposing to create more player levels by decreasing the amount of points it takes to level up. The general effect of this will be to make it easier to level-up.

    Please note that this proposed update will not change your point totals, only the level those points equate to.

    New Level Structure
    Players whose level is below 18 will not see a change to their level. Higher-level players will see their level increase. The higher level you are, the more your level will increase. Use this list to see what your new level would be:

    1 => 1
    2 => 2
    3 => 3
    4 => 4
    5 => 5
    6 => 6
    7 => 7
    8 => 8
    9 => 9
    10 => 10
    11 => 11
    12 => 12
    13 => 13
    14 => 14
    15 => 15
    16 => 16
    17 => 17
    18 => 18
    19 => 20
    20 => 21
    21 => 23
    22 => 25
    23 => 26
    24 => 28
    25 => 31
    26 => 33
    27 => 35
    28 => 37
    29 => 40
    30 => 43
    31 => 45
    32 => 48
    33 => 51
    34 => 55
    35 => 59
    36 => 65
    37 => 71
    38 => 78
    39 => 87

    Salvage Fleets
    Draconian salvage fleets will be renumbered as well to make them compatible with the new level structure. We may add some new salvage fleets to fill in the larger gaps between levels.

    Level Brackets (players you can attack)
    Players are currently restricted from attacking rival players more than 5 levels +/- from their own level. With the new level structure, we want to change this attack rule to use level brackets. Basically, you will be able to attack any player that is in the same level bracket as yourself. For example, if you are a level 57, you can attack any player that is level 50-59 (see below). This new system will allow all players to take turns as the top-level player in their bracket, without the possibility to be attacked by higher-level players.

    Suggested Attack Range Bands (based on the new levels):

    • 1-9
    • 10-19
    • 20-24
    • 25-29
    • 30-34
    • 35-39
    • 40-44
    • 45-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-69
    • 70-79
    • 80-99

    The level bands widen at the higher levels to provide more targets due to there being fewer high level players.

    Q & A
    Why do this now?
    We feel the issues of the current level system have reached a threshold that has caused us to raise the priority of the adjustment.

    I’m a low level player, why is my level staying the same while high-level players’ levels are going up?
    The current level structure works well for the low level players. It specifically loses its accuracy for the high-level players.

    Will the new level brackets reduce the number of players I can attack?
    We have compared the new level bands with the levels of the players in the game and feel that, on the whole, players will be able to attack the same number of targets.

    I will end up at the bottom of a level bracket; doesn’t this make the game harder for me?
    It might seem that way, but actually the answer is “no”. Currently, you are always at the mercy of players 5 levels higher than you. With this system, you are guaranteed time at the top of your bracket as well, when very few players will be strong enough to attack you.

    How will I know when I move level brackets in the game?
    We will add notifications to the game that will let you know when you move between level brackets. We will also post the level brackets on the forum so you can plan for when you are about to change brackets.

    Why change the attack level range at all? It was fine the way it was.
    A lot of other online games that have PvP use level brackets for which players you can engage in combat. No system is perfect, but this one has a proven track record.

    Feedback Requested
    This new system is being proposed with the intention of providing a better experience for all players. We value your feedback on whether you think this would make the game more fun for you. We expect the new attack level brackets to be the most impactful change, so please be sure to tell us not just IF you like/dislike it but WHY you feel that way. Make sure you comments are constructive, and you just might help shape this feature.

    I'm currently a lvl 35 ranked around 283 on the Legends list. That places me about lvl 60. That would mean at most I would have ~300 other players(assuming they are all active) that I could attack. Scattered through 500 sectors. Simply Brilliant idea guys. Carry on with this ...Really!!!! I need to be forced into quitting
  • Sharpton
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    One last comment. Consider the impact this has on your high level players that are also probably the most likely to spend the most on this game. You take away our targets and we have no reason to coin....
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    “It’s easy for others to lose their focus on quality,” That’s where we are laser-focused.”
    “If users are more engaged, they naturally spend more money.”
    “We don’t throw the ecosystem out of whack. A free player who spends a lot of time in the game has as much chance as a whale who spends a lot of money.”
    “It’s all a balance ecosystem.”
    ~ Will Harbin     [VentureBeat - March 16, 2012]
  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas
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    I HATE IT!! So I am a level 35, so basically you taking away half my farms I can only hit 33-35, and once I get to 36, I can only hit level 36, which there are very few in the game.
    Lvl hmmm not sure let me look....
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  • Davej626
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    Of course all the 26-29s are going to love this util they realize they cant attack 21-24s anymore. And as a higher level player (33), this system is terrible. Why don't you fix the documented bugs rather than implement new "features"?? Things like this are why your level 33s and 34s are walking away. Stop cuddling the lower players and ignoring us higher players...If its added, it will be one more reason to walk away myself...
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  • Upgrader
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    I don't like this idea. Just keep the current level structure.

    (See, I expressed my opinion without being a **** about it. Learn from me.)
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