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Greetings Captains,

The Battle Pirates development team would like to propose a new system for player levels. When reading this, keep in mind that features posted to the F3 forums are subject to change and not set in stone.

Currently, players level-up from level 1 to around level 36. Each level currently requires 40% more points to achieve than the one before it. To put it another way, you need to roughly double your points to go up 2 levels. This has several results:

• The time it takes to level up gets longer and longer making it seem like the player is not progressing.
• The +/- 5 attack range becomes effectively ‘wider’ for higher levels as the difference in power between players at level 28 and 33 is very large when compared with players at 15 and 20.
• End-game players cluster in a small number of levels.

We are proposing to create more player levels by decreasing the amount of points it takes to level up. The general effect of this will be to make it easier to level-up.

Please note that this proposed update will not change your point totals, only the level those points equate to.

New Level Structure
Players whose level is below 18 will not see a change to their level. Higher-level players will see their level increase. The higher level you are, the more your level will increase. Use this list to see what your new level would be:

1 => 1
2 => 2
3 => 3
4 => 4
5 => 5
6 => 6
7 => 7
8 => 8
9 => 9
10 => 10
11 => 11
12 => 12
13 => 13
14 => 14
15 => 15
16 => 16
17 => 17
18 => 18
19 => 20
20 => 21
21 => 23
22 => 25
23 => 26
24 => 28
25 => 31
26 => 33
27 => 35
28 => 37
29 => 40
30 => 43
31 => 45
32 => 48
33 => 51
34 => 55
35 => 59
36 => 65
37 => 71
38 => 78
39 => 87

Salvage Fleets
Draconian salvage fleets will be renumbered as well to make them compatible with the new level structure. We may add some new salvage fleets to fill in the larger gaps between levels.

Level Brackets (players you can attack)
Players are currently restricted from attacking rival players more than 5 levels +/- from their own level. With the new level structure, we want to change this attack rule to use level brackets. Basically, you will be able to attack any player that is in the same level bracket as yourself. For example, if you are a level 57, you can attack any player that is level 50-59 (see below). This new system will allow all players to take turns as the top-level player in their bracket, without the possibility to be attacked by higher-level players.

Suggested Attack Range Bands (based on the new levels):

• 1-9
• 10-19
• 20-24
• 25-29
• 30-34
• 35-39
• 40-44
• 45-49
• 50-59
• 60-69
• 70-79
• 80-99

The level bands widen at the higher levels to provide more targets due to there being fewer high level players.

Q & A
Why do this now?
We feel the issues of the current level system have reached a threshold that has caused us to raise the priority of the adjustment.

I’m a low level player, why is my level staying the same while high-level players’ levels are going up?
The current level structure works well for the low level players. It specifically loses its accuracy for the high-level players.

Will the new level brackets reduce the number of players I can attack?
We have compared the new level bands with the levels of the players in the game and feel that, on the whole, players will be able to attack the same number of targets.

I will end up at the bottom of a level bracket; doesn’t this make the game harder for me?
It might seem that way, but actually the answer is “no”. Currently, you are always at the mercy of players 5 levels higher than you. With this system, you are guaranteed time at the top of your bracket as well, when very few players will be strong enough to attack you.

How will I know when I move level brackets in the game?
We will add notifications to the game that will let you know when you move between level brackets. We will also post the level brackets on the forum so you can plan for when you are about to change brackets.

Why change the attack level range at all? It was fine the way it was.
A lot of other online games that have PvP use level brackets for which players you can engage in combat. No system is perfect, but this one has a proven track record.

Feedback Requested
This new system is being proposed with the intention of providing a better experience for all players. We value your feedback on whether you think this would make the game more fun for you. We expect the new attack level brackets to be the most impactful change, so please be sure to tell us not just IF you like/dislike it but WHY you feel that way. Make sure you comments are constructive, and you just might help shape this feature.
  • TwiiztingTiigerz
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    This is awesome! I would be a lvl 43! LOL :D
    Mar10e wrote: »
    *Hands Twiiizting a cookie ;)
    That's what she said.
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  • hitman
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    way to go kixeye, two great future developments in the F3 forum in one day. The current situation where lvl 33's can hit lowly 28's isn't right and a reason many people leave the game as they just can't defend themselves. Make the big boys hit bases their own size
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  • LOC_Preacher
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    I love it. Good move(s) Kixeye
  • GorramBatman
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    I like everything about this idea. For salvages, perhaps adjust them so that the displayed level and spawn conditions correspond to the level bracket the player is in. This would allow you to simply add two new levels of salvages at the top and have it more or less the same.
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  • Odillon
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    This would be a great feature to add. I am currently level 27 and I am tired of being attacked by players 30+ and being very outmatched. I think this would be a much fairer system. You guys are right that no system is perfect but I think this is a great improvement over the current attack rules.
  • freparkng
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    I don't like it for one reason, this will give me less bases to hit. I'm lvl 32 and very rarely hit a base 5 below me. I think I have the concept of the numbering system that you may place, example, 32.0 32.1 32.2 and so on your just going to call them 48 49 50 etc. This will allow me to hit Current Level players as me, = Less bases.

    I believe it would be easier to decrease the current system from + - 5 to 3
  • koolkat
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    Would like to see how it has a proven track record. I think it will be a good ideal in the long run, but as of right now it will be very confusing and some people will not be able to hit anything at all with this system. A lvl 36 is in the 60's a 35 is 59 and a 37 is 71. With there being few of the 36's around who is he going to attack??
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  • freparkng
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    You Got it KoolKat.
  • Fang
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    I've never heard of Pirates only wanting fair fights, they usually look for someone weaker traditionally anyway. I learned the most in this game about base defense by getting pounded by people significantly stronger than me. I suspect this will virtually eliminate base hitting at the higher levels as you will most likely be looking at 24hrs of repair for one base hit
  • Orcman
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    There has been a big disparity between the power of, say, a lv35 attacking a lv 30, or a lv 30 attacking a lv 25, so I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment behind this.
    I have been suggesting that the attack range be narrowed to +- 3 levels once you get to a certain level (eg 27-28).

    OK, so what would this change mean in practice for me, as a level 30?

    Under the old ranges, I could hit/be hit by levels 25-35.
    Under the proposed ranges, I would be a 43, and would fight 40-44. That reduces it down so that I can now only fight people who are currently 29 or 30.

    IMHO, the old range bands were too wide, the new ones are too narrow. Attacking and doing serious damage to a base of your own size is very difficult.

    If you are going to re-level everyone, I would suggest less levels (maybe 60), and have a 5-6 level band as your attack range.

    The other issue I have is, yes, you will get to the top of your band for a while, but then as you progress you will end up in the bottom of the next one for a while. A smooth transition would be better than a bumpy climb.
  • ExRaided
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    So I had to suffer through high level slamming my base when I was a 25 but the new players won't have to? Oh and since i'm almost 33 I won't have really any choice as to who I can hit? I can see this working on bases 1-30, but any higher it should be a free for all.
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  • trussellalexl
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    Hate the attack bracket idea. I just became a lvl 33 so I would only be able to attack people that are, in the system we still have, people that are level 33-35. And then people like highlander or hookem whoa re lvl 37 would only be able to hit each other? There's no one else in their bracket.

    Also this would completely screw up the alliance feature. Someone thats a lvl 33 now can't hit someone thats a 32? Stupid feature.
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    As a lvl 32 I rarely hit below 30 unless provoked. The game seems to have gotten very difficult for players that are between 26-29 to be able to grow and defend from the ones that hit 4 or 5 levels down so this should help. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The only problem I see with this system from my end is not being able to hit up enough once you are bigger in the game... But I like the thought behind this move nonetheless.
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  • SpektrumX
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    I Like the new Ranges

    BUT, LVL 36 players are going to get Screwed.. they will have little to no bases to hit.

    there should be a +/- System still but making it +10-10 so there is a wider range of attack.

    the only dif a lvl 36 player has vs. a lvl 34 player is Fleets - Bases are all the same if designed correctly.

    Only thing I ask is Kixeye Look into this a bit Further and make sure its fair for ALL lvl's dont make people quit because they got nothing to do.
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  • Kim Mercier
    Kim Mercier
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    how about kixeye put some blue print in cargo ship we barely find any ,that take for ever .I open 200 cargo just to get maybe 1 or 2 blue print ,come on kixeye wake up and smell the coffee insted of been greedy
  • DeFlorre
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    So at level 34 i get les bases to hit and level 35 to 36 is more screwed. Nice again...NOT With the long buildtimes we are limited to the ammaunt of good bases we can do!!! Now you saying we only get to do decent bases.

    Wel i want a refitshipyard then so i can do more good bases!!!!

    BECAUSE THAT IS THE BIGGEST PRIORITY IN THIS GAME !!!!!! Reworking the levels like this geesh
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    So this means a level 36 can only attack other level 36s, nothing more, nothing less?
    a level 33 can only engage 33, 34 and 35?

    level 31 and level 32 can only play with eachother?
    as well as 29 and 30?

    seems like a very good system! NOT!
  • Mark A Schuster
    Mark A Schuster
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    Now there will be way less bases to hit for everybody and I hate to travel 20 mins just to hit one base

  • Benjamin Becker
    Benjamin Becker
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    i really like the idea, but its going to be hard when you reach a new bracket.

    level 36s and 37s will suffer having no one to attack.

    • 1-9
    • 10-19
    • 20-24
    • 25-29
    • 30-34
    • 35-39
    • 40-44
    • 45-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-69
    • 70-79
    • 80-99

    29 => 40
    30 => 43 (too small bracket)

    31 => 45
    32 => 48 (too small bracket)

    33 => 51
    34 => 55
    35 => 59 (this bracket is okay, but really small)

    36 => 65 (highlevels gonna be lonely)

    37 => 71 (highlevels gonna be lonely)

    38 => 78 (highlevels gonna be lonely)

    39 => 87 (highlevels gonna be lonely)

    there should be one big bracket for level 31 and above.
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  • splitmania56
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    im a fresh 33 and im only going to be able to attack up? i agree i dont normaly hit lower then 30 anyways but your bracket system is screwd up.
  • TheTowben
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    First Let me just say thank you for putting this out there before shoving it down our throats....With that said this would be completely unfair to players 33 and up. You will essentially have eliminated 75% (est.) of game play for us. Those that are even higher it would be like saying, thanks for spending $1000's with us, now you have nothing more to do in the game.

    I can see a little how you are trying to help entry level players. I say keep working on it and discussing it with us in this way....

    DarkStorm Alliance
  • Evoboy
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    Just my 2 cents here but it seams to me that you will actually be limiting what the higher level base can hit a 36 right not can hit down to 31 but in the new formula a 36 which will be about a 65 will only ba able to hit down to a 35 there for making it that there is almost no base for them to hit if I am reading that right
  • P3B
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    I personally think is this an awful move. The higher levels will not be able to attack many bases. This system will be boring for higher leveled players and make alliances pointless. We have all been hit by higher levels at some point, those that quit should be playing a different game anyways. I am a level 28 and I get hit by 33's all the time ... I don't cry about it. I click repair, tell my alliance, and go about my business. This ranking system would punish those that have gotten to the high levels the hard way and take the fun out of this game. BTW, most of the GOOD high level players won't hit 5 below them unless they are defending someone in their alliance. :)
  • KingDead
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    I like the change may need to be changed some on the top. I think it helps for us in the middle. Hate to see it suck for most of the people on the high end though.
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  • erik
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    I would say that once you reach a lvl 31 it should be a free for all keep the system up to lvl 30 but after that let us kill each other at will. This system will fail and you will loose much needed gold
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  • Cyanide Sandwich
    Cyanide Sandwich
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    Kixeye i like this new level system, i think it is a great idea, however i think it is a bit confusing
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  • someonehere
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    Hmm like it but attack range should be around someones lvl as for now it is +5/-5 I know there is crying about ohh your 5 lvls higher but cest la vie.. from reading this i would only be able to hit my lvl and no lower not even someone 31 or so... but someone lvl 9 would be able to hit someone lvl 1.. I think the -5/+5 has been good especially when a lower lvl.. So I please ask the attack range stay.
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  • SeekCheaper
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    When will this start?
  • Benjamin Becker
    Benjamin Becker
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    I can not agree with this idea from kixeye. Some players will not find a single target to hit in theyr sectors.

    How about this much easier system:
    You are able to hit anyone with a higher level, but only able to hit up to 2 levels below you.

    As soon as someone attacks your base who is 3 or more levels below you, you may attack him back up to 5 times.
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