Bugs or what??

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So I was doing the event thing that's going on right now with the 25 waves of Rogue Faction dudes. So after waiting a million years for my base defending platoon to get repaired (the repair time sat on an hour with no progress for over 24 hours) I finally was able to begin taking on waves again. A wave came and I got disconnected during battle. When I reconnected, it was as if nothing ever happened. So I took on the same wave again and beat it, yet the battle wouldn't end. No more units were being sent into my base, yet it would not continue and say that I had defeated that wave. I was just stuck. Worse still, about half of my infantry was on aggressive mode and while I was sitting there waiting for the battle to end, they randomly ran offscreen. At first I thought that maybe there were some units I couldn't see (sometimes my computer loads the video stuff slowly so my guys fight air for a few moments) but my units never stopped. They kept going and going and eventually just ran outside of my base limits and disappeared offscreen. I sat there like WTF for a few minutes. Nothing happened. I reloaded the game, thinking maybe the game had bugged and would reset or something like it did when I had gotten disconnected. Nope. All of the damage to my base was still there, 50% of my infantry was still missing, and I was STILL ON THE SAME FREAKING WAVE. I looked around, thinking maybe my troops were just hiding behind a building somewhere or something. They were nowhere to be found. I scoured my base for a long time to no avail. I loaded up my platoon viewer thing and it still showed all of my units there, but there were definitely not in my base or the world map or anywhere. They were just gone. So basically I fought a battle, won, got no credit or reward for winning the battle, lost half of my infantry, took all the damage from the battle that apparently never happened, and now will probably have to wait another 24 hours for my platoon to be repaired. There's no way I'm going to get to finish the challenge and get the new vehicle despite all of the time and effort I have put into it. I don't know if its bugs in the game or what but I got majorly screwed over. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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