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    i would like to be able to place some ships with sfb3 D53 missiles in the base to check range
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    BladeII wrote: »
    i would like to be able to place some ships with sfb3 D53 missiles in the base to check range

    exactly. that would be a nice feature. dont need to go crazy with fleet choices for testing. give us a good snipe test and leave the rest to common sense.
  • thermopyle
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    perhaps i misunderstand. i assumed from reading the original post the new tool lets you build from scratch ? i see a lot of people complaing about moving buildings and such. which wouldnt be an issue the way i understand it ?
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    1. Should be a button, not a building, hopefully.

    2. Some time period, like a week or two, between exports using the planner (still can do manually, though), and an unobtrusive timer that counts down in the base screen. And if you've just been attacked, yes no change for maybe an hour unless you're already bubbled. (Maybe getting flattened 100% ends the timer, lol.)

    3. A token, as mentioned earlier, to show ship ranges of attackers. Just move it around. Only need one token with a series of concentric circles marked with common ranges, maybe filled with colors but just white would be fine. (Buildings in range get a red outline?)

    4. When designing for the future, any 'illegal' design greys out the export button (not the save button) (Okay, that was obvious).

    5. Also, any building or special that is 'illegal' or that you don't have yet, will be outlined in blue or something when you are putting it in the design. Also, until placed correctly, such as trying to place on too small a space (maybe a yellow outline).

    6. As for testing--and although this isn't really about the planner it is about planning--how about a selection on the base menu saying "Attack Your Own Base" and maybe an "Are you sure?" popup, too. We can attack any base but our own, now, so why not?

    7. I think 5 is a reasonable limit, if you are saving the designs on your servers. Otherwise, no limit, or a larger one like 15, if saved on our computers.
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    I see a major issue in when u hit a base and reset the timer they are able to change the design from a saved list causing the attacker to be on the wrong side of the base, please add a timer from last attack of say an hour until they can install a new design
  • Gainn
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    I'd say 4 saved designs, and probably only a few people would use all of those as full swapouts rather than tests..

    I'd also like the ability to test the design with one of your own fleets (in a damage free environment of course). you could charge a coin for each test and I'd be happy with that..

    shifting the whole layout around (and rotating it!) would be a great help in making minor changes such as the new lab has needed to make it fit somewhere defensible.
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    if i get banned I am gonna quit playing this game..
  • jay711
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    Should be able to move a land tile or multiple land tiles with whatever objects are on them in one single click.
  • cheetored20
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    I think people are confused. This feature isn't making it easier to redesign a base using the current move-stuff-around method. It's a whole new screen that you open up and work with that's completely independent of your actual base. I'm assuming that it would function similar to some of the 3rd party tools that people have made, such as Base Doctor. Then once you have a design you like, you click a button and your base is then instantly updated with that layout.

    have you played backyard monsters, it works in the same window, unless you are talking about the kind of window in research labs
  • SoldierofChrist
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    sounds great, id like to see the map expanded just a little bit so that we could build even more intricate bases and if attackers could get an extra minute for their attack ( higher level scenarios). I like to see a feature where we can auto pick up everything on the map and start over real quick like rather than picking up everything one at a time or a way to highlight an area that you want picked up all at once.
  • Chief1326
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    Best idea you've ever had side of alliances. Great job Kixeye :) It keeps on getting better.
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    Chief1326 wrote: »
    Best idea you've ever had side of alliances. Great job Kixeye :) It keeps on getting better.

    You mean that thing that was said to be coming soon almost a year now?
  • Hellspawn
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    • Aside from the issues already addressed above (building/tile placement & walls), what do you find is currently the most cumbersome aspect of base design?
      The moving around of buildings onto temporary islands to accommodate for space while redesigning. Others have mentioned this, and I believe you will have it covered.
    • Realistically, how many different, saved base layouts would you actually use?
      I would suggest letting us have 5 off the bat, but you could increase it via purchase. As someone else said, it would be nice to be able to have one for each type of attack, anti-mortar, anti-blitz, etc.
    • The default setting for the Base Planner is to always center your base (like centering your text in a Word document). Would you have any need for the Base Planner to allow you to left or right (north/south) justify your base?
      Yes. It goes to planning your defense. Again, others have said, it would be good to position it to either delay your attacker, as they would need to cross more distance before starting their attack, or begin firing on them before they are ready.
    • If you were to request one additional feature for the Base Planner, what would it be?
      I would request that it have some control put in place to make sure people didn't use it to grief their attackers. IE, make it so it takes a short delay before it takes effect, so you can't switch your layout in 5 seconds right after someone preps or scouts your base. Otherwise, you could just keep switching layouts so your entrance is on the other side, effectively keeping your attacker from having a fair chance.

    Those are my thoughts. Glad this feature is on the way.
  • Nems Bond
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    Would anyone be able to attack us while we are designing base ? if yes then what layout would be there ? the xisting one ?
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    NOTE: Make sure you have read the rules for posting in this forum: . Also be sure to read this post in it's entirety before you reply.

    We want to give players a more streamlined method for designing bases.

    We are currently working on early designs for the Base Planner. This interface will allow players to open up a planning grid on which land tiles and buildings can be arranged. When you are finished with your design on the grid, you can save your design, and execute the changes to your base with one click of the mouse.

    One of areas of base design that can be the most time consuming is wall placement. There will be a feature, currently dubbed “autowalls”, that will allow users to easily reposition many wall segments at one time. This feature will automatically detect the correct wall segment that visually matches the direction the wall is facing. Once a wall is placed, you can manually change the visual type of an individual wall segment.

    The automatic function of “autowalls” will be disabled on existing walls to preserve existing base designs. Newly constructed wall segments (including those placed in the Base Planner) will be automatically oriented by default. We will be removing the 3 different shapes of walls from the Build menu and replacing them with the single, more universal shape.

    In addition, we’re making sure to give players control over when their base configuration is saved. Experiment with illegal setups along the way - the tool will validate your changes when ready, as opposed to every single step along the way. This should dramatically speed up the time required to rearrange bases, while also encouraging people to experiment with different base layouts.

    As this is a feature being developed heavily on player feedback, we want to make sure that we are giving you as many utilities as possible. Please take the time to answer some of these questions:
    • Aside from the issues already addressed above (building/tile placement & walls), what do you find is currently the most cumbersome aspect of base design?
    • Realistically, how many different, saved base layouts would you actually use?
    • The default setting for the Base Planner is to always center your base (like centering your text in a Word document). Would you have any need for the Base Planner to allow you to left or right (north/south) justify your base?
    • If you were to request one additional feature for the Base Planner, what would it be?

    This is nice. Ok, here is my idea for the base planner: In the window for base planning you would have a drop menu labeled "layers". In this menu you could check 3 things: land, research/resources, and defense. Having land checked makes land visible. Having research/resources checked makes all buildings (except turrets and walls) visible. Having defense checked makes turrets and walls visible. This way with just a few clicks you can remove unnecessary things form the screen. Along with this, the menu can be minimized and a red lettered warning is written across the top of the screen saying what is hidden. This helps remind players that not everything is displayed.

    Idea for moving the walls: Hold shift and left click a corner wall. Place the corner where you want to, then while still holding shift, move your pointer to where you want your wall to go. While your moving your pointer it will display a wire frame of the walls. If it can place the walls the wire frame would be green and if it cant it would be red. This would let you lay a lot of walls with a few clicks (ie 4 clicks and you have a box of walls).

    I think 5 save slots would be about the most. I probably would use 3ish, but other players could use all 5.

    Defense turret ranges would be nice and having a shading that shows what is in missile range: ie able to be sniped (if you do that, please have a way of turning it on and off).

    I think that expanding the area we can place land tiles would be VERY helpful. It wouldn't have to be much. 1 or 2 more in all directions would works wonders. I'm not asking for more land tiles, just the grid that you can place them in. You can already place water building outside this grid. I would like to see it expanded just a little bit.
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  • willbarrow
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    The tester idea would be nice if you could design the fleet that tests your base. Then you would know your weak points and be able to fix you base before it gets a real hit.
  • Bourbon Boy
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    Zaharkan wrote: »
    My only issue is that I wouldn't want to be hitting a base with an online defender and him have 4 or 5 versions of his base, prep it and him have the ability to hit a single button and then be facing a completely different base with the entrance oriented in a different direction.

    Credit where credit is due. This is a long overdue feature and I am thrilled to see it being considered.

    As to the above post, I completely agree. I would suggest that you should be unable to switch saved base designs unless you are 100% repaired.
  • Ish
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    Aside from the issues already addressed above (building/tile placement & walls), what do you find is currently the most cumbersome aspect of base design?

    Finding a reference point with which to begin placing land. For instance, when I am building a base from a land layout someone gives me, I have to count squares from the border in their layout, then almost build a scaffolding of land just to find the correct place to put my keystone piece.

    Realistically, how many different, saved base layouts would you actually use?

    Two, maybe three.
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  • azagoth
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    Ok great Idea. Should have been put into this game long ago!
  • Rose Bud
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    With the base builder feature, how about a way to take a picture from forums or a picture from a base we have hit or even from the friend viewer and use that picture to put it directly into the base builder grid. some people see base layouts they like but are not good at trying to create the layout themselves, would make it much easier to input a picture into the base builder to get it done easier.
  • BlueyK
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    Great idea. I would like to see the ability to choose between display of land tiles only and land with buildings. Even if whilst in the design mode you could temporarily park your building on the water as you design the land then drag the building back.
  • willbarrow
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    How about a way once saved to send to your friends so the could instantly load it.
  • Ollie99
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    To help our developers plan for this, can you provide details on one of these cases?

    Let me first say this is an awesome idea and this is the kind of update I love to see in this game. Like the double clicking on fleets for launch que or the single click on a fleet icon to select it on the world map and then a double click to adjust camera view to that fleet. Or full screen zoom out is another good example.

    Many, many times when I started and probably up to about a lvl 28 or 29 when I was redesigning my base I would almost have all the land tiles layed (placing buildings and such on those tiles as I went since there was no where else to put them) only to find that I was one or two tile spaces off at the end. I would then have to go back and completely move everything over again. Being able to "drag" your entire base over, up or down one or two tiles would be very helpful in designing a base. Especially for the newer players.

    I also think that this feature could potentially be abused. I assume you wouldn't be able to replace your current base design whit a saved one while it is still repairing from an attack. Well except for the frick'n launch pad that takes like 30 hrs to repair. That should be an exception to the rule. That would prevent people from changing their base design between prep fleet attack and the coup de gra.

    Two or three saved base layouts would be enough for me, but lots of people like to experiment and would probably want more than that.

    I also think people should be able to see weapons ranges and change out specials on those weapons even if they haven't researched them yet. In order to plan for the future and to figure out what next to research.

    Leave the white square outline, that denotes the edges of your allowed build area, on all the time in base planner feature not just when placing each land tile. Probably wouldn't hurt to add a few hash marks to those lines either, for reference.

    I know this is a balancing issue but one of the reasons you don't see more varried base designs much these days is SFB3. Don't get me wrong I like SFB3 but in order to keep your whs and op from being sniped you can only do so many varriations on the theme. Two or four more land tiles along with and increased build area would allow for more varried base design. It does get boring hitting the same or simmilar base lay outs all the time. But on the other hand it makes fleet design more predictable. Or after all 5 whs have reached level 10 just consolidate the 5 whs into one wh the size of the op lets say. Since many of the new ships have to be built in stages now anyway some people are already getting rid of one or two whs for this very reason and others.

    Those are my thoughts. Again great idea guys hope this one gets rolled out soon.
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  • Plix
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    1: it would be nice if the buildings could be put in a vault so you can do land layout without having to move them all around .
    2: Id say 4 layouts would be plenty
    3:no I think centering it would be fine if there is an option to turn that feature off .
    4 : other then the building vault to hold all current buildings in during a plan ...... I would think the ability to set up base configs for future IE. op1 op2 op3 ect ect would be good.
    5: I would like to thank the kixeye team from the bottom of my heart for taking this request to heart
  • SeaDragon79_sector500
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    (1) More build area!
    (2) More land to build with!
    Since a player can get in very easy with a blitz fleet and do very little damage to guns!
    (3) To have mines in a base!
  • Gordon Cloud
    Gordon Cloud
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    I think this is a pretty good idea.
    I would probably use 4-5 layouts.
    Some others have mentioned this, but being able to recenter the entire base by dragging it would be helpful, as well as a grid system or some type of reference mark to help you in the layout. Showing the weapons ranges would be good also.
    Kudos to you on this one.
  • Target
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    Holy **** a good idea.

    - Feedback

    If we could get a tool, or just a line that specify's range. Would be useful to calculate sfb range ect when designing a base.
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    Rotating the base 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees from a central point would be good. I realise that this may not be easy or practical but it would be nice to be able to do. It would also be nice to be able to rotate buildings, e.g. the dock in the same way so they fit it to nooks and crannies better!
  • Aldo
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    it would also be very nice to be able to see the set up of the base from map view. how many times you hit a base North and the base has a south entrance? maybe just make those bases all different... and more a look a like to the original layout.
  • Shizrocks123
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    This is awesome good job kixeye you keep make the gaming exp better and better . Just a thought you should make a new shipyard for refits and make it so ships take less time too build to build some fleet its takes 3 months or better unless you are coining you will see revenue go through the roof a lot more people will coin ty for all the great work you have done so far . Game name shiz leader of sector 80 and Brotherhood sectors visited 1,46,66,79,80,81,133,144,236,284,399,425 have made many great friend along the way this is by far the best game ffb has and kixeye has made the most interactive game by far...............KIXEYE ROCKS :D
  • Nupfi
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    very late, but fantastic and helpful idea. It would be nice to have an easy tool to verify the max. range of missle (or even weapons with the longest range) in the base design, to see if WH, OP, etc. not snipable from outside before starting the new design.
    Currently, I´m thinking about 5 different base designs. A function to locate the base off center would be helpful.
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