Repair time for units now and issues with going offline

Peter Mayfield
Peter Mayfield
Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 4
What do you say when a good game has been changed for the worse and the designers dont want to hear the real issues, they just keep hoping it will go away.
I am an admin an a very large group, approaching 1000 people and this repair que issue is driving people away from the game, the amount of time you are now having to waste with repairs is absolutely ridiculous and KIXEYE game designers just dont seem to even acknowlege there is and issue.
This wil just be another post that gets stopped or deleted as they dont want to know about it.
I have posted a number of times regarding this now and nothing has changed or even being spoken about so as far as im concerned this game will now die a futile death because of the greedy ppl who think it will just make them more money, and that is all it is about, trying to get ppl to pay rather than wait for repairs.
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