Lvl 18 and strugggling 18/25 waves

Nathaniel Haywood
Nathaniel Haywood
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edited 1 Jul 2012, 4:42PM
Why would you make it so hard for a person in my lvl to get to wave 25. I got stuck on wave 17 so i decided to upgrade my command center so i can have more troops on my base. Took me 24 hours to upgrade and hell no i dont want to pay facebook credits to go faster. Now i only have 23 hours left and repair time is 2 hours each time my freaken troops get destroyed. I feel i cant reach 25..... So did i just waste 2 days of putting up with this **** and not even get that dam vehicle? This was a complete waste of time when i could of been making some metal and oil.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  • Phil Zamora
    Phil Zamora
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    I'm stuck on the same level, was cruisin and then hit that level and haven't been able to get past it for a full day.
    Not happy at all.:crying:
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